I often see people wearing the wrong clothes at the gym. They may not be aware of the fact that they are not wearing it right, but what they really don’t know is that the clothes can affect the workout.
We should all think about it a little bit, before we grab the first t-shirt that comes in our hands. So, I am going to give you a list of what not to wear at the gym, the worst workout clothes that can mess up your workout. Let’s get started!


1. 100% Cotton Clothing

Workout wear made with 100-percent cotton fabric is a bad idea to wear at the gym. This fiber may seem like a cool and comfortable option, but on the other side, cotton absorbs moisture and is slow to dry. So your sweat will literally stick with you while you workout. Aside from weighing you down, these clothes can cause chills and skin irritation or body breakouts. There are fit dry clothes for a reason, so if you can’t afford to buy some for the gym, try avoiding 100% cotton.


2. Unsupportive Sports Bras

Well, this is one more of the “what not to wear”, and this one is 100% for us! Girls, you cannot workout if your bra is not supporting your “girls”, and you cannot workout if they are trapped in a regular bra too. Unsupportive bra can make you lose focus on the workout because you’ll be irritated in the chest area.

And that’s not only for the ones with bigger breasts, but for every girl out there. I am a 70 A the smallest bra that exists, and believe me, I get distracted and uncomfortable when I workout without my sport bra.
So pick it carefully and don’t forget to get it on before you go to the gym.


3. Worn-out Footwear

I was seriously thinking to put this in my latest post 5 Things You Should Never Do In The Gym >>>
That is inappropriate and rude, but also it can mess up your workout. Deteriorated soles and arch supports can keep you from establishing a solid base when standing on a slick studio floor and may even damage joints. This means that you should seriously consider buying new trainers just for the gym, and being extra careful when doing that.

If you already have your gym trainers, don’t wear them outside the gym, even if you are going for a run. They can be damaged, and they’ll get dirty, and imagine what would happen if everybody was entering in the workout space with their worn out trainers.

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4. Inappropriate Underwear

First of all I can’t imagine being comfortable laying on the beach in a thong and not to mention working out in it. That’s a whole new level of vanity at the gym. If you know you are going to be spending time at the gym, you should bring appropriate undergarments. No push-up bras and most important of all, no thongs!

There are several, very good reasons not to wear your thong while you work out too. Other than being uncomfortable and ruin your workout, you can get an infection, because rectal bacteria can travel along the thong to your vagina, which can cause vaginal and urinary tract infections. And you are sweating, warm and sweaty – the perfect home for any bacteria.


They can cut off some circulation to the vaginal area, and that goes for underwear that is too tight as well.
So girls, please, I’ve seen you, don’t be worried about the way you look at the gym – you are making body there, so don’t worry about a visible panty line. Who cares?! We all look nasty, gross and fat at the gym, but that’s the point, right, to sweat it all and fell pretty afterwards.

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Baggy Clothes

You shouldn’t be to tight, but you shouldn’t be baggy either. Wearing too much material in the gym is a safety hazard. If you have something very baggy on, it can get in the way of what you’re doing, or it can get snagged and caught on something.
It’s also harder to see your body’s alignment, posture, and movements when you’re not sporting with fitted clothing, and that can cause another safety risk.

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