As you may well know, eating bread is not that good for you. The biggest problem with bread in my opinion, is that you can easily over-eat when you have bread as a part of your meal. not to mention the high amounts of carbs and sugars. The best option is to leave the bread all-together, but this can be a really hard process for some. I fought that battle and won, but from time to time (very rarely) I want to treat my self with some healthy home-made bread goodness. So to help you with your cravings, I made a list of 5 bread recipes, that are home-made with whole grains and other healthy ingredients. I hope you’ll like these healthy bread recipes that will satisfy your cravings. Enjoy!

Beetroot Bread

This amazing recipe uses some beetroot, whole wheat flour and honey. It has an amazing earthy taste and it is pretty healthy. If you want to make this unique bread, the recipe is here.


Charcoal Powder Sourdough Bread

I made this bread few weeks ago with some white whole wheat flour, which is a healthier version that the regular flour, and it came out amazing. Every bread made has a different form and different cracks, it looks great and tastes great too. The recipe is here.


Apple & Rosemary Soda Bread

This is one amazing bread recipe. It has a very nice combination of flavors, with a bit of sweet hint from the apple. It also has a nice rustic feel to it. The recipe is here.


Whole Wheat Banana Bread With Coconut Oil

This is a healthy version of the regular banana bread, made with whole wheat and coconut oil. This recipe is really easy to make, and the end result is amazing. The recipe can be found here.


7 Easy Steps to Making an Incredible Sourdough Starter From Scratch

And this last recipe is more of a project which will help you make a delicious and healthy home-made bread with your own ingredients. The whole process lasts about 8 days, but it is worth the effort. You can check out the details over here.