Living in an era of smart phones and all that smart stuff, we are almost occupied with our phones. So, when we take them everywhere we go, we can consider using them in our fitness life too. This is because, there are millions of apps that can help you in a way to get stronger, healthier and fitter! So, in that sea of fitness apps, I decided to get the best smart phone apps, that I’ve actually tried, and I really liked. So, check them out, and I hope you’ll find them helpful and interesting. So here are the 5 fitness apps, you got to try!

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Nike Training Club

This app has 4+ stars, and it is the training app for the world’s biggest female fitness community. You can choose individual workouts, or you can select a targeted, structured 4-week program, to help you get lean, toned and strong. Girl, you got to have this app on your smart phone.

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Adidas MiCoach

Well, this app will turn your phone into a fitness personal trainer. Adidas’s app, MiCoach will become your smart running companion on your Android phone. It has also 4+ stars, and the new version is full of upgraded and better designed stuff. So, got to try it!

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CardioTrainer Pro

With this you go beyond CardioTrainer, and become a real Pro! It’s easy to get started, easy to follow, and easy to understand. All you need it’s the desire for change, the motivation to get started, and the will to succeed and this app becomes your perfect assistant.

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Interval Trainer GO Matrix

The interval trainings are really important, because they give you the best results and often lives up to that old chestnut. So this app will give you the opportunity to get that interval training. And again, 4+ stars, to get a confirmation on the greatness of this app.

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And last, but not least, my personal favorite, JEFIT Pro. JEFIT Pro is actually the ultimate FREE fitness, bodybuilding and workout trainer for all individuals looking for that extra step and motivation to get back into the gym and achieve their fitness goals. So this is what you need my dear fit girls!

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