We all know that hard work, meaning exercising and sweating, plus clean eating = weight loss and sexy body.

But when it comes to workout and gym, there’s a question that pops out:

How much protein do we really need to get fit?!

Well, we need a lot of proteins for our muscles, starting from meat, eggs, milk proteins, fish.

But what about supplements?!

Most of the girls would say oh no, that’s for the boys!large (1)

But why not for girls?

Why not for us?

Is it just a stereotype, or do we really don’t need one?

Well, here’s an answer to these questions: “We all need whey”!


First of all, I bet that the first thing that crosses your mind when you hear whey, is body builders, athletes, or just guys.

You think that it is made to build muscles and bulk.

This is why there is this fear that by including protein powder as part of our diet we too will end up looking bulky.

But not so fast girls!

Let me give you some reasons why you shouldn’t be scared of protein, and then you can decide on your own.

Let’s get started!


Reason #1: To Tone Your Bodylarge (2)

No, you will not get bulky!

You will just get toned.

We don’t have the same hormones as guys do, so please don’t be scared.

You just have to be active, and workout daily, and on top of that if you spice it with protein shakes.

Oh girl, you’ll look freaking amazing and breathtakingly sexy!

So don’t be afraid, whey will tone you, not build you!

Sometimes it takes a lot more than just working out, to get the body we want.

Eating healthy and clean is the next important thing.

But we cannot always give our muscles the protein they need to get toned, but we have protein powders for that.


Reason #2: Protein Does Not Contain Extra Caloriesneed whey

Well, it’s not far from the truth that some protein shakes are high in calories.

This is because they also provide extra energy that some guys need to gain extra muscle.

But don’t get the wrong picture, because these are not the shakes that are specially designed for women.

There are tons of low carb protein powder options.

They will actually keep you full with minimum calories, and yet they’ll tone you, and will make you sexy!

Starting from soy protein powders, to egg white protein powders, there are tons of options out there for you to choose.

There are also women’s protein powder that are made especially for girls.

large (4)

Reason #3: Helps You Lose Weight

There are many diets based on losing weight with proteins.

These high protein diets may help you tame your hunger, which could help you lose weight.

By getting the carbs and the fats to a minimum, you increase the protein intake.

With proper workout, you’re gonna store these proteins in your muscles, and you’ll maximize the fat burn.

Spicing it all up with the best protein powder for weight loss, and that is the clean protein without sugar or calories added, you’ll give yourself the best formula for losing weight fast!

Just remember, working out is crucial in these cases. 

If you don’t have a proper workout program, you may find yourself gaining weight instead of losing it.

Reason #5: It Helps You Recover

One more amazing benefit of using whey is that it helps your muscles large (23)recover faster.

With the everyday hard exercising plans, your muscles are repairing over and over again.

This means that in the post workout period it is very important for you to take protein.

Protein helps your muscles to recover faster, and that is one really important fact.


Reason # 4: Protein Is One Beauty Source

From your nails, to your hair, protein is a major functional and structural component of our cells.

So make sure you fill your daily needs from a range of sources makes sense as part of your beauty regime.

Proteins for beauty, huh?

Who would have known :)


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