Water is an great beverage for your body. We need to drink at least 3 glasses water a day. It is necessary for your body, and for your health. But hat about flavored water. I love flavored waters! They are tasty and refreshing. Also, flavored water is one great drink for healthier life. Adding fruits, veggies, and herbs to your water can curb your cravings for sugary beverages without ruining your diet.

The recipes are really easy. You just put the ingredients in a bottle full of ice cold water, and you are done! The longer you let the fruit steep in the water, the better the flavor becomes. You can experiment with our favorite fruits. You can put some ice cubes to make it fancier. So, here are some great combination ideas. I can’t wait to try these detox water recipes out!

1. Detox Water with Ginger, Cucumber & Speramint Leaves


Recipe & Photo Credit: kitchendrippings.com

2. Blood Orange Water


Recipe & Photo Credit: lindawagner.net


3. Lemon, Cucumber and Mint Leaves Detox Water


Recipe & Photo Credit: stockpilingmoms.com


4. Fresh Rosemary & Mandarin


Recipe & Photo Credit: sheknows.com


5. Strawberry Basil Water


Recipe & Photo Credit: dashofeast.com


6. Raspberry Lime Water


Recipe & Photo Credit: simplymadewithlove.blogspot.com


7. Watermelon Flavored Water


Recipe & Photo Credit: theyummybits.com


8. Blueberry & Lemon Detox Water Recipe


Recipe & Photo Credit: mamaandbabylove.com


9. Pineapple & Sugar Cane Sticks Water


Recipe & Photo Credit: aspicyperspective.com


10. Apple & Cinnamon Sicks Water


Recipe & Photo Credit: fruitinfusedwaters.com

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