You may visit the gym daily and do a bunch of booty workouts, yet, when you look at your booty, you can’t see a bigger change.

Is this happening to you? Your glutes can’t seem to grow as fast as you want them to, or at all?

No worries babe, I got you!

First of all, this is a perfectly normal issue, in fact, we are all on that same struggle bus when it comes to growing bigger booty.

The good thing is, we know that this is probably happening because of a few reasons.

That’s why today I’ll be going through the top 10 reasons why your glutes aren’t growing.

We’ll go together through the reasons that may be causing this problem, plus I’ll give you my solution along the way.

Let’s not waste any more time, and get started!

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Why Your Glutes Aren’t Growing?

1. You Are Doing Hundreds of Reps

When it comes to fitness in general, there is one simple rule – it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality.

And these trends of doing hundreds of crunches to shape the abs, are not skipping the booty either.

Often I see girls at the gym doing so many reps of squats and deadlifts, and yet they expect their booty to grow.

In reality, doing a million squats, or a million hip thrusts won’t help your booty grow.
This may help you burn more fat, and warm up the muscles, however, your booty will need to be challenged a bit more, meaning weights and a whole lot of different exercises.

We’ll get there in a while.

2. You Are Afraid Of Heavy Weights

Our muscles are used to the daily activities sitting down and up from a chair, or walking up the stairs, that they need to be challenged a bit more in order to really make a change.

And a way to push them to the limits and beyond is by using heavy weights.

By adding that extra weight when doing lunges or squats or hip thrusts, you are making sure your muscles are engaged to the maximum.

Your whole body is used to your own body weight since obviously, you are carrying it every second of every moment of your life.

So, in order to make things spicier and help that booty to make a change, you should add up on the weight.

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3. You Are Doing The Same Exercises Over And Over Again

Your glutes are a complex muscle group.

They are made out of many muscles, out of which the biggest 3 are: the biggest one Gluteus Maximus, partway under it is the Gluteus Medius, and under the medius is the Gluteus Minimus.

Now, in order to make that booty grow, you have to make sure to engage all of the muscles.
And if you are doing the same exercises over and over again, the chances are you are not doing it.

Like any other muscle in the body, the booty needs to be trained from various angles and dimensions so it can really pop out and grow bigger.

Don’t get me wrong, squats, deadlifts, lunges, and hip thrusts work amazingly well on your glutes.
However, don’t let your muscles get used to them, and do different variations to spice up your training.

So, vary your exercises, and shock your glutes with a totally different move every single training, to work each of the 3 main muscles along with the many other smaller, supporting muscles.

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4. You Are Not Activating Your Glutes

And we can activate them simply by warming them up.

Check out my glute activation warm-up on YouTube right now!

This glute activation warm-up is only 6 minutes.

You should do it before your glute workout to activate or turn on your glute muscles.

When you warm up, you are actually firing up your glute muscles, so that they are ready to get in the target.

If you follow my workout plan RADIATE, you already know how important warming up those muscles is.

Other than making sure you don’t injure yourself, this makes sure your legs don’t take over the training.

This means that simply by doing a few warm-up moves such as air squats, lunges, or glute kicks before your workout, you are activating them before your workout has even started.

Check out my article > MY GLUTE ACTIVATION WORKOUT PLAN + BEST GLUTE ISOLATION EXERCISES to learn more about how to activate your glutes while working out!

5. You Don’t Use A Booty Band

As I said before, what happens most of the time is the legs take over the whole tension when doing a certain exercise such as squatting or deadlifting.

That’s why you have to make sure to activate the booty during the exercise and make it take over the training.

And one way to do that is to use a booty band.

This piece of plastic works SO good when it comes to activating your muscles during the workout.
I use it a lot in my workout program.

Just wrap it around your calves and do a heavyweight squat whit it, and you’ll see the difference in a matter of reps.

It doesn’t even have to be a high-resistance one – even the lightest one would do the trick.

6. You Don’t Squeeze Your Glutes While Exercising

Another way to make sure you are activating your glutes properly during the workout is by making sure to squeeze your booty at the end of every rep.

I know this may not look the best, especially if you are working out in the gym, but trust me what matters is that it would look pretty afterward since it helps grow your glutes like nothing else.

This means that when you are doing squats, for example, you should finish the rep by squeezing the booty as hard as possible.

This is good for so many reasons.

