Your lips could be beautiful under high-quality shades. They could speak volumes about your personality and style. But do you love how they look without makeup? Are they healthy that you can pose without wearing lipstick? If yes, well and good. However, if you think your lips are extremely dry, chipped, swollen, red, or have blisters, it’s time to stop masking them with shades and begin researching why.

Your body parts work closely, and each can indicate the state of your general health. Suppose your lips condition keeps recurring. The issue could be with your internal organs or immune system. Continue reading to learn what your lips say about your health.

Allergic Reaction

Many reasons can cause your lips to appear swollen. For example, if you’ve had lip augmentation, your lips could swell but later improve. Consuming spicy foods can also result in swollen lips, but the condition should improve without any reason to seek medical attention. 

However, if you’ve not had any lip treatment or eaten spicy foods, but your lips are swollen, it could be an allergic reaction from cosmetics or food. In most cases, swollen lips result from inflammation or too much fluid under the lip skin. If you think your swollen lips could be signifying an allergic reaction, visiting a reputable doctor is vital since the condition can worsen within a short while. In severe cases, allergic reactions on the lips might interfere with your breathing and cause an itchy throat leading to significant discomfort.

You Could Be Anemic

While lips color differs depending on complexion, race, and other factors, the correct color for healthy lips should be reddish-pink or brown. If your lips appear pale or white, it could be early signs of anemia. Anemic individuals lack enough red blood cells or hemoglobin. This element is vital in the human body since it’s the primary component of red blood cells responsible for securing oxygen. Suppose you don’t have enough hemoglobin. Your lips will likely turn pale. Fortunately, you can prevent this condition by consuming foods with lots of iron, such as spinach, dried fruits, and other plant-based foods.


Many people experience dry or chapped lips for various reasons. Nevertheless, the most common culprit for this condition is dehydration. Therefore, if your lips appear dryer than usual, it could be a sign of dehydration. In that case, consider drinking enough water daily instead of applying layers of jelly or lip balm.

Experts advise grownups to take at least six to eight-ounce glasses of water daily to remain hydrated. Nevertheless, the amount of water you take might depend on your occupation and the day’s temperatures.

Herpes Simplex Virus Infection

Your lips can also indicate the presence of the herpes simplex virus in your body. This virus causes painful blisters to form near the lips. These blisters are commonly known as cold sores and are treatable. Cold sores are triggered by stress, weather, and other illnesses. Though their symptoms differ from one person to another, many people are likely to experience tiny blisters, pain, and itchiness around the lips.

Cold sores are transmittable; keeping your distance is vital to avoid spreading them to your loved ones. That said, abstain from kissing and sharing utensils like cups, glasses, and spoons. These blisters can last up to a week, while the dark spot may last for three weeks before clearing. While cold sores improve independently, experiencing them frequently calls for professional attention. Suppose your cold sores last for over 15 days. In that case, you should visit a doctor for further tests and treatment.


As stated above, your lips can reveal the state of your mind. Some people notice the presence of blisters on their lips whenever they’re stressed. These blisters are similar and generally referred to as cold sores. These sores are painful and identical to those women develop during their monthly period. Blisters on the lips can also indicate a poor immune system. Whenever you develop blisters on your lips, revisit your mental status and take necessary steps, like practicing yoga, to minimize stress levels.


Many people view their lips as body parts that enhance their beauty. For this reason, thousands are opting for lip treatments to improve shape, size, and mass. They also go the extra mile to invest in cosmetic products to beautify lips further.

Unfortunately, many people don’t take their lips’ health seriously, with most turning to lip balms and jellies to improve lip conditions. Your lips could also be communicating about something serious happening in your body, as listed in this article. Therefore, the next time you experience swollen, red, itchy, or dry lips, consult your doctor to determine the cause before it’s too late.