Well, we all know that it’s very easy to forget to stretch. Actually, we often choose to forget to stretch, because we consider it as not so important. But stretching is actually one really important thing, which should come before and after our workout. The results of the stretching are not always visible, but as time passes by, you will be able to feel its results, and you will be able to see the importance of the stretching process. I already gave you the reasons why it’s so important to stretch, and now it’s time for the “how to stretch” part.

These stretches should last 5-10 minutes, or 30 seconds each. You can do all the stretches, or you can stretch only the parts you are exercising.

Lower Body Stretching

First of all it depends on what you are working out. So first, if we are doing a  lower body workout, we have a lot of work to do. If it’s our leg day or butt day we want to stretch:

The hamstrings

You can stretch the hamstrings by standing and trying to reach your feet with your legs straight, and you can do the deep side lunges. Here are some examples for hamstring stretches.




large (7)

Quadriceps Stretch

The next muscle is the quadriceps. You can stretch it this way.

large (4)


The Calves

We can stretch the calves by stretching our foot. Actually, it’s for the best if you stretch it on a stair, or you can sit down with straight legs and stretch your toes.




The Hips

For the hips you want to do the hip-flexed stretch. Here’s how you can do that



Upper Body Stretching

Arms & Shoulders

We are done with the longer part, now it’s time for the upper back stretching. We have to stretch our biceps, triceps and our shoulders. Let’s see how to do that.



large (2)

Biceps & Shoulder

large (5)

Back Stretching

And last, but not least is the back stretch. You can do the cat pose, or some of the stretches shown in the pictures. This is a very important part, so before doing back exercises you also can do the hyperextension.