If you are a girl trying to work out daily, eat healthy most of the time, and maintain a balanced life with a bunch of healthy habits, I bet staying sane throughout the process is a challenge itself :)

And even when you finally fall in love with the whole process, get hooked on working out, love eating healthy and enjoy your life throughout the fitness journey, still, there are these moments when you feel so demotivated and want to quit.

Now, being into fitness for over 7 years now, I know how hard getting fit and healthy is and how impossibly tough this journey can be.

Especially if you’re doing it alone.

Except, you are not alone, because we all go through the same struggles, and we all come across those same obstacles.

We do certain things, feel so many emotions, and we do it all believing we are alone when actually every single one of us usually feels the same.

It’s funny how we think we are alone until we come across a meme that’s so relatable to our exact situation.

So, in the name of clearing out these weird things we all do, I made a list of 15 funny things most of us do.

I’m in a hate-love relationship with fitness, and I know that so are you, so let’s keep inspiring ourselves and make the best out of it.

We Hate Cardio

Yes, we do! We all hate it :)

But a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do!

So we get our s#!t together and we do it.

It’s a pain in the ass and feels like forever, but we do it anyway.

Well, fitness is usually a bunch of stuff we don’t want to do, but we somehow manage to go through each day, again, and again, and again.

Hi 5 to us!

We Love Carbs

Potatoes, pretzels, pasta – you name it I crave it :)

And usually, we avoid those bad ones, however, that doesn’t mean we don’t crave it all the time.

And We Love To Eat In General

Most people think fit girls are not much of eaters, but they are SO wrong.

We love to eat, we are only choosing healthy foods in order to keep healthy and fit.

Just because I am a fit girl, doesn’t mean I eat less, and I don’t think about food all the time.

In fact, I have such a big appetite that if I didn’t eat healthy foods I would have been obese right now…

Seriously. And I’m not kidding, because it isn’t funny at all.

Especially when I wake up, I’m SO freaking hungry…

But, as long as we make sure to eat the right foods, we wouldn’t have to worry about our appetite.

We Trade Workout For Cheat Meals

But only sometimes!

I bet you do the same girls… please say yes :)

I sometimes work out just so I can “burn” the bad foods I ate.. or am about to eat.

You never know…

We Wear Workout Clothes Most Of The Time

It’s not like 24/7, but 50% of the day pajamas, the other 50% workout clothes :)

Since I workout at home, I sometimes get into a set of workout clothes just to make sure I’m ready for my training.

They sometimes get me motivated to jump up and get my workout out of the way earlier in the day, plus they are super comfy.

And We All Have That Favorite Pair

Endless sets of workout clothes and we still reach for that one old pair of leggings and that sports bra that’s literally ripped apart.

Well, what can we do, that’s THE ONE :)

We Spend Money On Food

So this is something I learned along my fitness journey:

Healthy food can be pretty expensive.

Especially when you are shopping without a shopping list, while hungry.

We Do Skip Workouts

We find excuses too.

Just because we are into fitness for years, doesn’t mean we don’t fall off the wagon sometimes. Because we do.

And it usually goes like this:

However, since this has happened to me over a thousand times, I manage to get back on track the next day.

We Are Boobless

Okay, not all of us, but a good percentage :)

Boobies are fat tissues and they are probably the first weight I lost on my body (even though I aimed for the belly).

Booty gaiz, on the other hand, is priceless.

We Plan Our Meals Ahead

If I don’t plan my meals ahead, how am I supposed to eat healthy?

I won’t find a healthy meal at the bakery across the street, and quick fixes are usually not that healthy.

So, in order to stay fit, I plan meals ahead.

We Are Lazy AF

Oh yes, we are! At least I am.

Some days I feel energized.

But other days, oh boy… I can’t seem to crawl out of my bed, let alone exercise.

There are ups and downs, but what’s most important of all is to find the motivation to keep up even when it seems impossible to do it.

Also, showering can take a break for a while :)

We Bloat

At least I do. And lots of fit girls and athletes I follow on social media say they deal with bloating all the time.

I did an article about this issue, you can check it out here.

Turns out, bloating is something that happens a lot after eating healthy foods such as broccoli, cauliflower, beans, and peas.

Except I love broccoli, and peas, and beans more than I hate bloating, so I eat them anyway :)

We Pee Our Pants

While exercising, of course.

I visit the bathroom right before I start working out, and still it doesn’t change a thing.

Why is that?

Jump rope, jumping jacks, high knees… exercises I hate doing because they make me pee my pants.

And I know I’m not alone because I’ve heard many girls complain about having this issue too :)

We Are A Hot Mess

70% of the time I can’t find what I’m looking for.

The other 30% is for those times I forget why I came to the bedroom in the first place.

We may seem organized and all worked up, with fancy planners and meal prepping when actually we are a mess.

Trying to keep it up and go with the flow can get so overwhelming sometimes.

We Are Not Perfect!

Oh, honey, nobody’s perfect.

We have stretch marks, we have cellulite, we have saggy skin, and we most certainly don’t look like the girls in the magazines.

You know why? Because we are real!

We are not photoshopped, and we are not posing 24/7, and most important of all, we are not posting our bad photos often (if not at all).

We all want others to see the best version of ourselves however, the version that’s not showing off the real picture.

And the real picture is that we are this imperfect mess, with a bunch of flaws and all, but we are never ever comparing ourselves to strangers on IG!

Are You With Me On This?

Girls, hope you enjoyed my “you are not alone” guide and related yourself with at least a few of these weird habits.

Please let me know if I missed something out!