Pull up, is an exercise that I recommend every time you have a back training. It works really nice for your back muscles, and makes them stronger than ever. They tone faster and the pop out and get stronger. Pull ups are one very effective exercise, and it would be a pity to ignore it, when the benefits are countless.

By every single pull up, you are using your own body weight, which is a real calorie burner. It’s really hard, but with the proper training you’ll get there. I’m gonna give you some tips to improve yourself and do pull ups. It’s hard, but it’s possible, so stay with me and focus. Let’s get started!

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Build Strength

You have to build strength before you even try to do a pull up. The thing is, as you’re getting stronger and stronger, you are improving in many aspects, and one of them are the body weight exercises such as push ups and pull ups.

They can only be done when you’ve already activated the muscles needed, and when you’ve become stronger in the bigger picture. So before you start doing pull ups, make sure to build some strength first. Not only your arm muscles, but back and shoulder muscles.


Work On Your Mobility

Pull ups begin as all movements do, and that is with a proper mobility. For a pull up, you must start in a dead hang position with active shoulders. It’s a movement that involves your back, shoulders and arms, so mobility is definitely a thing you should work on.

Do Pull Ups


Once you open up the mobility to dead hang properly, you need to start spending time on the bar. Dead hangs for time are an effective way to build shoulder stability and grip strength and that is definitely what you need to improve in order to make that pull up happen. So let yourself hang on a bar once in a while, because once you can hang in this position in a controlled manner, you can start with the pulling motions.


Focus On The Form

Your body can adapt well in one way at a time. It’s really hard to increase the strength and endurance at the same time. If your goal is to do a pull up, then focus on getting it right, with the right form, and you’ll focus on the reps later. Don’t count, just make sure you’re doing it right even if it’s just one rep.

Here’s a little guide how to do it right Do Pull Ups Right.

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Get Some Help

Get someone to help you while you workout. Rather it is your trainer, or someone that’s having a pause between the sets, just ask for help. By puling your legs up a little bit, they will help you make it easier through the movement, so after a few times with a help, you’ll be able to do one on your own.

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