The biceps is the arm muscle that lies on the front side of your arms. It is a very important muscle when it comes to arm workouts, because it gives the whole arm a nice shaped tone. So, after I showed you, how to tone your triceps in the best way you can, and how to get rid of the bingo wings, now it’s time to load the guns! Yap, the biceps looks amazing on girls! It shows your strength, and after leg day, this is my second favorite. Now let’s get started with the full biceps workout routine.

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Barbell Curls

The first exercise you want to do is the barbell curls. This is a great exercise to warm your biceps, for the following workout. You should do 4 series with 10-13 reps, but remember, if you can do more than 13 reps, it’s time for you to get it heavier!


Alternating Hammer Curls

To change it a little bit, you should do the alternating hammer curls instead of the barbell curls, now and then. The changes are good, you know, so if the previous training you’ve started with the barbell curls, now, you can do the alternating hammer curls. You should do 4 series with 10-13 reps.


Cable Curls

The second exercise you want to do, are the cable curls. You can use a variety of different attachments to perform the cable curls including a rope, a straight bar, or rotating cable handles, for your second exercise, you he best is if you do it with a curve bar.


Preacher Curls

In exchange of the cable curls, you can do the preacher curls now and then. This is one more great exercise, that will tone your biceps muscle as hell!


Concentration Curls

And last but not least, are the concentration curls. This exercise is one of the best biceps exercises, but always comes at the end of the training. You should do 4 series with 10-13 reps, with each hand. And remember girl, push it to the limit with the weights – that’s the only way to have better results!




Rope Cable Curls

At the end, you can do the cable curls with a rope. This will give you one great finish to your biceps.