Strong and toned arms are the new booty – they are one of the sexiest things you can see on a girl.

They look so good when they’re all worked up, and that’s a fact.

However, it’s not easy at all to get sexy arms, it takes hard work, dedication and a whole lot of time.

But one thing you got to have if you want to tone your arms is the right exercises.

With the right exercises you can get sexy arms and better results faster.

That’s why I decided to collect the best arm exercises to help you get sexy arms for the summer.

Starting from the shoulders, going all the way through the biceps and finishing with the triceps in the back, I’m gonna give you a full guide to get sexy arms.

Let’s get started right away!


Shoulders are one of my favorite muscle groups.

They give definition to the upper body and we shouldn’t forget about them especially when it comes to toning those arms.

That’s why I want to start by outlining the best shoulders exercises that work so freaking amazing.

These exercises are actually what I call “multi-tasks” since they work different kinds of muscles at the same damn time.

Isn’t that amazing?!

1. Shoulder L Rises

This exercise targets the front and middle shoulder at the same, killing two birds with one stone.

Pick up a weight that works best for you and start lifting the right hand in front of you and the left one on the side.

Your arms should be straight.

Once you reach shoulder height start going down – the slower you go the better this exercise works.

When you finish one rep, switch the arms and rise again.

Perform 10-15 reps.

2. Shoulder Taps

I love this exercise, mainly because it works so good on those shoulders.

What you should do is stay in a plank hold with your shoulders elbows and wrists stacked, and start tapping your shoulders one by one, using the opposite hand.

The biggest challenge here is to keep your body from swinging side to side, so use your core, butt and quads to keep it as still as possible.

Once you tap the left shoulder immediately move to the right as fast as you can making sure you keep your form.

You can make it easier by keeping your legs wider or if it ever gets too challenging get down to your knees instead.

The best scenario is to do this 40 seconds to 1 minute before you rest.

3. Arnold Press

Shoulder press in general works amazing on toning those shoulders, however we’re going to spice things up with the Arnold press.

Pick up two slightly heavier dumbbells and start with the hands facing you, at about upper chest level.

As you start lifting up the dumbbells, rotate the palms of your hands till they are facing forward.

Continue raising the dumbbells till your arms are fully extended and your biceps are beside your ears.

Pause for a second at the top, then drop the dumbbells to the original position by rotating your palms towards you.

I like performing this exercise using one arm at a time, meeting the two hands in the middle of the movement, making sure the two arms are moving at the same time in different directions.

4. High Pull

Shoulder high pulls work so good in isolating those shoulders, making sure the front shoulder is on the target.

You can do this exercise pick up one heavier kettlebell or two lighter dumbbells, and hold them in the pelvic area.

From here, start pulling it up, using nothing but your shoulders – the back is straight, knees slightly bent and core tight.

Pull up as high as you can, making sure your elbows are higher than your shoulders.


The biceps is placed in front of the arm and it’s the one responsible for having those sexy and strong guns.

Biceps is not as popular among women as it is among men, however it shouldn’t by any means be left out of the picture if we’re aiming to build sexy arms.

That’s why today I’m giving you the best exercises to tone those guns and give that strong finish to your arms.

5. Biceps Curls

Curls are the best exercises when it comes to your biceps. 

It’s a classic one, but it works perfect in building stronger biceps muscle and here’s how to do it right.

Weight isn’t everything when it comes to biceps curls, the right posture is as important too.

So, make sure you keep your back straight and core tight the whole time, standing straight instead of leaning forward.

The slower you go, the harder it would be and the better this exercise will work.

If you catch yourself leaning backwards decrease your weight.

Perform this exercise in few sets with 13-15 reps.

6. Hammer Curls

Same as the regular curls, except your palms are facing your hips, in a hammer position.

Pick up two dumbbells that suit you, as start curling up.

The hammer curls are targeting the higher parts of the biceps, making sure your lower arms are engaged too.

I usually do the curls and the hammer curls as a super-set, performing one regular curl then one hammer curl and cunt it as one rep.

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And last, but definitely not least, the muscle responsible for getting rid of the love handles, its Majesty – triceps.

Triceps are placed in the back of the arm, behind the biceps, and are a must when toning those arms.

That’s why as a finisher for those sexy arms, I picked up the best triceps exercises to make them stronger and sexier.

7. Triceps Push Ups

There is not a better way to tone those triceps as with push ups.

And girls, please don’t get terrified by the thought of it because push ups are hard but there are variations to make them feel easier.

It takes months of hard work to start performing a push up with the right form, so don’t get discouraged, you’ll get there.

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You should start in a plank position, your arms a bit closer to your body than usual, your elbows in and your palms right underneath your shoulders.

Bend the elbows behind, making sure they’re tucked in, and start lowering your chest to the ground.

Nothing should touch the ground other than your chest, so make sure to keep you back straight and don’t let your hips sink in – keep them tight and up.

Strengthen your arms as you go up and back to the beginning plank position.

If it ever gets too much you can go down to your knees and do it prom there.

10-15 is the amount of reps you’re aiming for.

8. Triceps Extension

Triceps extension is a very simple yet effective exercise that extends your triceps muscles and allow it to grow and get stronger.

You can use one dumbbell or two dumbbells – one in each hand, or you can use a resistance band – either way this exercise works amazing.

Hold the dumbbell/s with extended straight arms over your head.

Your back is straight, shoulder relaxed, knees slightly bend and your core tight the whole time.

Flex your elbows and lower your forearms behind your head till they touch your biceps.

As you exhale, bring them back straight over your head to the starting position.

9. Crab Kicks

This is an exercise that works the whole body, core and legs, but targets the arms too.

Here’s how to do it:

Sit on the floor with your feet flat on the ground, about shoulder-width apart and your elbows are slightly bent.

Your hands should be under your shoulders, facing behind you and your butt off the floor – lift your hips just a few inches off the floor.

Start by raising your right hand and left leg, bringing them to touch as fast as you can.

Then, go back to the starting position and repeat it on the other side.

Do at least 15 reps.

Now Let’s Get Working!

These are the best exercises to tone your arms, get stronger and sexy upper body, shoulders, biceps and triceps.

Include these exercises in your daily routine and you’ll get great results.

Don’t forget to share these exercises with your workout buddies and spread the gospel about the best exercises to get sexy arms.

Remember, working out is more fan when done with your besties.

Monica May