When it comes to the results that you have accomplished, it is very important to measure yourself. By measuring yourself, I do not mean taking measurements on a scale, but taking body measurements with a tape measure. As we know, the fat in our body is as heavy as the muscles we make, and because of that, we can not rely on the scale numbers. If you exercise every day and if you are eating healthy, you should measure yourself once a month, or even every third week. Body measurements, show you the results that you have achieved, and it also can show you if you are doing everything well and right. The measurement results are the best indicators if you are trying to lose weight, or if you are trying to make muscles and tone yourself.

You can make a column table, and take notes of your results for every month, and compare them. But before doing that, you should know what should you measure, and of course, how.

First of all, the things you measure are: Waist, bust, hips, tights, arms and calves. To make it easier, we are going from the top, down. You have to be sure that every time you measure your body parts, you have to place the measure tape on the same area. To get the most accurate measurements, it’s best to wear form-fitting clothing, or do it naked. Also, it is helpful if you are facing a mirror while doing the measurements.

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Bust Body Measurements

First of all, we are measuring our bust, or chest area. We have to be sure that we are placing the tape on the nipple line. Also make sure you are placing it even in the back, as in the front.

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Next is the waist. Now, with the waist, you have to make sure you place it at the narrowest part of the waist. If you do not have a narrow part, you should place it at your belly button. Also make sure you it is even in the back, as in the front.



Next are the hips. For measuring properly your hips, you should make sure to put your feet together. You should place the tape measure on the widest part of your hips. Actually, in the back you are placing the tape on the widest part of your butt, and make sure it is even in the front.



For measuring your tights, you should measure one tight, not both. Actually, you should make the measure ten inches above your knee. There is the widest part of your tights. You are doing the measurement while standing. One tip, to make it easier, you can call your friend to do the measurement for you.

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Next are the calves. You are measuring the widest part of your calves, while standing. Your muscles should be relieved while you are taking the measurements.

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And last, you are measuring your arms. To do that, you should extend your arm, and turn your palm facing forward. Actually, you are measuring the widest part of your biceps. While doing that, you should make sure it is leveled. And that is how you should measure your body. Make sure that after every measurement, you write down the results.