Sometimes I think my only motivation to workout is workout clothes. Yup :)

And it really is! Looking good in a fancy new set of leggings and a new sports bra is a motivation booster that has never failed me.

I LOVE shopping for new gym clothes, especially as a manner of rewarding myself for trying so hard and showing up in the gym day after day for the past 7 years.

However, finding the perfect set is so freaking hard. One that looks good, fits perfectly and feels comfortable at the same time.

Well, meet HERA x HERO, my new favorite fashionable fitness apparel.

I am obsessed with HERA x HERO especially the one I got, the XO Seamless Leggings and Sports Bra I got in purple.

They really stand out from a sea of basics, especially with this light purple color I fell in love with.

Not only this set looks perfect, but it feels amazing too.

It fits so perfectly, hugging each and every single one of my curves, making them seamless.

That’s why I teamed up with HERA x HERO, for my upcoming workout program.

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Grab your fave set and let’s get obsessed about working out ASAP!


HERA x HERO XO Seamless Leggings

Not only the HERA x HERO XO Seamless Leggings look good, but they are so comfortable and have high support too.

I do HIIT and plyometrics with a lot of jumping, squatting, moving, even crawling, and finding a set of workout clothes that stay put on my body is PRICELESS! :)

The XO Seamless leggings are super high waisted, making my core look seamless in any position and any exercise I do.

They offer high support, yet they are pretty stretchable. Made out of the softest material I have ever tried in activewear, these leggings make working out a pleasure.

You know that feeling when you do a squat and the leggings go down with the squat?!

Well, you don’t have to worry about it with this one, because they won’t move an inch.

Rather you jump, squat, stretch or run, the XO Seamless leggings will stay where they are.

And to find a pair that does that – it’s priceless!

The design is really seamless, especially with these cool mash net-like parts, all over the outer thighs and the calves.

Not only they look stylish, but they are great for intense workouts usually followed by lots of sweat.

HERA x HERO XO Seamless Sports Bra

This XO Seamless sports bra, on the other hand, looks so stylish and fashionable.

Especially the back – I LOVE IT!

And look isn’t the only thing I love about this sport bra.

The XO Seamless bra offers comfort fit while staying stretchable. It makes sure I’m always seamlessly secured and supported through my intensive workouts.

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