Are you struggling with lower back pain?

Believe me you’re not the only one – I’m suffering from lower back pain too.

And the truth is we all deal with lower back pain at some point and become a part of the hopeless search for lower back pain cure.

It’s so hard for me especially on my training sessions, as workout isn’t hard enough itself.

I am always trying out different kinds of exercises, bands – but no result, until I finally found something that actually works.

You won’t have to struggle with back pain ever again, since this back pain treatment will provide you lower back pain relief on the long run.

You’re about to meet my new favorite workout – the core strengthening exercises for lower back pain.

Let’s get started!

Why does our back hurt?

First of all I want to start of by explaining why we get lower back pain in the first place.

The low back supports the weight of the upper body and provides mobility for everyday motions such as bending and twisting.
The muscles in the low back are responsible for flexing and rotating the hips while walking, as well as supporting the spinal column.
Nerves in the low back supply sensation and power the muscles in the pelvis, legs, and feet.”

– SPINE Health

So yes, our lower back is supporting us all the time, and most episodes of lower back pain are actually caused by damage to the soft tissues supporting the lower spine.

Since I workout daily, this is probably due to heavy lifting and exercising itself.

So, I always knew this one thing that will help me for sure – to build stronger back muscles and stronger core.

But, what I didn’t know was that there’s this muscle we barely activate, and it’s a crucial one when it comes to lower back pain.

The TVA muscle is actually a muscle essential to core stability.
And it’s often forgotten, because it’s so deep within your abdomen. Now the stronger we can get the TVA, the stronger your core. The stronger your core, the less likelihood you’ll have lower back pain.”

– Dr. John Rubinow, M.D., Physician & Surgeon

It’s that easy!

But how do we work on this TVA muscle?

Well, let’s meet CoreCoach.

CoreCoach – The Ultimate Lower Back Pain Relief And The Secret To Strong Core

CoreCoach is a proven physical therapist technology used by trainers and therapists all over the world, and it’s now available for home use.

In other words, CoreCoach is THE lower back workout “machine” and THE specialized exercise equipment for instant lower back pain relief.

It’s a pack of:

  1. Adjustable belt attached to an air pillow. The belt holds the pressure sensitive lumbar pillow perfectly in place
  2. A muscle activation gauge, that tells you exactly when your TVA muscle is engaged
  3. Dynamic feedback that keeps you in the perfect TVA strengthening zone.

You also get:

  1. FREE mobile app + 12 online workout videos
  2. Core coach training guide
  3. NeckCoach trainer, to help you relieve neck pain.

Now, there’s a little trick in order to achieve successful muscle activation:

You should successfully find and identify your TVA muscle.


Meet Your TVA

The first step is to successfully identify and contract your TVA.

And I have to say, this was a bit tricky for me, but once you feel it working you’re all set.

The TVA is a core muscle that’s not as obvious as the other muscles in your core.

That’s because the TVA is placed deep in your core, wrapped around your body and the primary muscle to keep you upright and stable.

When this muscle is strong, pressure is taken off your spine and relieves many common forms of back pain, while improving athletic performance and posture too.

Proper engagement of your Transverse Abdominal actually feels like an upward and inward pulling.

It’s crucial to identify your TVA yet it’s a bit tricky.

I have to be honest, I struggled to find it since I was a first timer, but the one thing that helped me do it was the instruction script the CoreCoach team sent me.

How Does It Work?


  1. Lay on your back on a firm surface with knees bent.
  2. Place the lumbar air pillow under your lower back centered below the navel.
  3. Relax in a natural position
  4. Make sure the value of the gauge is closed then pump until the needle settles on START.

You can roll slightly side to side to allow air to fill the chambers and add or remove air as necessary.


  1. Pull your navel toward your spine.
  2. Contract your TVA and firmly continue to pull your navel toward your spine.
    The needle should rise.
  3. Slightly rotate your pelvis to bring the needle to HOLD.


  1. Keep the needle steady on HOLD for 10 seconds.
  2. The key is to not allow the needle fluctuate beyond the orange zone on the gauge.
  3. Relax for 10 seconds and then repeat it 2 more times.

The goal is to keep your TVA muscle contacted, and you’ll know you’re doing it right when you keep the needle on HOLD.

You should start light and get to repeating this 4 minutes a day x 4 days a week.

The first thing I noticed after finishing my TVA workout for the very first time, was that I felt a slight soreness inside my core followed by an instant lower back pain relief.

Yes, I felt results the very first time I tried CoreCoach and this was super exciting for me!

I was worried about one thing though, as time goes by and my core starts feeling stronger and stronger, wouldn’t this exercise become not enough?

Well, that’s why the training guide is for – they have beginners and advanced training sessions, and I can’t wait to get there!


No More Pain!

I am so happy I came across these guys and I couldn’t wait to share my experience with you.

My lower back pain is on its way out!

This is the best lower back pain relief and back pain treatment I’ve ever tried and the best back pain workout for sure.

Actually this is the nicest plan I’ve ever heard in terms of lower back pain relief – strengthen the muscles around your spine to keep your core stable and your back pain free.

And this plan works!

You can try it yourself:

Just head on to CoreCoach and get it.

The price is $69, and you get the whole package to your doorstep.

They have FREE shipping and 30 day money back guarantee, so don’t wait a second and try it yourself.

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