Chicken drumsticks are my favorite part of the chicken!

I love making healthy chicken leg recipes. They are very yummy and juicy.

Same as the chicken breasts, they are full of protein too.

But the way you prepare the chicken drumsticks, has a major effect on how healthy they’ll be!

Breaded and fried drumsticks contain significantly more fat and cholesterol than roasted drumsticks. Taking the skin off the drumstick before eating it also improves its nutrition profile. For Example:

– Chicken drumsticks are an excellent source of protein, essential amino acids and several vitamins and minerals. In other words, they are one perfect post workout meal.

So, I wanted to show you this collection of the yummiest, healthy chicken leg recipes, for all your tasty chicken cravings.


Healthy Chicken Drumsticks with Tomatoes & Mushrooms

First up are these healthy chicken drumsticks that are out of this world. Prepared in a healthy way, these flavorful chicken legs mixed with tomatoes and mushrooms will melt in your mouth. You can find the recipe over here.

chicken drumstick recipes

Sriracha Drumsticks

If you are in to a bit more spicy food then this is the recipe for you. These hot sriracha drumsticks will definitely excite your taste buds. You can find the details over here.

Healthy Chicken Leg Recipes

Baked Moroccan-Spiced Chicken Drumsticks

I really love Mediterranean food, so these baked Moroccan, spiced chicken drumsticks had to be on this list. They are so amazing, but sure to give them a try, the recipe is here.

Healthy Chicken Leg Recipes

Chicken with Rosemary and Garlic

I love the taste of rosemary and garlic mixed together. This is a great dinner recipe, full with flavors and tenderness. It won’t take much of your time, the recipe is over here.

Healthy Chicken drumstick Recipes

Indian Spiced Chicken Drumsticks

If you like Indian food, then try these spiced chicken drumsticks prepared in an Indian way. If you want to give them a try the recipe is here.


Honey Soy Sauce Chicken Drumsticks

If you are up for a quick and simple healthy chicken leg recipes, then this one is perfect for you. Also it is very delicious, no one can resist them. The recipe can be found here.

Honey Soy Glazed Chicken recipe

Raspberry Chicken Drumsticks Recipe

If you want to try something new and interesting, go with these raspberry chicken drumsticks. They have very interesting mix of flavors, you can find the recipe here.

Healthy Chicken Leg Recipes

Spicy Korean Chicken Drumsticks Recipes

This is a very interesting Korean recipe. It is spicy chicken drumsticks mixed with few other ingredients, which add up to a delicious and healthy chicken leg recipe.

Oven Fried Korean Drumsticks delicious

Meyer Lemon Roast Chicken

This is definitely my favorite roasted chicken recipe. It is so simple and yet so delicious and rich with flavors. Also it is quite healthy and nutritious. The detailed recipe is over here.

Healthy Chicken Leg Recipes oven

Chicken with Prunes

I bet you’ve never tried anything like this before. It is a very interesting recipe. It is basically chicken legs with dried plum on top of them, you can’t even imagine how good it tastes, the recipe is over here.


Crispy Chicken & Root Veggies Skillet

If you want the healthiest and most delicious option, then this is it. This mix of crispy chicken and root veggies in skillet is amazing. Very delicious stuff. The recipe is here.

skillet chicken drumstick recipe

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