We all have bad eating habits. But sometimes, that eating habits are the reason we have stopped losing weight, and we have stoped achieving results. So, today, I will show you some of them, that you really need to break, in order to get fit, and in order to improve your health. So, fit girls, get ready to break some habits!


1. Eating Fried Food

You have to stop this! Fried food is not healthy! You cannot lose weight, if you are eating fried food, because that food is full of fat. In order to break this habit, oven bake the food, or grill it, so it is much healthier, and much tastier.


2. Eating Too Salty Food

Eating too salty food is not the best idea. It is bad for your health, and it is bad for your body. Salt has no calories, but it has an ability to connect with the fats that you consume, and makes them grow. So eat salt but have limits. large (2)

3. Eating Bread

You van eat bread, but not too often. Once a week is enough. There is no point in eating bread, when you eat potatoes, or rice. So don’t combine it with everything.


4. Eating Fruit Before Sleeping

You can eat fruit all day. But after you’ve had your workout, avoid it, because it contains sugar. If it’s late, and you want to eat, eat vegetables, or proteins.

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5. Not Eating When You Are Hungry

Whenever you are hungry, eat! Don’t starve. Eat, but eat healthy, eat proteins, eat veggies, eat a lot of green! That way, you can be healthy, you can feel happy, and you can stay fit.