Do you get derailed from your fitness goals easily?

One moment you promise yourself you’ll eat healthier and work out daily, and the next one you’re watching a movie with a bowl of chips in your hands.

Don’t worry because sabotaging myself was my specialty too, and I was not the only one:

66% of people that set a fitness goal or make a resolution, quit within one month.

But not you.


Because I have served you one of my top secret ingredients in maintaining a healthy and fit life, and that is planning.

It’s probably the main reason why I’ve been so committed and organized and somehow always find time to cook my own food and sneak in that daily workout.

The main reason lies in making a plan.

Wondering how can a plan help you lose weight and get fit?

Well, easy – it’s all up to the one simple psychological rule:

If you ink it, you’ll do it!

So I started having my own fitness and health journal, by writing down everything I ate, drank and worked out.

I planned my meals ahead too, tracking my water intake, progress and results.

Seeing it all on paper helped me realize my late night snack was actually a big of a deal since I was doing it almost every single night especially on days when I wasn’t working out.

I started noticing stuff I never knew were related, so by tracking them I finally managed to minimize and kick them on a straight road.

Today I’ll guide you through every single planning step and help you organize to lose weight and live healthier.

I’ll even give you my fitness planning starter kit FOR FREE, my free monthly planner printable sheets to guide you while I am working on my ultimate fitness diary, you all will be getting by the end of the month.

Let’s get started!

What should you plan and track?

First of all let’s list it all up by asking the question “What should we plan?”

Here’s what I usually plan and track:

  • Meals
  • Grocery shopping
  • Workouts
  • Results
  • Hydration
  • Habits
  • Goals

In my starter kit I’m giving you my monthly Meal Planner, Shopping List and Workout Tracker FOR FREE, but before downloading my free monthly planner printable sheets take a few minutes to read my planning guide.

Plan and Track Meals

Food is one of the first things we have to change if we want to get fit and healthy.

What you eat is really important, so we have to make sure to keep it as healthy as possible.

And when it comes to cooking our meals, we always seem to lack the time needed to cook and we end up eating something on the stand or order some junk.

That’s why meal planning is super important.

When you plan your meals ahead, you’ll have time to get the ingredients, make sure you’re not leaving out anything important from the macro nutrients, and you’ll manage to organize yourself and make time to cook it.

One important fact here is not only planning your meals, but tracking them too.

This is because daily changes in your diet are as important as the changes in your workout.

By keeping track of what you eat and when, you’ll know exactly what you give to your body on daily basis.

You’ll keep track of your cheat meals and late night snacks you shouldn’t have, so you’ll know how to control, manage, and avoid them next time.

So, don’t forget to download my FREE meal planning printable and start organizing yourself right NOW!

Plan a grocery shopping

Now, when you figured out what you’ll eat, it’s time for the grocery list.

You’ll have to make a proper shopping list with everything you need to get for your healthy beginning.


You’ll get the shopping list in my free monthly planner printable, with every food group you’ll need to pay attention to when shopping for groceries!


It happens to all of us – forgetting to drink anything for hours, even though we feel thirsty.

This is not good, especially if you’re trying to lose weight and get healthy!

Water plays a big role in our everyday lives and staying hydrated is crucial for the whole body.  

Water is responsible for absorbing and transporting the vitamins, storing carbohydrate in your liver and muscle tissue, aiding digestion, transporting and removing waste products in the blood, keeping your immune system functioning properly…

Proper hydration is important for your brain activity, it affects your physical performances and the overall metabolism, ESPECIALLY if you’re an active person.

That’s why I like to keep it up to 6 glasses of pure water a day.

It might make me visit the restroom quite often but it helps me feel fresh, energized and clear.

Since there are days when I am so busy that I forget about hydrating and go through the day with only a glass or two, I decided to track my hydration to make it a habit.

And it worked!

I made a hydration tracker in order to track the number of glasses of water I drink through the day, and you’re getting it in the planner that’s COMING SOON.

So, don’t forget to subscribe while downloading my FREE monthly planner printable, to get it first!

Plan and Track Workout

The next most important thing after your diet is the workout you perform on daily basis.

Workout and diet always go together and they just can’t live one without the other.

If you really want to get organized and always make time for training, you should ink it and track it.

So I usually plan my whole week in advance, because I find my workouts to be more effective when I go prepared.

Not knowing what to do is a big barrier for doing anything at all and you can avoid this easily by making a strategy.

What you can plan is:

  • Exercises you’ll perform
  • Paring the muscle groups
  • Duration of training session
  • Time of workout
  • How many times per week, etc.

I usually plan my training sessions by writing down the exercises I want to perform for the day, here is how it looks:

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating a sound and effective workout plan, but hopefully it gives you some ideas to get started and progress on your fitness journey.

Track your results

Well what’s better motivation than seeing your results?

What you’ve accomplished is inspiring, motivating, and most important of all it’s the confirmation that you’re doing everything right.

If your efforts match your results – you’re one step closer to crushing down your goal!

And the best way to keep track of your results is with a measure tape.

That’s right!

Body measurements show you the exact results you’ve achieved and they are the best indicators that tell you if you’re are doing everything right.

Here’s what you should measure:  

  • Waist
  • Bust
  • Hips
  • Tights
  • Arms and
  • Calves.

By tracking your results in these areas you’ll see your results on paper.

Measuring yourself once a month is more than enough – I usually do it at the beginning of every month and elaborate my results.

Habits tracker

Healthy lifestyle is build step by step, habit by habit.

If you remember my New Year resolution plan, I made a list of 12 habits you should change if you want to get healthy this year.

Make sure to check it out to get some ideas you would like to work on.

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Track your goals

Finally, there’s nothing better than seeing your goals achieved!

Unfortunately, we often set our goals and then after a week or two we forget about them.

So in order to always keep our goals in mind, we should write them down and try to achieve them in a time frame.

This way, you’ll give your best to fulfill it and you’ll finally see some results.

When I started my fitness diary, I realized that many of my goals depend on what I eat and workout, my habits and my everyday choices.

Ink everything nice girls, and you’ll start reaching results, pound by pound, inch by inch, habit by habit, goal by goal!

Meet a new you, be the best version of yourself!


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Happy planning girls! :)