This post was made in collaboration with iHerb.

You probably already know that nutrition is responsible for over 70% when it comes to losing weight and getting fit, and each type of nutrient is equally essential for our overall health.

However, there’s one macronutrient that’s causing all of the excitement in the fitness world for being the most important food for fat loss, and that is PROTEIN.

Protein is so popular nowadays, and there’s a damn good reason for that:

It’s the leading macronutrient for achieving any fitness goal, from weight loss to muscle definition, and there’s absolutely no doubt about it.

And not just because proteins are our body’s building bricks, but they’re essential component for getting fitter, stronger, getting rid of those stubborn inches, tough hair and nails, and most important of all, living a balanced and healthy life.

Yet many of us, especially fit chicks, the ones working out or doing any type of fitness activity, don’t consume enough protein on a daily basis.

This is mainly because of the tons of unexplained questions we all have when we first think about using protein as a supplement:

  • Where can I get myself protein shakes and other protein products?
  • How to choose out of the plenty of options out there?
  • Do I really need protein shakes?
  • Is there any other way to fuel up with protein?

No worries girls, we’ve all been there, wondering where and what to go for, when actually shopping for proteins have never been easier.

That’s why I decided to partner with one of the leaders in the protein supplement industry, iHerb, and try to explain it all.

And trust me, we’re talking beyond protein shakes here, focusing on some of the most delicious high protein snacks, protein desserts, spreads, cookies, protein pancakes, and other incredible ways to fuel up with protein on the go while satisfying your cravings at the same time.

So stay with me, we’re starting right away!

Finding The Right Shop – iHerb

Buying health products and protein supplements online can sometimes be an overwhelming experience.

With so many brands out there it really gets confusing and a bit frustrating for all of us.

That’s why the first thing each and every one of you should do is choose your shop.

It’s like when buying a new pair of sneakers, but you’re not sure what kind to go for and which brand to choose, so you go to Kickz since they have got everything.

That’s why, first things first, I want to introduce you to the Kickz of proteins and my new favorite online shop for supplements – iHerb.

What I like about iHerb is that they have a wide spectrum of brands and products, including some of the best brands in the fitness industry.

With such a wide range of over 30,000 products that can be shipped to over 160 countries, iHerb is the best place to shop for anyone, especially beginners.

Another thing I like about iHerb is that they offer fantastic prices while achieving great quality.

I personally got an extraordinary first experience, especially because their prices are literally 30% lower than in any other store (don’t really know how they do it) and as an addition they have great ways to lower your costs even more.

For example, because my order was over $40 USD I got a Product Discount, plus I received loyalty credit with additional 5% off my next order.

And, before you go shopping I would like to outline that new customers can get an additional discount off their iHerb order just by clicking here.

It feels like Christmas, right?

Also, many girls have safety doubts when shopping for proteins online, but that’s not the case when shopping at iHerb, since their Customer Service team provides 24/7 support in 10 languages which is more than supportive when it comes to any issue you’d have.

However, I didn’t need this since ordering and shipping went super smoothly, and I got the products to my doorstep in just 2 days.

I’d warmly recommend iHerb to every beginner in protein supplements, anyone looking for high protein snacks and wants to combine quality with great prices, plus get a loyal partner in health and protein products for life.

Head on to shop here.

#1: Protein Shakes – Why Everyone’s Crazy About Them

There are so many reasons why using a protein shake will not only spice up your diet, but will improve your health and give you better results in the gym.

There’s a good reason why fit chicks and almost anyone working out is crazy about proteins.

And we already know that proteins build muscles, promote weight loss and help you achieve your full potential, but why are protein shakes in particular the “thing”?

Well first of all, protein shakes are digested faster than solid foods, so this way your muscles will get the needed protein faster than with any other protein supplement or food.

When you finish your workout, your muscles are starving. They’re hungry for nutrients and they need something fast. Eating a steak won’t do it, because it takes at least 2 hours for your body to break down solid food.

