Cardio workouts are important for heart health and are also a must do if you’re trying to lose weight. Even if you are not trying to lose weight, you have to do cardio now and then, because it is important for your heart, and it speeds up your metabolism too. Whether you’re running, fast walking, jumping on a rope, or hopping on a bike, you have to know some important tips, that will maximize your results, and will improve your cardio workout.



Use Your Hands While Doing Cardio Workout

When doing the cardio workout, such as, jumping on a rope, or running, or doing cardio on the Orbitreak, you have to include your arms. But, many forms of cardio are all about the legs, so when possible, maximize your cardio time by focusing on working your arms as well. For example, swing them while running, get creative with your arm strokes while in the pool.. This is important if you want to make full body cardio workout.

cardio workout


Don’t Push It Too Hard

Don’t push it too hard while doing cardio. For example, run slower, but a little longer. It is better to have a cardio training that last longer, because it burns more calories. By doing longer and not too pushy cardio, you make the fat melt.


Keep The Pace Steady

If your goal is body fat reduction and losing fat, you should prefer steady pace cardio workout over interval training  than you should do your cardio workout at less than 60% of your MHR. You can use a smart phone app (like FitDay), or a heart rate monitor to record distance, pace and calories burned.


Do more than two types of cardio

The success is in changes. So make sure you change your cardio workouts now and then. For example, one day do a fast walking on the track, then the next day ride a bike, or run. You will see really soon that the results will increase. Also, it helps you to build overall body strength and endurance, and to prevent repetitive stress injuries.

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Do The Cardio Workout Right After The Weights Training

It is a mistake to do cardio before the weight lifting training. You shouldn’t waste your energy on cardio. It comes after the weights lifting training, because that way, you burn more calories.

cardio workout

Do Cardio Workouts To Start Your Day

It is a great idea, to start your day with cardio workout. Wake up in the morning, and do a 20 min cardio routine, and then have your breakfast. You will get more results, because, your body will directly burn only the fat of your body, and not the energy from the meal firs.

cardio workout