Motivation is what keeps every single one of us sweating to get to our goals.

Motivation to get stronger, motivation to get fitter, to look good in bikinis and finally be able to fit our favorite skinny jeans.

No matter what is your reason, one is certain – you have to keep yourself motivated :)

If you set your mind on anything, you’ll be able to achieve it.

That’s actually my recipe that really keeps me going throughout the years.

And there’re plenty of ways to work on improving your motivation, but one of my all time favorite and definitely most effective way is trough fitness motivational posters.

So in the name of Mondays, in the name of new beginnings, mind settings and most of all in the name of you getting to your goals, I’m dedicating this Monday to another 10 motivational quotes.

And this is not the first time I’ve designed my own posters in the name of motivation, I actually do it all the time, and you can check my latest poster collections here, and download them for FREE.

However, these fitness posters I picked out for you today are hilarious but at the same time so inspiring.

I couldn’t help but start another collection and call it a Motivation Monday.

So ladies, head on to my posters, pick out your favorite ones, print them, hang them on the wall, beside the mirror, or even better set them as a background on your smart phone.

They’ll remind you of how important your goals are to you, especially when it’s hard to even remember what your goals were in the first place.

Girls, get ready to get motivated to the roof with my collection of fitness motivational posters!

We’re starting right now!

#1: If At First You Don’t Succeed

#2: And Always Make Sure To

#3: Because…

#4: And

#5: Plus, There’s One Thing You Might Not Know Yet

#6: Yes, It Gets Too Much To Handle Sometimes

#7: So Always

#8: Remember Your Reason

#9: And Don’t Think About The Time

#10: Because In This Battle There Is Only

You Got This Girl!

You can do ALMOST ANYTHING if you really set your mind on it, and I’m hoping these posters will do that trick for you.

Set your mind, and you’ll be unstoppable.

Make sure to let me know what’s your favorite poster by commenting bellow.

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Plus, don’t forget to inspire someone special by sharing these fitness motivational posters with your besties, gym buddy, or anyone who needs a Monday Motivation!