With so many fitness “experts” out there, it is very easy for one to get confused. Now in the days where anyone can call themselves a fitness expert, we have trouble knowing what is accurate and what isn’t. With this plethora of contradicting and sometimes even dangerous tips, what are we supposed to believe? I’ve done the research for you and looked at information from leading exercise physiologists, personal trainers and fitness sources. Here is a look at the top five most common misleading fitness tips out there.

The Worst Misleading Fitness Tips

If women lift heavy, they will get bulky

This myth just won’t go away. You should learn ones and for all that most of the women, don’t have the hormones and the muscle mass needed, to get bulky. So don’t worry girls, you can not get too bulky. If you believe in this, you are making a mistake, because that way you are not pushing yourself hard enough. Light training, light results.

The Worst Misleading Fitness Tips

Cardio is better for your body than strength training

Not true at all. Both are necessary for your well-rounded healthy lifestyle. Each possess amazing benefits and when used in conjunction with each other, optimum health and strength.

The Worst Misleading Fitness Tips

Machines are better than free weights

False. The method of weight lifting that you should use in the gym depends on your goals, according to Livestrong. Both machines and free weights have benefits. Both methods improve your muscular system and help get you into great shape.

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Working out 2-3 days a week is more than enough

So false! You have to exercise at least 4-5 times a week, to have results. So, don’t rest that much!

The Worst Misleading Fitness Tips

Flat ABS Are Result of ABS Exercises

False, false, false! Girls, you won’t get flat ABS, by doing ABS exercises. You can get them if you sweat a lot. That means that you should do cardio almost every day. Also, you should cut of the unhealthy food, and start eating clean. The ABS exercises come in the end.

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