Do you drink enough water?! 

Especially when you’re daily active and you’re working out.

You should be drinking 64 ounces of water a day.

It sounds like a lot, but what if you had the best water bottle ever.

One that can handle the right amount of water needed for the day, and have some extra words of motivation too.


Well, get ready for the best motivational water bottles ever!

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These are not ordinary sports bottles.

These are actually the ultimate motivational water bottles that help you stay hydrated and motivated through the whole day.

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I ordered them from the Motivational Bottle.

With a  unique timeline to help you keep track of your water intake, these are actually the best ones I’ve ever had.

The range from 27 oz to 32 oz really easily fits your needs.

So if you are looking for a new water bottle that will keep track of your daily water intake or just a little motivation, you’re at the right place.

How I Found Out About Them

Actually after making the Christmas post The Best 11 Christmas Gift Ideas For Every Fitness Junkie, many girls wrote me about this motivational sports water bottle.

I said to myself why not give these girls what they want?!

So here they’re the best printed drink bottles you can ever imagine!

I ordered 3 for myself, so here they are.

Twist Top Inspiring Bottle

First of all, I ordered the fan’s favorite, best selling bottle, the “Be Strong you never know who you are inspiring” bottle.

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motivational water bottles

Well it is really amazing and motivating!


  • A large opening to fill bottle with water and to drink from
  • Twist off lid
  • BPA-free Plastic!

Product capacity

  • 32 oz.

This twist top gym water bottle is actually one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever seen.

Starting from the motivational quote, then the plastic that feels like glass, and in the end the amazing timeline to help you keep track of your water intake.

Just stunning!

It’s obvious that it’s the best selling product of the store.

It’s probably the best water bottle I’ve ever had!

water bottles printed drink bottles running water bottle

The Straw Water Bottle

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gym water bottle

This is the perfect bottle to take from work to the gym or even in the car.

The straw is a convenient way for no more spills!


  • copolyester bottle
  • flip-up straw
  • silicone grip
  • carrying loop

Product capacity

  • 30 oz.

I love the quote, it says “Sore Today Strong Tomorrow”.

It could be used as a running water bottle too, and it’s the best custom drink bottle I’ve ever seen!

sports water bottlesports water bottlescustom drink bottles

Infuser Drink Bottle

And the third one is one of my personal favorites, the infuser drink bottle.

It’s one unique product from these amazing personalized drink bottles.

This bottle water infuser allows you to add your favorite fruits in it.

You’re gonna love this one too.

So, I hope you liked these motivational water bottles I got for you today.

Don’t forget to add the discount code FITGIRL5 to get 5% discount!

You can order them here:

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