However, when having a protein shake your muscles are loading up with the protein they need in a matter of minutes.

Containing all the essential amino acids for muscle development and weight loss, protein shakes provide every single thing your body needs, without getting the extra calories (since carbs and fats are removed from it) and that’s a great benefit especially when it comes to maximizing the weight loss.

This means that even if you don’t get a high protein meal afterwards, your muscles are still going to be satisfied.

Another thing I personally love about protein shakes is that they are a quick fix up, especially if you don’t have the time to eat a meal right after your workout.

This is pretty helpful since I honestly don’t feel hungry right after my workout and don’t even get me started on how bad it is to keep those hungry muscles waiting.

Plus they taste great, come in various flavors and can reduce your hunger with a single scoop.

In other words you give your body the blocks it needs to repair and build muscle tissues, speed up the weight loss and finally help you get the body you want.

No wonder why fit girls around the world are crazy about protein shakes.

But What Kind Of Protein To Go For?

My choice for you is the NutraBio Labs, Classic Whey Protein.

I’ve used this one for years, it’s actually a 100% Whey Protein Concentrate, meaning it’s a slow digesting protein containing 25 grams of complete protein per serving.

It contains only 2 grams of carbohydrate, which is amazing – the lower in carbs the better.

I’d always go for a whey concentrate when choosing a protein shake, since it’s one of the most basic forms of protein all beginners go to and it’s a great choice if you are looking for an inexpensive protein shake, lighter on the budget.

I just love this brand in particular, their shakes have not been amino or nitrogen spiked and do not contain maltodextrin, dextrose, dairy creamers or any other filler, no added carbs, sugars, artificial colors or flavors – and that’s a real deal for me.

I always go with their creamy and delicious Chocolate Milkshake flavor, it tastes like a real chocolate milkshake.

Although concentrate can be used both pre and post workout, even between meals or as a snack, I believe it’s best when used right after the workout.

Just mix 1 scoop with 6 ounces of cold water in a shaker, mix for few seconds, and you’re all set.

Now, here comes the best part!

Along with shakes, there are other ways to consume protein and add it to your diet, and I must say these are my favorite types of fuel ups.

Starting from different kinds of desserts, snacks, treats and foods you probably didn’t know existed, I’m giving you my favorite protein shake substitutes that are loaded with the same protein as whey itself.

That’s actually the main reason I was so excited about my collaboration with iHerb, and I’m just about to show you my favorite picks for the best ways to fuel up with protein other than protein shakes.

We’re starting right now!

#2: Protein Bars

Protein bars are the chocolate bars for fit people.

They help you satisfy your sweet cravings by keeping you healthy and loaded on protein at the same time, and that’s just freaking amazing!

Protein bars are a guilt free dessert for us fit gals that want to enjoy a treat every now and then without worrying about loading up with a bunch of unnecessary calories at the same time.

They’re basically helping you and your fitness goals while giving you the sweetest pleasure of having a chocolate snack.

I am in love with protein bars, it was love at first sight, especially these Almond Butter Coconut Chocolate Chip protein bars, from California Gold Nutrition.


These guys are the real deal, they’re made out of almond butter, whey and milk protein isolate, have a little bit of dark chocolate, organic coconut sugar and coconut oil which gives them that creamy kind of taste.

Containing 15 grams of protein per bar, they make the perfect post workout fuel up, a worthy substitute for whey itself.

And speaking of nutrients, these little pleasures include the necessary carbs, fibers and a small amount of healthy fats, all of which work in tandem with protein to increase amino acid availability to your muscles and keep your performance levels up to the roof.

The truth is you should be extra careful when choosing a protein bar, it may all look “healthy” and “clean” but in reality there are many brands that just want to sell their products without thinking about your health.

So, whenever you reach out for a protein bar, make sure to double check for the amount of carbohydrates, added sugars, artificial ingredients, and trans fats – they should be reduced to the minimum.

