If you are a fit girl or a girl who’s just trying to improve her health in general, I bet you’ve come across supplements.

And there’s no doubt that the key to a healthy life is eating a balanced diet.
However, supplements can be really beneficial too, especially when it comes to performance overall.

Being into fitness for over 7 years now, I’ve learned so much about supplements and how I can use them to achieve my full potential.

However, I started using some pre and post workout formulas just recently and felt the results so fast.

I feel like they are unlocking a potential I didn’t even know I have and go so good with my regular workout routine, healthy diet, and my overall lifestyle.

That’s why I want you to meet Performance Lab®.

Performance Lab® are these super cool looking formulas, designed specifically to upgrade the biological functions that give you an edge in life.

What does this mean? Well, starting from energy, to sleep, digestion and strength, these formulas advanced nutrients in unique combinations that enhance human performance in dynamic new ways.

They work on so many things, starting from improving your:

  • Energy – Whole-body cell energy  metabolism enhancement;
  • Strength – Muscle function, growth, repair, and recovery;
  • Brainpower – Focus, processing speed, memory, motivation;
  • Vision – Sharp eyesight for athletics, driving, gaming, computing;
  • Digestion – Efficient digestion for energy, immunity and the gut-brain axis, and;
  • Sleep – Enhanced nighttime regeneration for superior daytime performance;

What I like most about them (other than their design which I totally fell in LOVE with) is the fact that they use some pretty amazing new ways to boost that inner potential.

And that’s not the only thing that makes them stand out from the crowd. In fact, they are the very first supplements I ran onto that are:

  • High quality – driven by the highest quality standards in the world;
  • Superior – use an innovative formulation that develops never-before-seen nutrient combinations, that work amazingly;
  • Using Premium Nutrients – feature best-in-class nutrient forms;
  • Clean – the capsules are filled with 100% nutrition only. They don’t use adulterated or unnecessary ingredients;
  • Using Natural Caps – 100% natural, vegan Plantcaps capsules made from pullulan, which is naturally fermented from tapioca.

That’s why today we’re going through every single one of their formulas to see how we can use them to improve our fitness and overall performance, why we should use them, how and when.

Let’s get started right away!

Performance Lab® Formulas

Performance Lab® provides two main groups of formulas:

  • Core Formulas
  • SPORT Formulas

Core Formulas

The first group is Core Formulas and they are actually made to support all aspects of human performance, across all walks of life.

You can find 6 different formulas there, starting from:

  • Multivitamin
  • Energy 
  • Prebiotic
  • Sleep
  • Mind and 
  • Vision

Whole-Food Multi Formulas

The Whole-Food Multi Formulas contain nature-identical vitamin and mineral essentials for healthy biological performance.

They elevate multivitamins with BioGenesis™ which are patented nature-identical vitamins and minerals that are lab-grown for enhanced bioavailability.
They are not synthetic and they supply at least 100% Daily Value of 17+ essential vitamins and minerals.
I started using it on a daily basis and it does an amazing job for me, supplying me with vitality, whole-body performance and long-range overall health across the whole body system.
You can find two different formulas, one specifically designed for men and one for women. That makes sure to satisfy your unique nutritional needs.


I’m sure you’ve run into hundreds of “energy pills”. Most of them resort to stimulants that target the endocrine system, providing a short-term energy burst followed by a rapid crash and long-range adrenal exhaustion.

However, Performance Lab® Energy Formula targets the original source of natural energy for all body functions instead. This means targeting the powerhouse of the cell known as the Mitochondria.

By optimizing the mitochondria powerhouses that generate cell energy, enhancing the overall vitality and energizing the whole body.

This energy formula also encourages the body to utilize dietary fat and stored fat as preferred sources of fuel.

And that’s pretty important because that’s the kind of energy we really need in order to lose weight and get fit.

This Energy Formula helps your body and mind to perform at a higher level of efficiency, supporting stimulant-free daily vitality, peak exercise performance, and healthy body composition.

As one of the main ingredients that make this formula so effective is black pepper extract.

This black pepper extract supplies an active compound called piperine boosts absorption of other nutrients, enhancing Energy’s overall potency.


If you’re into fitness and nutrition, you know how important probiotics are.

They are crucial when it comes to healthy microflora, efficient digestive system, strong immune system, and overall metabolic health.

I use probiotics every single day. They are the good, live bacteria and yeasts that are taking care of our gut flora.

So, meet the Performance Lab® Prebiotic. This formula supplies Oligofructose Enriched Inulin (Inulin-FOS), a soluble fiber-based prebiotic sourced from chicory root.

This probiotic is the best choice since it stimulates robust growth of indigenous Bifidobacterium rather than introducing multiple new probiotic strains.

It’s pretty important when it comes to weight loss and fitness, since it helps with healthy weight management by promoting satiety, reducing foods’ caloric density and regulating blood sugar.

The Performance Lab® Prebiotic promotes healthy digestive function supporting the immune function at the same time.

I highly recommend it!


Exercising daily for over 7 years now, being active overall, going to work and dealing with busy schedules, the one thing that kept me “sane” was the good night sleep.

A high-quality 8-hour sleep is crucial when it comes to staying healthy, feel energized and rested, and having productive days.

Restful sleep for healthy cell regeneration is so important for the overall daytime performance.

