There are many fitness trends that go around all of us these days.

The internet is actually loaded with these new fitness trends, that I ran onto them every single day.

Starting from different kinds of theories that just happen to be followed by many people, to many workout and exercising plans that are based on some sort of health trends.New Fitness Trends

But the truth is that most of them are lie.

We all just have to understand them so we could ignore them completely.


Not only that these trends that are really popular in the fitness industry are not working, but they can even harm your fitness results too.

So, today I’m going to share with you 3  newfitness trends with you.

I really hope that you could see their flaws and understand why they are myth, so that you can achieve better results.

Let’s get started already.

New Fitness Trends1. Cardio Workout For Weight Loss

Yes, cardio burns calories!

And yes, it helps you lose weight!

I agree with all that because that is a fact!

But only cardio workouts for weight loss?!

Well I cannot agree with that!

You have to understand that working the muscles is important too.

In fact, strength training burns twice as much calories, compared to the ones burned when doing only cardio.

Without doing a muscle workout or weight lifting training, you’ll have minimal results.

Read more about the importance of the weight lifting training here: 

Why Girls Should Lift Weights?


2. Counting Calories

Forgive me, all of you calorie counter addicts, but it’s not always the calories that industry New Fitness Trends

So many people are stuck with these counting calories fitness trend, that I get the feeling that people don’t value the word HEALTHY FOOD anymore.

Healthy food doesn’t always mean low calorie food. 

In fact if we take any fruit, for example peach, it has a lot of calories in it, but it’s a better choice than some almost zero calorie energy bar.

This is because these things are not natural, and they contain carbs – carbs that are simple and bad.

Our body burns a lot more calories to proceed the healthy food in our body, and it burns almost zero calories when it gets in touch with these bad carbs – not natural foods.

No matter how many calories are involved, if one food is healthy, that means it’s good for our body and our health.

Nutrient-poor foods will have the opposite effect.

So, in other words, nutrient dense foods help keep weight in check naturally, and there is no calculator required. 

With calories, as with diamonds, it’s the quality that matters most and enhances their value.


Fitness Trends3. Lose Weight Fast

This phrase is a total myth!

How can we lose weight fast?!

We haven’t gained that fat in a week, right?

So how can we expect it to lose it in a few weeks?

We are gonna need a lot more time than a week or a month to lose that fat.

Also, we cannot workout for 15 minutes a day, and expect it to work.

First of all, in 15 minutes you can’t even get sweaty.

A warm up lasts 5-10 minutes, so how can we expect to get fit in the rest 5 minutes left!

Even cardio workout should be at least 20 minutes to 30 minutes – not less!

To get the body you want, you have to work really hard.New Fitness Trends

15 minutes will do nothing for you.

Make it an hour and you’ll see the results right away.

Weight loss takes time, and it cannot happen over a night, so be patient, and lower your expectations.


I hope I proved that these new fitness trends are just a lie and a myth, and I hope you will ignore them in future.

You will be happier, healthier and fit.

Remember, never ever give up!

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