When you first decide to start losing weight, you start running into thousands of guides suggesting you to do this or do that.

Just ask anyone for advice and they’ll start bragging about the things you should do to shred those pounds.

Well the truth is, with the information overload nowadays it’s not unusual that everyone has something to say about losing weight.

The thing is, people will do almost anything to lose weight fast, even things they don’t have to do

And it all may look legit on first sight, but actually there are countless myths about weight loss and things that everyone says you have to do if you want to lose weight, when in real life you’ll do just fine without them too.

I’m not saying they’ll slow down your process, because some of them may be helpful, but the fact is that even if you don’t do these things you can still get fit, healthy and lose weight.

That’s why I decided to pack this guide of 15 things you actually don’t have to do to lose weight, and help you get the whole picture of what’s really healthy and good for you.

Let’s get started right now!

1. You Don’t Have To Exercise Daily

You could, but even if you don’t you can still lose weight.

In my article Diet Vs. Workout I explain everything about how people are often mislead in thinking they could eat anything and burn it with exercising afterwards.. when the truth is, even if you don’t exercise you can lose weight just by eating healthy.

You should exercise because it’s healthy and it will speed up the weight loss process, but exercise can never substitute nutrition and that’s a fact.

What you get inside your body is far more important and you can lose weight just by keeping your diet clean and being active every now and then.

Check out 25 Simple Ways To Lose Weight Without Exercise >>>

2. You Don’t Have To Count Calories

So many people are stuck with counting calories these days, that I get the feeling that people don’t value the word HEALTHY FOOD anymore.

In fact, healthy food doesn’t always mean low calorie food and it’s always better, for both your body and health, to have a handful of almonds with over 300 calories, instead of a coke zero.

I always say, with calories as with diamonds, it’s the quality that matters most and enhances their value.

This means that it’s not how many calories are involved that matters, but if the food is healty an good for your body or not.

You can count calories all day long, but as long as they come from junk foods, you’ll end up with no long term results.

3. You Don’t Have To Follow A Diet

Low carb diet, keto diet, protein diet… Thousands of them, each and every one different than the other.

And yes, diets may work for some people, but they make most of us actually put on weight.

The thing about strict diets is that they may show short term results, but they’re not a long term solution, period.

You need every single macro nutrient in  your daily diet, so you shouldn’t exclude fats or carbs out of your diet when you are trying to get healthy.

So why don’t we forget about the word diet, and just try to really figure out what’s really healthy and good for us and eat that.

That’s why I made my nutrition guide “The Hungry Fit Girl” for each and every one of you out there trying to figure out what’s really healthy.

Head on to check it out!

4. You Don’t Have To Eat Small Meals 5-6 Times A Day

Aint nobody got time for that!

Plus it’s not really healthier if you eat smaller portions more frequently, you’ll end up thinking about food all day long.

Have 3 meals a day (or anything that works for you best), never skip breakfast, have healthy snacks during the day, and you’re all set.

5. You Don’t Have To Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

Not only you don’t have to drink it, but you shouldn’t drink it.

The hype going around apple cider vinegar being the cure for everything is just a myth.

Fermented drink made out of rotten fruits has low nutrition value, and cannot be healthy, and that’s a fact.

6. You Don’t Have To Eat Foods You Don’t Like

That’s the main problem with diets – they tell you eat this, without considering the possibility that’s not actually your favorite food.

In real life, you lose weight by not eating bad foods, junk foods, packed foods and fake foods, and start eating healthy foods you actually like.

If you constantly eat foods you don’t like, you’re more likely to cheat and end up breaking your diet.

Start with the foods you really like, and experiment with the ones you haven’t tried – you may end up falling in love with healthy food. 

7. You Don’t Have To Take Weight Loss Supplements

You’ll lose weight just fine without them.

Food is all you need. You don’t need any fat burners or weight loss supplements to lose weight.

Whey protein on the other hand is a good way to promote building muscles of course if you’re working out daily, however it’s not needed for weight loss.

8. You Don’t Have To Get Ready For Weight Loss

You are always ready, just start already! :)

9. You Don’t Have To Avoid Carbs

Yes, you should choose your carbs carefully, the same way you should choose your fats and proteins carefully.

But otherwise, carbs are a macronutrient that you need to function right on daily basis.

Keep your carbs from healthy and complex sources, and you’ll be just fine.

10. You Don’t Have To Starve 3h Before You Go To Sleep

If you’re hungry eat something.

It’s not okay to eat a full meal just before bed, but if you are hungry your body craves for food and it’s not a good idea to keep it starving.

So, have a scoop of peanut butter, or a salad even a piece of meat, just don’t be afraid to eat when you’re hungry.

11. You Don’t Have To Find A Friend To Do It With You

Yes it may be easier when you do it with a partner, but if you wait for someone to start with you, you might as well end up waiting forever.

Plus, you might end up adding the other person’s excuses to you.

12. You Don’t Have To Eat Only At Home

You can find healthy food outside home too.

Even foods on the go.

Just be extra careful when picking out certain food outside home, and always double check the ingredients.

13. You Don’t Have To Eat Fat Free Foods

While the name probably scares us all, it imply the opposite.

Fat is not our real enemy, in fact low-fat foods are actually a huge roadblock to your success, as they’re highly processed, contain unhealthy ingredients your body doesn’t really need and can be a huge setback.

You just have to know the difference between good fats and bad fats and you’re all set.

A guide to healthy fats is also included to my eBook The Hungry Fit Girl, together with tips on choosing the right oils to cook with.

14. You Don’t Have To Avoid Bread

I see why people fear bread since it mostly consists of carbohydrate.

However, grains are a pretty healthy way to fuel up on carbs and fibers if they’re healthy and unprocessed, of course.

So, as long as you eat your bread for breakfast and make sure it comes from whole grains, you’re good to go.

15. You Don’t Have To Go To The Gym Every Day

You can work out from the comfort of your home and achieve great results too.

I invested in some resistance bands and dumbbells and I get my work done from home for over 5 years now.

16. You Don’t Have To Give up Gluten

If you’re not intolerant to gluten there’s no reason to give it up.

Many people misunderstand the “gluten free dilemma” thinking gluten is not healthy, when gluten is only unhealthy for people who are intolerant to it.

Otherwise, rye and whole grains are perfectly healthy.

17. You Don’t Have To Avoid Dairy Products

You have to choose your dairy products wise, but as long as you keep it as clean as possible, you’re all set.

Mozzarella, parmesan, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, kefir… they are loaded with protein and good fats, and they can only complement your weight loss efforts.

18. You Don’t Have To Detox Your Body

Teas and different kinds of detox drinks are totally unnecessary – your body will get the detoxification needed from just starting to eat healthy. 

Healthy food is the best detox and the only detox you need, so start today!

19. You Don’t Have To Work Out 2h A Day

In my article The Best Full Body Fat Burner Workouts – 30 Minutes A Day To Sweat The Fat Off  I explain that 30-40 minutes a day is absolutely enough if you work out right.

It’s not about how long your workout is, but the intensity of your workout and the efforts you put throughout the training.

It’s always better to give your absolute everything and go far away from your comfort zone for 30 minutes, than to wonder around the gym for hours without breaking a real sweat.

It’s the interval, intensity and uncomfortably that’s making the real change.

20. You Don’t Have To Wake Up Early

What stand for all of us is that we all need our sleep, 7-8 hours of good sleep, to function and be well rested throughout the day.

So, if you don’t go to bed at 9pm, waking up early in the morning can only sabotage your weight loss.

Instead, focus on getting your good night sleep and have energized day.