We all start with fitness and we are all beginners at some point. And there’s actually nothing wrong in that, there are only good things you get by starting to work out. If you’re a beginner, and you’re reading this, just know that you’re rare, and you made the right choice. Getting started is the hardest thing, but as soon as you start, you’re gonna want to never end!

The thing about beginning is that you don’t know what you’re getting in to. You learn new things every single day, and you make new steps, and there’s nothing wrong in not knowing. That’s why I’m here, to help you make the best out of your start up.

So these are the 5 things I wish I knew before I started working out. I found out about these things after a few months, when I started getting serious with fitness, and I really would’ve appreciated it if someone just told me these things. So let’s get started already.

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1. Cardio Isn’t the Magic Bullet for Weight Loss

There are many girls going to the gym and doing just cardio. Well, we’ve all been there for sure, but that shouldn’t last for long. The thing is cardio helps you lose weight, and yes any workout is better than no workout, but you cannot do much just with cardio.

Strength training does matter a lot, so by combining cardio and weights you can build the perfect plan for losing weight and getting fit. Also, cardio should come at the end of your training, right after your strength training, not in the beginning of your workout.

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2. Light Weights For Light Muscles – Not So Fast

I bet many of you are thinking the same thing. Don’t worry, I was the same when I started at the gym, and you better drop this attitude faster, because if you want to tone up and get sexy instead of baggy in the end, you better work – you know the last word is, but I’m not gonna type it anyway :p

In order for your muscles to become stronger, they have to be challenged with a load that’s heavier than what they’re used to. This means that they should really be challenged with weights heavier than what we call “light”. Your muscles should be in pain, burn, and sweat, and you can do that only if you pick the right weights range for them.

Otherwise, you’re just slowing down your own progress. Not giving them what they need, is just stopping them in their way to get strong and fit.

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3. You Cannot Out Train A Bad Diet

Fueling yourself up with bad food is the biggest mistake you can ever do. You cannot out train a bad diet, so don’t even try to. You have to make sure you fuel with the right things, because otherwise you’ll find yourself not getting results, and blame it on the gym, when it’s the food that makes the mess.

The meal plan is actually one really important fact, in fact it is the most important factor in the whole process. You don’t need to starve, eat as much as you want, just eat the right things. Proteins, fibers, greens, veggies. You should kiss goodbye the junk food, and find out the yummy healthy recipes you’ve probably never tried.

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Things I Wish I Knew

4. Determing A Goal And Finding A Plan Is The Key

Rather you are there to lose 40 pounds, or just to tone up for the summer to come, you should know that determining your goal is more important than anything else. And you know why? Because your goal is your main motivation. Not knowing what your goal is can be really confusing, so make sure you come in with a plan and a goal.

Also, you need the right plan, or better said the right workout program, in order for you to make the best out of your workouts. How to pair the muscle groups, what exercises you should do, and many other important things can be found in this plan, and they can help you not going blind and getting results faster.

Finding your fitness goal, and making a plan to conquer it, is the first key to success. With these two things checked on your “to do” list, you are half way there.

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5. It’s Not A Process, It’s A Lifestyle

You cannot expect to work out and eat healthy for 3 months, and then to be fit for the rest of your life. It takes a lot more than that, and longer than that. Sometimes it takes months, even years to make it happen. You have to get this one: Do not make it a process – make it a lifestyle.

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Quick fixes cannot make you lose fat, or get skinny and fit, because fitness doesn’t work that way. You have to give, so that you can take something back, and when you stop exercising and eating healthy, the only thing that you are getting back is fat. So don’t look for shortcuts, and start walking NOW!

Things I Wish I Knew