Valentine’s day is almost here!

Since I’m not that romantic of a person, I figured that this is the perfect time to become one.

14th of February is that day of the year when people are taking a second to show their loved one how much they actually care for them, by preparing them series of surprises.

Starting from different kinds of presents, to fancy dinners out, people are doing all kinds of romantic nights out.

We’ve all had those one on one dates, where you get to know each other over a casual cup of coffee or a dinner out, but for this Valentine’s day, I’m thinking about a totally different date with your other half.

If you are in love with fitness, as much as I am, you are going to love these fitness date ideas.

If your boyfriend is a fitness junkie, it’s even better :)

You’re gonna surprise him a lot, by choosing some of these amazingly cute fitness inspired dates…

…And it can be really romantic, too.

So, make sure to check these amazing active date ideas, that all of you fit girls have to try.

And remember, it doesn’t have to be Valentine’s day to go on a date, right?!

Now, let’s break the cliche :)

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For a perfect fitness date, the first thing that crosses my mind is hiking.

I love the idea of going hiking with my boyfriend Mat, instead of going somewhere to eat.

It could be really fun, just there are some really important tips you have to consider.

The first thing that you should note here is that you should probably never plan a hiking date as a surprise.

Why? Well, because of the wardrobe.

You don’t have to give away the fact that it’s a hike, but definitely give some advice on the wardrobe.

When planning a hiking date, it’s also important to consider your date’s experience and fitness levels.

Obviously, you don’t want to plan a 15-mile hike through rough terrain for a date with someone who doesn’t hike very often, if at all.

So have keep these advice in mind when choosing the route in the first place.



Visiting a trampoline park together is a great way to both laugh yourself silly and move lymphatic fluid through your body.

A girl recently asked me if a trampoline can be considered as cardio.

Well, I like to say that everything that makes you sweat counts as cardio.

So, a trampolining would make one perfect active date with a calorie burning session too.

You can go on a protein smoothie right afterwards :) Yumm!



This activity is great for couples that are highly active and welcome a little challenge.

You’ve already had those one-on-one dates where you get to know each other over a casual cup of coffee or fancy dinner out, and now it’s time for something different.

Paintball is the perfect way to see the more carefree and child-like side of your partner, and see his fitness performances as well.

You’re going to love this, because you’re going to have a great time and include a lot of activity in your date.


This is the perfect time to go skiing.

It’s winter, and it’s the best time to include all of the winter sports.

It’s even better if your partner hasn’t done this before, because you can organize this as a surprise, with a personal trainer.

Your partner will love the idea of learning a new sport for sure, and you can skip the cardio day with no guilt afterwards.


Trapeze Class

Well this is something that I will seriously consider for this Valentine’s Day!

This is something that probably he or she would never think of, so this can be a real surprise.

At most specialty facilities, you can sign up for a 90 minute lesson that advances you from swinging to spinning around the bar from your hands and the backs of your knees and may even involve trapeze to trapeze transitions.

As with trampolining, the fear factor of climbing the ladder and releasing hold of your support system can release a flood of endorphin, and forge a bond between the two of you.

So if your partner likes trying out new things and excitements, this would be the perfect date for the two of you!

Ice Skating

And last, but definitely not least is my favorite one, and that is the ice skating.

I’ve dragged my boyfriend to ice skating so many times, that he’s starting to hate it.

Anyway, I really love ice skating, not only because it’s fun, but it works amazing on the legs.

This can be really romantic idea and the both of you will sweat it all off, feeling the winter magic through your whole body.

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