First, you make sure to keep the form right, protecting your back and leaving no room for injuries.

You are also activating your glutes, making sure to target every single muscle of that booty, and that’s how you know you are doing the full range of the movement by really engaging the right muscles during your training.

I always finish with a booty squeeze on exercises such as Russian swing, deadlifts, thrusters, and of course, squats.

That’s how I know I’ve finished the rep in the full range of motion, before going for the next one.

I explain why squeezing your glutes is so important in my YouTube video, check it out:

7. You Are Not Eating Enough

Glutes are muscles.
And what your muscles need in order to grow, is food.

I’ve talked about this so many times, your muscles are breaking down while you are working out, and the bond that rebuilds them and helps them grow stronger after each training is protein.

After your workout the muscles are exhausted, they have lost all of their energy and they need fuel fast, to be able to grow stronger.

Your muscles will not grow if you don’t feed them.

So, you should eat a quality meal right after every training.
This means high protein, clean and healthy meal, to help your muscles including your booty, grow bigger and stronger.

As long as you have your macros on point, you are making sure to fuel your body the right way.

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8. You Are Not Giving Yourself Time

Muscles don’t grow overnight (unfortunately).

It takes months to make a change on your body, especially if you want to grow a muscle.

So, make sure to focus on your training and don’t obsess too much with the time range, because the time will pass faster than you think.

Just give yourself time to let the change happen.

Giving up won’t speed up the process for sure, so make sure to be patient and consistent.

In the end, Rome wasn’t built in one day, so don’t even try to lose belly fat fast because there are no shortcuts.

If you’re doing everything right, you’ll eventually get there, the only key here is consistency.

It may take months or even years to get results, but if you stick to being smart in the kitchen and effective in the gym, you’ll see results, I promise.

9. You Are Comparing Yourself To Another Girl

Stop doing this ASAP.

First things first, we are not all built the same way, and that’s why you should try and be realistic about your expectations and remember that each and everybody is different.

You can’t expect to get the booty of your favorite fitspo, since first of all, you don’t have the exact same body and genetics as they do.

That “Brazilian butt” we all crave for, is called “Brazilian” for a damn good reason. We’re not all Brazilians, we all have different body types and shapes.

Also, things are not always as they seem on the internet.

My point is, that we all look different and we’re all beautiful in our own ways and we shouldn’t let IG or any other social media make us feel bad about ourselves!

You shouldn’t obsess with getting the booty of your fitspo, instead, obsess with improving your own.

10. You Don’t Have The Genes

Even if you look hot and fit, you are into fitness for years now, you haven’t skipped training and you are doing everything right, you still may end up struggling to grow your booty. 

Girl, that’s totally fine. Some of us just don’t have the genes to be born with big booty, and that’s totally fine.

It’s literally the same as some of us are born with a bigger nose than others, or some of us are born with bigger boobs than others (that’s me), and some of us are born with smaller hips and booty.

We are all different and unique and that’s the whole point – being your own beautiful.

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And just because your booty isn’t bigger, doesn’t mean you are not sexy or beautiful.

You are a freaking firework, girl!

You are fierce, fabulous, and fit, and keep doing whatever you do and keep becoming a better version of yourself day after day.

Love yourself more, because you are you and that is your superpower.


So, Let’s Sum It Up

My Solution!!

  1. Don’t do hundred reps
    Instead do fewer reps using heavy weights.
  2. Don’t do the same exercises
    There are so many glutes exercises and training sessions, so make sure to change up your routine daily.
  3. Don’t forget to warm up
    Do some glute activation moves to warm those muscles up – also use a booty band and squeeze your glutes while working out.
  4. Don’t try to spot train
    You have to work on your body as a whole piece. Doing only booty exercises won’t work – start a full body workout routine, adding an accent to your glutes.
  5. Don’t forget about your diet
    Muscles are made in the kitchen. Start fueling your muscles right, and they will provide you with results.
  6. Don’t rush it out
    It’s a slow process, you cannot get fit or build muscles overnight.
  7. Don’t compare yourself to strangers on the internet!!!
    You are different, your body is different, and that’s the beauty of it. Don’t ever wish you were someone else. Learn to love and work on the body you have – it’s unique, it’s beautiful and the only home you have!


I really hope I helped you learn how to grow your glute muscles.

Let me know if this helped you by leaving me a comment in the comment section bellow.

Till next time, babe!

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