Do you feel like you don’t have enough time in the day to take care of your skin? Are you tired of
using a dozen different products to try and address all of your skin concerns? If so, then this simple
skincare routine is for you. Incorporating just a few basic products, which you can explore here, into
your daily routine can help you achieve healthy and beautiful skin. Plus, it’s affordable and easy to
follow! So, what are you waiting for? Try this simple skincare routine today!

Start With a Cleanser

The first step in your skincare routine starts with using a cleanser when washing your face. Many
people tend to think that they should only wash their faces in the evenings. However, there are
benefits to washing your face in the morning.
For example, dirt and bacteria can transfer from your pillow to your face during the night. More
importantly, if you use a serum or cream as part of your evening routine, washing your face in the
morning removes this, priming your face for moisturizer.


The following step in your skincare routine would be moisturizing, and it is recommended to
moisturize twice a day. A tip from the pros would be to apply the moisturizer just shortly after you
have washed your face before it is dry. This is because damp skin helps to absorb the moisturizer
more effectively.
In addition, when using a moisturizer, you should use one indicated for your skin type. Using the
wrong moisturizer for the wrong skin type will result in skin irritation and potential breakouts.

Apply Sunscreen

If you are an active person, the one thing that you should include in your skincare routine would be
using sunscreen (this is something that you should do anyway to protect your skin from the sun’s
UV rays).
When it comes to sunscreen, you shouldn’t use a moisturizer that has SPF, you should use an actual
sunscreen for maximum results. What SPF should you aim for? It’s advisable to use sunscreen that
has a minimum SPF of 30. As mentioned above, you should find a sunscreen that complements your
skin type, since this can lead to skin irritation and breakouts.

Using Body Wipes After the Gym

As an active person, you are probably very serious about visiting the gym regularly, which is great
because exercise is good for the skin. However, if you do go to the gym, you should consider using
body wipes just to wipe your face after you have finished.
While it is true that sweating aids in removing toxins and is the body’s way of cooling you down,
sweat that dries on your skin, along with the dirt and bacteria that come along with it, can block
your pores, which will lead to breakouts.

Cleanse and Tone

Now that you have finished with everything that you need to do for the day, it is time to cleanse
again. It’s important to cleanse in the evening since, throughout the day, your face will most likely be covered by dirt, bacteria, dust, and possibly pollutants; cleansing removes this, and primes your face
for the rest of your routine.
If you have time, you should also consider using a toner. Toners further remove any makeup,
pollutants, bacteria, dust, and dirt, and give your face an extra-deep clean.

Try a Serum and Booster

If you have even more time on your hands, you should also try using a serum or booster, especially if
you aren’t seeing any actual results with your current skincare routine. Serums and boosters contain
active ingredients that your skin needs, and there are different serums and boosters for different
While these two might look similar, they are slightly different. Serums are essentially all-
encompassing, whereas boosters have much more concentrated ingredients, meaning they are

Moisturize Again

Finally, the last thing you should do before bed is apply a moisturizer again. Moisturizers give the
skin much-needed moisture and are a great way to end a skincare routine after a busy day.
Remember to try and moisturize your face when it is still slightly damp.
Some important ingredients to look for in a moisturizer would be vitamin C, ceramides, and
hyaluronic acid. These ingredients will restore lost hydration, provide antioxidants, and improve the
strength of the skin barrier.