That’s why Performance Lab® Sleep Formula is working on nightly regeneration support. They found a way to soothe the nervous system, musculoskeletal system, and brain, helping to encourage sleep onset and extend deep sleep phases.

While most sleep supplements use synthetic melatonin, this is made out of natural melatonin from CherryPURE®Montmorency tart cherry.

Supplying a minimum effective dose for optimal sleep benefits without the morning grogginess and brain fog sometimes associated with synthetic sleep aids. This makes it safe, non-habit-forming sleep support with no groggy synthetic side effects.

Mind & Vision

If you want to upgrade performance-oriented cognitive functions including focus, processing speed, and motivation, Performance Lab® Mind is the formula for you.

Supporting mental recovery, helping to reduce the mental burnout effects of stress, multitasking and overworking, this supplement will provide you with brainpower and recovery.
It’s stimulant-free and provides mental energy, nourishing the brain for long-range health and lasting mental clarity.
Performance Lab® Vision, on the other hand, combines core eye health nutrients with advanced vision enhancers to upgrade performance-oriented eyesight functions including focusing speed, motion detection, night vision, glare reduction and reaction time.
It’s a safe and natural way to gain a competitive edge in athletics.
It’s also a great supplement if you’re looking at screens most of the day since it supports lasting eye health by shielding the macula from the harmful effects of blue-wavelength light rays.

SPORT Formulas

My group, as you’re probably already predicting, is the SPORT Formulas.

I’m using 6 different formulas:

  • BCAA
  • Pre-Workout
  • Post-Workout
  • Fat Burner
  • T-Booster


I’ve talked about BCAAs before, and how important they are if you’re into fitness in the long run.

BCAAs are actually the essential amino acids leucine, isoleucine, and valine, which comprise around 35% of your body’s muscle protein.

They’re essential because the human body can’t make them on its own, so we all have to take them from food and workout supplements.

BCAAs are digested more readily when they are taken as a supplement rather than solid food.

So, meet Performance Lab®Sport BCAA. This formula supplies branched-chain amino acids that help activate, build and maintain lean muscle by accelerating the rate of protein synthesis while slowing the rate of protein breakdown.

It also extends athletic endurance, enhances anaerobic and aerobic exercise performance and reduces muscle soreness supporting faster recovery.

Using clean, premium BCAAs fermented from sunflower lecithin for digestive comfort and bioavailability, this formula is safe, natural and well-tolerated to best support long-term fitness and training programs.

As a woman into fitness, I know how freaking hard it is to grow some muscles, and BCAAs has helped me a lot in the whole process.

SPORT Pre-Workout

It was not that long ago when I transferred from classic weight lifting and cross fit to HIIT workout.

Since then, my daily routine is so high in intensity, with intervals that my body can’t adapt to. That’s what it makes it body changing in the first place.

However, finding the energy to go through the workout has been so freaking hard for me, usually followed by fatigue and constant soreness.

And that’s when Pre-Workout came in the picture.

Sport Pre-Workout is designed to optimize all fitness and training regimens by enhancing muscle power, increasing blood flow to muscles and extending physical endurance.
With additional support for growth hormone and body hydration, Performance Lab®Sport Pre-Workout helps to maintain exercise intensity while priming muscles for healthy growth and recovery.
It doesn’t contain caffeine, it contains premium ingredients, it’s safe, natural and well-tolerated to best support healthy long-term fitness and training programs.

Post Workout

The post workout, on the other hand, helps with the recovery period.

Working out can damage muscles, deplete vital fluids and inflame connective tissues – effects that limit muscle growth and lengthen downtime between workouts.

That’s why Performance Lab®Sport Post-Workout restores depleted nutrients, re-energizing muscle and optimizing anabolic growth and repair processes.

This nutrition for muscle recovery and healthy gains promotes faster recovery by protecting muscles and connective tissues from the inflammation and oxidative stress that accompany intense training.

Made out of natural ingredients such as CreaPure®, Organic Pomegranate Extract, Organic Coconut Water Crystals and Himalayan Pink Salt, this supplement is the perfect long-term muscle health keeper.

Fat Burner

You want to lose fat, without tapping into that lean muscle? This is the product for you.

Performance Lab®Sport Fat Burner is designed to help burn more fat than with exercise alone, especially during fasted training.

Its job is to promote weight control in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise and optimize body composition results from fasted training regimens.

I’ve talked so many times about how fat burners can cause a series of side effects.

However, this one is made out of natural ingredients such as Coleus Forskohlii (Ayurvedic root herb), Cayenne Pepper Extract, and Black Pepper Extract, making it stimulant-free with no effect on heart rate or blood pressure.


T-Booster is a supplement highly used by the male fitness population.

Its job is to promote healthy testosterone levels associated with enhanced muscle growth, peak athletic performance, masculine vigor and virility.

Performance Lab®Sport T-Booster helps sustain circulating testosterone by countering female hormones, stress hormones and free radicals that attack and degrade.

Unlike other products on the market, this one is made out of natural and safe ingredients, such as Ashwagandha – Ayurvedic root herb traditionally used for physical and mental performance enhancement.

It also contains Mucuna Pruriens aka velvet bean and Luteolin which is a botanical antioxidant that promotes healthy testosterone levels.

Head On To Upgrade Yourself!

Girls, head on to try out these supplements right away!

They’ll help you achieve great fitness and weight loss results and will work on improving every single aspect of your life.

Also, don’t forget to share them with your friends – sharing is caring!