Good for You and the Environment Too

There is a new sensation sweeping the nation, and it is all about whipping yourself and the environment into shape. Have you heard the word about plogging? This hottest new exercise trend got its start in Sweden, but is hitting America in a big way. So what exactly is plogging? It is very simple really, it is simply jogging with a trash bag and the intent to pick up garbage.

That’s right. In this age people are not just concerned with their own well-being, but the well-being of others and the planet as a whole as well. Plogging is a powerful motivator to help you get into shape and save the planet at the same time.

How it All Started

So how did this smart fitness craze get started anyway? The plogging trend began when Erik Ahlstrom moved into the Swedish capital Stockholm. When he arrived at the capitol he was a bit dismayed, there was trash everywhere. This was a far cry from what he was used to living in the breathtaking vistas of his old ski resort home.

So he decided that instead of complaining about the garbage, he was going to do something about it. He started to pick up trash on his routine jogs. After a while he realized that he would need help if he really wanted to impact the area. This inspired him to start the Plogga website, where he got others to join in.

Part of the appeal of plogging is that it burns more calories than conventional jogging. A jog burns about 235 calories every 30 minutes, whereas plogging can burn approximately 300 calories every 30 minutes. Plogging has also turned out to be a great motivator for many, as the incentive of helping the planet also helps them stick with their routine too.

Plogging Round the World

While plogging may have gotten its start in Sweden, it certainly is not staying there. Plogging groups are assembling all over the world, especially in Europe. Scandinavia, Germany, and many other countries are getting hip to the power of plogging.

The exercise phenomenon has become so popular that even the slow to move United States is getting involved as well. There is just so much appeal for many to be able to get themselves into shape along side with their planet as well.

Plog Away

There have been so many positive experiences reported with plogging. Not only does it make people feel good that they are getting the exercise they need, but they are cleaning up their neighborhood and the planet too. While it can be nasty business, it is very rewarding as well.

There is a stunning amount of trash even in the cleanest of areas. People throw cigarette butts, diapers, bottle caps, styrofoam drinking containers. So while plogging can be fun and healthy, be sure to be properly prepared by wearing gloves or using a picker. This way you can stay hygenic and whip the Earth and yourself into shape at the same time.