You know that annoying thing on your back that looks like bra bulge?

It’s called back fat and yes, we all hate it!

If you’ve noticed it, and you’re not happy about it, I bet you’re dying to get rid of it.

Well, I’m happy to tell you that you’re in the right place.

Today, we’re going to get rid of lower back fat once and for all.

Step by step, we’re going through everything you need to get rid of back fat and my new updated back fat workout.

Let’s get started right away!

How To Get Rid Of Back Fat
Everything Starts With A Healthy Diet

You can achieve almost any fitness goal if you eat right.

Sorry to break this down for you, but the first step to getting rid of back fat is cleaning up your diet.

In fact, eating healthy is far more important than exercising when it comes to achieving your weight loss and fitness goals – the 80/20 rule is actually a fact.

The main reason why most of us have back fat is having excess fat due to poor nutrition and lack of physical activity.

So, first thing’s first, you have to STOP eating unhealthy foods.

This means cleaning up your diet from all kinds of:

  • Sugars (refined sugars, candy, chocolate…)
  • Junk foods and snacks
  • Sugary and fizzy drinks (this includes fruit juices and alcohol)
  • Highly processed, simple carbs
  • Processed grains and baked goods
  • Trans fats, refined vegetable oils, and spreads.

Kiss these foods goodbye and load your diets with real, nutritious foods.

So, focus on getting more raw foods in your diet, that are healthy and nutritious.

Starting from lean proteins to healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and lots of veggies and greens.

And you shouldn’t by any means eat less and skip meals.
Just make sure to eat the right foods and always eat healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

If you are not sure how to eat to lose weight and get fit, head on to check out my all-in-one program RADIATE.


Focus On Working On Your Whole Body

First of all, let’s clear something out:
There is no such thing as spot training when it comes to fitness.

Unfortunately, when working out you can’t choose which body part you want to lose weight from.

This means that when it comes to weight loss, you’ll just have to work on your whole body.

Don’t get me wrong, there are exercises that target your back, however, you’ll still have to work on your body as a whole piece if you want to get rid of back fat.

In addition, you should focus on doing a full-body workout routine.

Adding high-intensity interval exercises to your routine, along with working out specific muscles is the absolute key.

Well, HIIT will make sure to burn fat most efficiently without tapping into that lean muscle mass, while strength training will make sure to build a stronger back (and stronger body) and maximize the weight loss.

This means that this type of training will work in shaping your whole body while making sure you get rid of that annoying back fat.

Exercises To Target Back Fat
My Back Fat Workout

Now to the fun part – my back fat workout routine!

Let me just say that you can do this workout in the comfort of your own home.

However, you’re going to need basic equipment, which means two dumbbells, possibly a kettlebell and a yoga mat.

These exercises are a part of my workout program RADIATE and they will target your back fat so good.

However, I usually do them combined with some HIIT movements to spike my heart rate and engage my whole body in the process too.

About reps and sets, the best way to do it is to do 30 seconds of each exercise with 15 seconds rest between the exercises.

If you are intermediate or advanced, you can try doing 45 seconds of each exercise.

Now, let’s head on to the exercises right now!

1. Plank Walkouts

Starting from a plank position start walking your hands one by one as far as you can in front of you.

When you reach out with both of your hands, come back in for a few seconds.

Repeat this movement for as many round as possible in the range of 30 seconds.

If this feels too hard, try to do it from your knees first.

2. Bent Over Rows

Pick up two dumbbells and start from a bent-over position.

Your spine should be neutral, your knees slightly bent and your back straight.

From here, start lifting the dumbbells with your back, bringing them towards your chest.

Once you reach, extending your arms back down, diving into the next round.

Make sure to keep your form throughout the whole movement, and pick out weights that are right for you.

3. Superhero Burpees

From a standing position, start jumping down into a burpee.

As you lay down and your chest touches the floor, lay down and extend your arms up and in front of you.

Then, jump back up and finish your movement with a jump.

4. Bent Over Flies

Start in a bent-over position, holding dumbbells in your hands.

Bent your elbows slightly and start lifting the dumbells laterally while making sure to keep your spine neutral and your back straight.

5. Plank Rows

Start in a plank position, with your hands on top of your dumbbells.

Lift your right hand, keeping it close to your body, bringing your elbow as high as you can.

Go back down, and perform the same movement on the other side too.

6. Dumbbell Circles

Start by holding both of your dumbbells in front of your thighs, facing the wall in front of you.

Start lifting them up laterally in a circular movement, up until they touch together over your head.

Once they touch start going back to the starting position.

Keep your hands as straight as possible throughout the whole movement.

7. Plank Ups

Start in a low plank position, with your elbows right underneath your shoulders.

Slowly start shifting your body forward and down so that your shoulders meet your palms.

It would be ideal if your chest could touch the floor, however, if you are a beginner, just shifting your weight forward and backward would be enough.

8. Side Plank T Rise

Start in a side plank position with your hand elbow and shoulder in a straight line.

Stack your feet one on top of the other, or if you’re a beginner or it’s hard for you to keep your balance, add both of them on the ground, one in front of the other.

Holding a weight in the other hand, slowly start lifting it up, until you create the letter ‘T’.

Once you reach your ‘T’ position, slowly start going down into your start position, and start all over.

Do it for 30 seconds on each side with a 15 seconds rest between.

9. Plank Up-Downs

Start in a low plank position, with your elbows beneath your shoulders, at a 90-degree angle.

Lift your right hand up placing it on the ground where your right elbow was.

As you shift your weight up, do this with your left hand too.

Once you reach the plank position, start going back down into the low plank position you began in.

Just remember to always add your hand to where your elbow was.

10. Bent-Over Row Cleans

Start in a bent-over position with a kettlebell in one hand.

Start lifting it up and down to complete a row.

Once you’re done with the row, clean it up into a front rack position.

Repeat this for as many rounds as possible in the range of 30 seconds, then take a 15-second break before you move onto the next side.

11. Push-Ups


Start in a plank position with your feet together and your hands, elbows, and shoulders stacked in a straight line.

Start going down into a pushup position, keeping your elbows close to your body.

Once you complete the rep go back up into the plank position again.

If this feels too hard and impossible to do, split your feet in the back, or drop to your knees.

Now Start Moving!

I hope you like my back fat workout and my guide on how to get rid of lower back fat.

By going through this, you are already one step closer to getting the body of your dreams.

So just keep being amazing, keep going, and never ever give up on yourself.

If you are in the game for some serious weight loss, head on to check out my workout program:

Till next time, babe!

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