Never judge a protein bar by its cover.

That’s why these almond butter coconut chocolate chip bars are a catch – deliciously clean, with micronutrient rich calories making them perfect for both pre and post workout protein on the go.

If you’re by any chance not a coconut lover, then you can try the peanut butter dark chocolate chip variety, you’re going to love it.

#3: Protein Bone Broth

Now hold on a second, the first time I heard about bone broth, I was also like “What?! Eww!”

It definitely sounded a little too visual for my taste and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try it at all.

Turns out bone broth is so popular not only because of its health benefits, but for tasting way better than it sounds.

Yes, bone broths are a rising supplement among health enthusiasts all around the world, and there’s a damn good reason why.

Along with the fact that they’re packed with protein, bone broths are often praised for their wide variety of nutrients that boosts the immune system, improves joint health and benefits digestion.

Plus the vitamins and minerals you get from the broken-down bones have the most powerful healing properties and can help to alleviate joint and gut pain, brighten up your skin and even make your hair shiny.

Even though I was a bit skeptical before I tried one, it turned out that bone broths taste SO good, especially the California Gold Nutrition’s BoneBrothUp Protein Chicken Broth, I just got from iHerb.

This officially became my new favorite substitute for whey, mostly because just a single scoop of the bone broth protein powder will provide you with 22 grams of protein and zero carbohydrates, which makes it a better choice than most protein supplements on the market.

Having a balanced, savory, chicken flavor, this broth is totally worthy of the hype around it.

Especially since it’s a fast fix up that loads you up with a serious amount of proteins, made by simply mixing a scoop of the powdered broth with 12 ounces of hot or cold water.

This means that you have a delicious ready to eat post workout meal in a matter of seconds.

Head on to try it out!

#4: Protein Bites

I know how hard it is to stay healthy when you’re always on the go, and sometimes all you need is a little bite to keep you loaded, energized and satisfied.

That’s why next up are the ThinkThin, Unwrapped Protein Bites.

Similar to protein bars, the bites are sweet treats packed with almost 10 grams of protein per serving and a great choice for satisfying your sweet cravings while getting loaded on proteins.

These delicious bites-to-go are the perfect pre or post workout snack, and the combination of rich dark chocolate and salted caramel makes them a great sweet cravings and hunger killer.

I usually take 3-4 bites 20 minutes before my workout, and they make sure to both provide me with quick energy for the training and quality protein for my hungry muscles.

#5: Protein Pancakes

Let’s flip some pancakes, girls!

Yes, probably my favorite way to fuel up on a protein while enjoying a delicious meal.

And if you think about how many times you’ve tried to make protein pancakes from scratch and they turned out to be a complete disaster, don’t worry, because these pancakes I’m about to show you are something different.

What I have for you today is FlapJacked Protein Pancake Baking Mix, made with whey protein isolate.

All you have to do to make these pancakes is mix 1 cup of the pancake mix with ⅔ cup of cold water and that’s it.

Put them in a pan, let them cook for a full minute each side and they’re ready to eat.

Made with whole oats and sweetened with bananas and hazelnuts, these pancakes have a lightly sweet and nutty flavor which works great in satisfying your cravings.

And all of that while not compromising the nutritional value, containing 200 calories per serving, with only 23 grams of carbs.

Not to mention the 20 grams of protein which is the exact same amount you can find in most of the protein shakes.

And don’t even get me started on how this particular mix can be used for making other deserts such as waffles or banana bread.

At the back of the package you can find the recipes, all you need to do is get your protein pancake mix and start baking!

These are perfect for both pre and post workout fuel up, I had them for breakfast the other day and they made sure to keep me energized for the rest of the day.

#6: Protein Spreads

You were wondering what to spread on top of those pancakes, right?

No worries girls, the protein spread I’m about to show you will go perfectly with them or with almost anything that needs spicing up with a healthy sweet and creamy coating.

Meet Buff Bake’s Protein Peanut Spread with Chocolate Chip.

