The shoulders play a key role in nearly every upper body exercise. Because of their critical function, the extreme range of motion, and potential to bulge under your shirt like two stolen cannonballs, strong shoulders are essential for maximum performance and a well-rounded, fit physique. Also, the shoulders look gorgeous when they are toned. And for getting toned shoulders, the key is having a proper workout routine. So here is the perfect, full shoulder workout routine.
PS: As always, you want to do 3-4 series x 12-15 reps. If you want a bigger muscle, you should do 4 series x 8-10 reps, but with bigger weights.

1. Starting Exercises

Dumbbell Press

The first exercise you want to do is the dumbbell press. This is one perfect exercise for your shoulder. This exercise will tone your shoulder, and will make a great beginning exercise.



Military Press

This exercise is the same as the dumbbell press, so you should do the dumbbell press or the military press as  a first exercise, but never the both. We already know that it is better to make changes in the exercises, so this is why you should do one time with barrel and the next time with dumbbells. Also, there is a machine for this exercise.



2. Front Shoulder Exercises

Front Raise

This is one exercise that is great for shaping your front shoulder. This exercise is one of my favorite when it comes to shoulder workout, because it gives a nice tone to your front shoulder. On a dumbbell shoulder day, you can do this exercise with dumbbells.


Arnold Dumbbell Press

This exercise has the same effect as the front raise, so you should do it as a second exercise when you do dumbbell shoulder exercises. Anyway, these exercises in the front shoulder workout, should be the second, right after the starting exercises.

3. Middle Shoulder Exercises

Lateral Raises

When it comes to middle shoulder, there is no doubt, this is the best exercise. You should do it as a third exercise, every shoulder day. You just have to do it right, with the elbows up, and the arms open wide, just like flying. This exercise is also known as flying, and as an exercise that you should not skip. It is third, because after doing this exercise, your shoulder gets very tired.



4. Back Shoulder Exercises

Reverse Fly

A reverse fly is a great exercise for defining the backs of the shoulders. For this shoulder exercise, you’ll need dumbbells. You can do it with a stability ball, or standing. Also, there are machines for back shoulder exercises, so if your back hurts while doing this exercise standing, try doing it on machine. It works even better. Just remember, don’t forget the dumbbells, because it is good to have changes in your exercises.


5. Trapezius Exercises

Trap With Dumbbells

Many people do trapezius exercises on their back day, but I prefer doing it on shoulder day. Ether way, you will not make a mistake. Some girls like to do it with barrel, some with dumbbells, but ether way, it works. Some girls don’t do this exercise, and it is not a must do exercise, but it is a great exercise for finishing your shoulder workout routine.