The first step to losing weight and getting fit is to have a workout plan.

A good quality exercising program that will give you a guide through all that you need to do to get to your goal.

If you’re wondering how to tone your body, you have to know that a good workout plan is a necessity.

Because of that, I have the best toning workout program for you!how to tone your body

After I guided you through the Weight Loss Workout Program, now it’s time for the body toning workout plan.

If you have weight to lose, but your goal is to tone some muscles too, this plan is what you need.

Actually it’s split workout program.

Split training is a great exercising technique, that is working on one body part, or one muscle group at a time.

You can combine the muscle groups, but they should contain only one bigger muscle group.

The only rule is that the bigger muscle group is trained first, for example, if you have chest and biceps, you should do chests first and then biceps, or if you have back and triceps, your back should come first, and then the triceps.

By doing one muscle group at a time, you can focus on that muscle group, and by doing that you give great definition and shape to your muscles.

You’ll lift more, and by doing that your muscles will feel the change fast and will start getting toned and curved.

For all of you girls out there, that want to lose fat and tone their muscles, here’s the best toning plan for you!

toning workout planThis is actually the workout program that helped me change my life!

I used it myself, and it got me great results.

This workout program is a great choice if  you want to look not just skinny, but toned, strong and sexy!

The amount of cardiovascular exercises are a little bit shorter here, and the accent is on strength training.

So you’re gonna get sculpted body with curves and toned muscles!

Now let’s head on to the toning workout plan!

the best workout program for women - breaking fat formula

Ps: This girl in the picture is Mia, a friend of mine.

She started doing this workout program, and after a few months her body started changing.

It got toned and sexier, as you can see for yourself.

Don’t wait a second girl, you can change your life too!


Tone Your Body Workout Plan

  • Day 1: Chest (4 exercises) + Biceps (3 exercises) + Cardio (30 min)
  • Day 4: Shoulders (5 exercises) +  Cardio (30 min)
  • Day 5: Cardio (1 hour)
  • Day 6: Rest

Important Notes:How To Tone Your Body

Cardio workouts are important!

They go right after the strength training – never before it.

They’ll help you maximize the fat burn and get better results!

Also, you can add ABS workouts in any day by your choice.

Stretch at the end of every single training!

One exercise should contain 3-4 sets with about 10-13 reps.

Start slow, and light in the first month, but as time goes by don’t forget to put on some weights and make it really challenging!


And  one more really important fact:


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Fit body is made in the kitchen!

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