We all know that the key to losing weight is exercising and eating healthy. We know that without the exercising, we cannot do it, but the real question is how much do we really need to exercise to lose weight? And this is a tough one, but I’ll try to find the answer once and for all. I’ll prove to you once again that 15 minutes workouts can’t help you in your journey of losing weight and living fit and healthy life. Now let’s get started!


15-20 Workout A Day

Yeah right. For 15 minutes you cannot do cardio, and not to mention the strenght training that comes before the cardio. Even the cardio workout counts if it’s more than 20 minutes, because in the first 10-15 minutes we are still warming up. So when I hear about some workout routines that last only 15-20 minutes a day, 3 times per week, believe me fit girls, it makes me puke.


You shouldn’t even try these programs, because they are 100% fake. Let’s put it this way, you have a new boyfriend and you really want to workout between the two of you. To do that, you have to get to know each other better, and that means spending time with him, and 15 minutes – 3 times a week, well that’s not a good idea. With fitness and workout is the same. You cannot expect it to work if you spend so little time with it.


How Much A Day?

We figured out that we cannot lose weight in 15 or 20 minutes a day. Well how much do we really need to exercise to lose it then?!
Here comes the math.

Strength Training

First, comes the strength training and it should last 40-50 minutes. It shouldn’t be more than that, and it shouldn’t be less. For example, we have back day, we have to do 4 exercises, 3-4 series each, with 12-15 reps. We need at least 40 seconds break between the series, and 40 seconds break between the exercises. When you make the math, it should come down to at least 40-50 minutes, and that is only your strength training.


Cardio Training

The cardio training should come right after the strength training, and it should be at least 20 minutes. For bigger weight loss, you should do even 30-40 minutes cardio training.
Let’s say you skip the weights and you are heading on to cardio. Well I say you reconsider not skipping it, but in this case you should do 40-60 minutes cardio, if you want it to work.

Turbo Fire - Intense Cardio Conditioning

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Per Week

Many people think that 3 times a week is enough, but they are wrong. 3 times isn’t even half of the week.
The perfect case is 5 times a week. Yes that’s almost every day, but that’s what it takes. Even “Insanity” or other fitness programs have workout plans that take 6 days a week, and just 1 day rest. So, these are not just numbers, but facts!


We Are All Different

And last, we have to consider this factor, that we are all different. Some people lose it for 40 minutes, but for others it takes more than an hour. It all depends on how much weight we need to lose. The fact is that we have to give so we could take back.


There are many other factors that count, for example if we workout and eat junk food, we slow down the whole process – if we eat healthy and clean, we will lose it faster. Anyway, the perfect timing in any case, is an hour-hour and a half a day – 5 times a week.

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Dear fit girls, I hope I gave you the answers you wanted to hear. Feel free to contact me for any questions, and don’t forget to share this with your friends! Stay fit! ;)