This creamy spread is packed with 11 grams of protein, mostly from whey concentrate, yet tastes like a real guilty pleasure.

And that’s not all – with only 10 grams of carbs out of which is 4 grams sugar, this spread is officially my new peanut butter Nutella!

I love adding it as a fruit topper, it tastes so good yet keeps your muscles satisfied and that’s a win-win.

Head on to try it out yourself!

#7: Protein Oatmeal

It’s breakfast time!!!

Girls, please make sure to never ever, ever skip breakfast and always ensure that this is the healthiest meal of your day.

You know why?

Because if you start the day healthy and balanced, you’re more likely to keep it up that way for the rest of it.

But we’re not always in the mood for having a breakfast, especially when it comes to making it.

Usually we’re all in a hurry in the mornings and we need a fast fix up with a meal we can have on the go.

Well ladies, Earnest Eats have made the perfect breakfast formula to both energize you and fill you up with admirable amount of proteins, with their Protein Probiotic Oatmeal.

Promoting a healthy digestive tract and a healthy immune system, probiotics make the best choice to start the day with, and this rich combination of superfood grain, mighty maple and a tone of cinnamon does the trick.

And when teamed up with 16 grams of grass-fed whey protein per meal, the 1 billion CFU Probiotics work to enhance the protein utilization.

The one thing I like most about this oatmeal is that it’s a really fast fix up, done in just a few seconds by simply adding hot water to the cup.

It’s only a matter of minutes before these high performance drinkable oats energize you and pump up your morning, making sure you stay balanced for the rest of the day.

Head on to check them out and explore the other flavors!

#8: Protein Cake Bites

Ladies, please stay put because we’re taking protein snacks to the next level.

Things are just about to get real with my new favorite dessert bites, Optimum Nutrition’s Red Velvet, Protein Cake Bites.

These extremely delicious cake bites feel like cheat meals, when actually along with satisfying your sweet taste buds they’ll please your muscles too.

With 20 grams of protein per 62 grams serving, and only 22 grams of carbs, these cuties make the best guilt free protein snack for every single one of you out there with a sweet tooth.

Aren’t they amazing?!

These cake bites taste so good, with a filling, rich flavor that reminds me of a red velvet chocolate bar I haven’t had in years, and it’s hitting those chocolate cravings.

Just delicious!

#9: Protein Cookies

Did someone said cookies?!

Hell yes! Muscletech’s Soft Baked Protein Cookies with Triple Chocolate are something every fitness cookie lover should try.

I can honestly say that these taste better than my grandma’s original.

There, I said it.

With the triple chocolate taste, these are my new favorite cookies to go to.

And not to mention the fact that these soft bakes contain 18 grams of protein per cookie, which is unbelievable.

They get the bulk of their nutritional value from whey protein concentrate, and that makes these cookies just perfect for satisfying your muscles too.

Now, despite the fact that they are high in proteins I would recommend these cookies as a pre-workout snack, since they’re also high in carbs.

However, their carbs come from natural ingredients that are absolutely good to go, such as brown rice flour and cocoa butter, with zero trans fats and no artificial colors or flavors.

I mean come on, they’re cookies at the end of the day.

Plus, they look healthier and higher in proteins than any other protein cookies I’ve tried.

Head on and grab your favorite flavor!

Let’s Load Up On Proteins!

Girls, you’re now ready for those proteins, so let’s go shopping!

I just ordered my package full of delicious high protein snacks and you can do it too!

Here’s one more surprise for you:

If you’re a new customer, you can get a beginners discount of 5% just by clicking here.

Plus, you can add the Promo Code WELCOME5 to your shopping cart to get an additional $5 off your order, if it’s $40 or more.

Now head on and try these 50 shades of whey you’re going to LOVE!

Oh, and don’t forget to share them with your workout besties to inspire them and how them that healthy food can be freaking delicious too.

All thanks to iHerb.

Till next time, babes!