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Are you a gym babe trying to gain some lean muscles? Girl, you are in the right place, because today we’re going step by step through the top 5 essential supplements promoting muscle growth.

These are the absolute best body sculpting and muscle building supplements of all time.

Let’s clear it out for a hot second: there’s no doubt that high quality, high-intensity training program is the only way to get a perfectly lean body and toned muscles.

But nowadays we know for a fact that without proper nutrition we can’t achieve great results.

Nutrition accounts for around 80% of your results, which means that without proper nutrition you’ll never get the body you want.

However, when it comes to building and toning muscles, a good part of that nutrition accounts for supplements.

With less testosterone, muscles are not our strong suit anyways.

So, today we’re going through the top 5 essential supplements for every woman in fitness that wants to gain some serious muscles or just spice up weight loss.

I teamed up with one of the leading brands on the market, to give you the best supplements you can get to achieve your body goals fast and permanent.

Let’s get started right now!

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1. Whey Protein Isolate

Faster recovery is the key to better results, and by recovery I mean protein.

It seems like everyone’s crazy about protein shakes these days, and there’s a damn good reason why.

After working out our muscles are all broken down and need proteins to get built up again, and they need it fast.

And what’s a better way to load up your muscles, than with a fast digestive protein that’s gonna rush its way up to them and help them recover faster and grow stronger.

However, when it comes to protein powder, Whey Isolate is the best way to feed those hungry muscles and help them grow, since it’s the cleanest form of protein there is.

Filtered to remove most of the fat, cholesterol, and lactose, isolate will provide you with completely clean protein and faster recovery.

That’s why, isolate will always be on the top of my supplements promoting muscle growth, list.

In addition, I want you to meet Scivation, Xtend Pro, Whey Isolate, one of the best choices for protein isolate on the market.

This bioavailable source of protein is selected specifically to support our fitness and body goals.

With 25 grams of protein per serving, you don’t have to worry about lack of proteins.

The added BCAAs (which we will get to in a moment) make XTEND Pro a real powerhouse.

Made with natural flavors, this vanilla ice cream goddess feels like a real desert.

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2. Protein Blend

The next one on the list of essential supplements promoting muscle growth is Whey Concentrate.

This form of protein is actually one that’s not filtered and has some healthy fats and carbohydrates in it too.

It’s one of the most basic forms of protein all beginners go to.

Concentrate is actually a great choice if you are looking for an inexpensive protein shake, lighter on the budget too.

I personally use concentrate too, however, I usually go for blends.

And the latest I tried out is Cellucor, Whey Protein Complete Performance.

This blend has literally everything you need in it.

It’s packed with amazing 30 grams of protein per single serving – can you believe it?

Not to mention the 5 grams Creatine and another 4 grams of Glutamine added to it, which makes Complete Performance an amazing recovery and muscle building supplement at the same time.

I had it in vanilla and it tastes like paradise. Check out the other flavors here.


BCAA stands for branched-chain amino acids, which are the essential amino acids leucine, isoleucine, and valine.

These amino acids comprise around 35% of your body’s muscle protein.

They’re essential because of the simple reason that our bodies can’t make them on their own, and we need to take them from food or workout supplements.

BCAAs are digested more readily when they are taken as a supplement rather than solid food, so when it comes to growing some muscles you should really consider including them in your diet.

Meet Scivation, Xtend HydraSport, Hydration + BCAAs.

With 7 grams BCAAs and Replenish Electrolytes, this formula contains everything you need, not only for faster recovery but for proper hydration too.

We often forget about hydration, which is an essential part in supporting performance and muscle growth too.

And Xtend HydraSport provides critical electrolytes for overall hydration along with BCAAs, Natural Betaine and a bunch of other crucial ingredients for strength, power and grow.

This BCAA-hydration combo is a must for every woman in fitness, so head on to check it out here.

I got it in blue raspberry flavor, and love it!

4. Pre Workout

I’ve never thought about pre-workout formulas before, mostly because I never thought I needed one.

But, it was not that long ago when I transferred from classic weight lifting and cross fit to HIIT.

Since then, my daily routine became so high in intensity, with so many different intervals my body can’t really adapt to. And that’s a great thing to search in a workout, to constantly challenge you and push you past your limits. However, finding the energy to go through the workout has been a real nightmare, usually followed by fatigue and constant soreness.

I shortly realized I needed something to spike up my energy levels, to go through the workout with a dose of energy. And that’s when pre-workout came in the picture.

Check out the C4 Original Explosive, Pre-Workout I have, with mind-blowingly delicious strawberry margarita taste.

It’s amazing what only one single scoop of C4 Original, mixed with water, 20-30 minutes before training.

Packed with ingredients that provide increased blood flow, focus, and heart rate, this pre-workout powder will boost up your energy levels and give you the best training session your muscles have experienced yet.

No wonder athletes are hyped about pre-workout – they work so well.

Head on to check it out right now!

5. Creatine

And last, but definitely not least on my list of essential supplements promoting muscle growth – creatine.

Produced naturally by the muscles, creatine is linked to muscle growth, gains in strength, fat-free mass and boost in performance, which adds it on the list for best supplements to support muscle gains.

Especially when it comes to us, girls in the game for serious muscles, creatine fits in just perfectly.

It’s one of the safest supplements on the market too since it’s the one that’s most-researched.

That’s why, my final essential for muscle gains is Cellucor, Cor-Performance Creatine.

This supplement will give you an extra boost of energy for intense exercise, helping you replenish the body’s ATP levels.

And higher ATP levels promote faster recovery during anaerobic exercise, and that’s why COR-Performance Creatine is one of the best go-to supplements for energy, strength, and lean muscle growth.

Plus, in the sea of sky-high supplements, this is a budget-friendly one without compromising the effectiveness.

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Ladies, Let’s Build Some Muscles!

Pick out your supplement promoting muscle growth and head on to get a discount off of your iHerb order by shopping from my links!

Hope I helped you figure out the supplement dilemma, and finally get yours and start building muscles.

Make sure to let me know what’s your favorite fuel or recovery by commenting below.

Till next time babes!