Weight loss is hard for most people.
But for me, it wasn’t as hard as I know it is for the people around me.

And from the hundreds of weight loss stories I read on a daily basis, I can confidently say that losing weight in general is one of the hardest things people go through.

But why? Why weight loss wasn’t hard for me?
There are 5 reasons why, and today we’re going through all of them.
Incorporate these 5 things in your weight loss journey and make weight loss easier.


Reasons Why Weight Loss Wasn’t Hard For Me

Reason #1: I was eating foods I love

Eating healthy food does not mean restricting the foods you love.
And when most people start a diet, they usually eat foods they don’t like, or eating the same foods over and over again. They get bored easily, and when they do, it all becomes hard.

However, in order to lose weight, you don’t have to eat foods you don’t like
Once I learned that I can eat healthy and lose weight by eating foods I really enjoy eating – everything changed for me.

I made sure my diet was packed with a bunch of tasty recipes, healthy sauces, dips, dressings, and healthy desserts.
If you want to learn more about the exact meal plan I follow, check out the Fit Girl’s Meal Plan.


Reason #2: I didn’t count calories

I know that being in a caloric deficit was how everyone is losing weight.
However, I personally never bothered to count my calorie intake or restrict my portion sizes. I just don’t like restricting myself in that way.

In my opinion, food is so much more than just a number. Food has so many other important things attached to it than just a calorie, and I believe that not all calories are the same, and not every food is automatically healthy if it’s low in calories.

Instead, I decided to just focus on eating healthy food.
I was eating healthy foods I love, and also I made sure every meal was loaded with lots of veggies and greens, to make sure I fill in the volume without adding up on calories too much.


Reason #3: I never stopped snacking

Snacking is one of those habits everyone thinks is unhealthy and just needs to be ditched when switching to a healthier diet. That’s not true.
Snacking is a crucial part of losing weight and getting fit.

For starters, snacking helps you keep the excitement going, it helps you keep full between meals, and it makes eating healthy so much fun.
You just have to make sure to make snacking a healthy habit. That’s it.

I snack as much as I want throughout the day, as long as I make sure to keep the snacks healthy.
In my FIT GIRL’S MEAL PLAN I have tons of snack recipes you can prep in minutes, so make sure to check it out!
Also, check out my article 20 Easy Healthy Snack Ideas – The Best Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss.


Reason #4: I worked out 30 minutes a day

And I did it in the comfort of my own home.
This made exercising feel exciting and easy, and not like a chore. 

Most people think they have to spend hours at the gym, or being stuck on a boring cardio machine in order to get results from working out. But, that’s not true.
You can get even better results by doing short high-intensity interval workouts, and you can do it without ever leaving your home, using minimal equipment.

Check out my workout program RADIATE for more.


Reason #5: It became my lifestyle

Eating healthy and exercising daily, along with other healthy habits I did on a daily basis, became my lifestyle.
I started doing it because I loved it, not because I had to, and that’s when everything started getting easier.

Weight loss is not a journey that has a beginning and an ending. It’s not a 3-month cleansing routine, and it’s not about being on a crash diet.
It’s a lifestyle.
And it usually is a rocky road, so you have to try and fall in love with the process, in order to keep up with it.

Once living healthy becomes your lifestyle, and becomes a part of who you are, you have succeeded.
Even if you’ve not reached your “goal weight” or your “dream body” yet.
You are hooked on bettering yourself every day and that’s all that matters.


I want to hear from you

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