These days I read a lot of mails that say how people are doing everything right but can’t lose weight. They all seem to work out and they eat healthy, but still they are not losing weight. So I wanted to try and give an answer to all of you out there that have the same problem. This fact can make you feel frustrated, and it also may make you wanna give up. So, because of that, I will give you some tips, that may help you. Also, I will point out to you the things you may do wrong. Now, let’s get started.


Eating Habits

Sometimes, eating healthy, it’s not enough. Sometimes, we have to do more than that. For example, we could change a little bit our eating habits and make the cards to a minimum. By increasing the intake of proteins in our body, we give our bodies a chance to burn more fat through the workout. Here’s my diet, that I suggest to everyone The Yummiest & Healthiest Eating Program – Change Your Life


Add Changes

Well, tame old workout routine can’t help you forever. You have to make changes now and then. Change your program and you’ll see the results. Sometimes, our bodies just get used to that same old exercises, so we have to spice it up a little bit, and add some new exercises, or even better change our workout routine.


Take Your Time

You didn’t gain that weight in two weeks, right? So you can’t expect to lose it fast too. Sometimes it takes months, even years to lose the weight we have gained. So just be patient, try hard, and you’ll see the results.



You have to rest a lot. There should be no more than two days rest a week, but you shouldn’t eliminate them for sure. Also, you have to sleep at least 8 hours. So rest, so you can make an “all in” workout.


Make It A Lifestyle

You are making a big mistake, if you think this should take just a few months, and then you’ll get back to the old habits. With that kind of opinion, you are putting yourself in a big danger. You will end up getting that pounds back faster than before. So make it a lifestyle. Eat healthy, work out every day, rest, and you will make a healthier, happier and sexier you!