Ladies, it’s time to work those legs! :)

These 7 body weight exercises will sculpt your legs and push them out of their comfort zone while maximizing the fat burn.

If you are tired of squatting to get sexy legs, you are in the right place.

These exercises I have for you will spice up your leg workout routine and help you lose the fat without tapping into those lean muscles.

We are so stuck into the good old leg exercises (squats, deadlifts, lunges) that we often forget that there is so much more our body can do, using only its own body weight.

In order to make a change, we should constantly challenge our muscles with new moves, pushing them past their comfort zone.

And doing the same exercises over and over again won’t help your muscles develop.

Our legs are used to sitting down and up or climbing the stairs, since we are doing so every single day, so they need a little bit more to get engaged and start changing.

And that’s exactly what these 6 exercises will do for your legs!

They are the top body weight leg exercises in my RADIATE workout program and you are taking a peek in them RIGHT NOW!


So ladies put on a pair of leggings and get ready to feel your legs BURN!

Let’s get started!

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7 Body Weight Exercises To Sculpt Your Legs

#1: Gorilla Squats

You know how to do a jumping lunge, and you know how to do a jumping squat, but can you do them both as one rep?

Let’s try it out:

Begin in a standing position with your chest up and your feet hip-width apart.

Jump into a lunge position, bringing one foot forward and one foot back, bending both knees to 90 degrees.

Extend through both legs, jumping as high as possible. As you jump up, switch positions of your legs, moving your front foot to the back, and your rear leg to the front.

Once again, extend through both legs, jumping as high as possible, but this time you’re going to land with your feet should-width apart in a squat position. This is one repetition.

So, jumping lunge, jumping lunge and a squat – that’s one rep.

Do as many rounds as possible in the range of 30-40 seconds.

#2: Running Lunge

This is one of my favorite exercises when it comes to the lower body, especially to work those quads while breaking a sweat.

It looks so easy and simple, but it’s actually pretty deceiving.

It also targets the booty while making sure to make you sweaty as hell.

Just wait until you try it out – you’ll break a sweat in a matter of reps.

Here’s how to do it right:

Stand with your feet hip-width apart and step your right foot back, coming into a low reverse lunge.

Shift all of your weight to your left foot, engage your glutes, straighten the back, tighten your core.

Bring your right foot forward and simultaneously jump off your left foot, bringing right knee to your chest.

Land softly on your left foot, and immediately step back into a low lunge to repeat.

Repeat it for as many rounds as possible in the range of 20-30 seconds, before switching to the other side.

#3: Thighs Killer

The name speaks for itself :)

“Thighs Killer” is an exercise which when you finish it you’d like to lay down in a fetal position and cry.

It’s a real leg burner but a seriously changing one for sure.

Just a couple of reps and your legs will start burning like fire.

Here’s how to do it right:

Start in a high squat position, your feet are hip-width apart, back straight, chest up.

Continue by performing a jumping squat, but landing a bit wider with every move.

With every jump, you’re going out, out, in, in. Two mini jumps out, then two mini jumps in.

Keep your body as lower as you can in that low squat position, never relaxing.

Similar to jumping squats but with every jump, you go out and in.

Just 30-40 seconds of this bodyweight exercise is enough to make you scream.

They don’t call them Thigh Killers for no reason 🙂

#4: Traveling Bear Crawl

Have you ever tried doing Bear Crawl?

It’s also called Tabletop Position and it’s an amazing body weight pose similar to plank.

Bear Crawl is an awesome full body exercise you will find a lot in my Burn Baby Burn Workout Plan in many variations, because the benefits of it are STUNNING!

It works on multiple muscles, including sculpting your legs. 

Try it out:

Start in a tabletop position with your wrists under your shoulders and your knees on top of your hips a few inches off the floor. This table-top position is called Bear Crawl.

From here, start moving forward, moving your left leg and right arm at the same time.

Go two steps forward then two steps back.

As you move, make sure to keep your form – knees just a few inches off the floor and back straight.

Repeat this for as many rounds as possible, in the range of  30-40 seconds.

This is a real burner one for the quads.

It may look easy for starters, but just wait until you get to rep 10 or 12.

One thing to think about is keeping your knees one inch off the ground and your shoulders on top of your wrists all the time, to make sure you keep a good form.

#5: Front Steps

Oh, this is a sweaty one for sure.

It may not look like a leg exercise at first, but just wait until you give it a try.

Your front leg muscles, especially the quadriceps will cry for help!

Loading them with blood flow, this exercise will burn your quads while engaging the whole body at the same time.

Here’s how it works:

Start in a tabletop position with your wrists under your shoulders. That’s a position that’s called Bear Crawl.

Then get your butt back, by sitting your hips back to your heels and drop your head between your shoulders.

From here, explosively lunge forward with your left foot and let it land where your left hand was.

Meanwhile, lift your left hand off the floor to shoulder height.

Reverse the movement to return to start, then repeat on the other side.

Repeat this move for at least 5 times per side, or set a timer on 30-40 seconds and repeat it for as many rounds as possible.

#6: Compass Squats

This is basically jumping squats, but as you jump you are rotating 90 degrees with each jump.

Just like a compass, you’re going to jump squat till you hit every side of the room.

Once you make a full rotation, you’re going to turn it up and come back the other way.

This is a body weight exercise, however, I like to add a booty band around my calf muscles for maximum engagement and targeting the outer side of your booty and legs.

Here’s how to do it properly:

Start off in a squat position with your legs just a bit wider than your shoulders and your knees in a straight line with your feet.

Start jumping up as you would do a jump squat, but as you jump start turning to your right to make sure you land 90 degrees to the right.Do this movement until you hit the 4 sides of the room.

When you come in the starting position, change the side and perform the same jumping to the left and coming the other way around.

#7: Knee Up-Downs

And last, but definitely not least is Knee Up-Downs.

This exercise works amazingly on your legs, making sure to engage every single muscle.

From quads and glutes to hammies and hip flexors, this exercise will engage them all.

Knee up-downs is a bodyweight exercise and it’s a burner one. However, if you want to make things a bit more challenging you can add a weight on your chest.

Here’s how to do it right:

Stand with feet about hip-width apart.
Step back with your left foot and drop down into a lunge so that your knee is resting on the floor.

Bring your right foot back so that you are now kneeling with both knees on the floor.

Next, raise your left knee and plant your foot in front of your so that your knee forms a 90 degree angle.

Step up out of the lunge position and return to the standing starting position. This completes one repetition.

If you like to spice things up you can finish with a jump before heading on to the starting lower squat position.

10 reps of this exercise will burn like fire. You can also try doing 30-40 seconds of AMRAP.

Now, Let’s Sculpt Those Legs!

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Include at least a few of these exercises in your daily workout routine and you’ll sculpt your legs in a matter of weeks

You will burn fat, while building some lean muscles.

If you don’t have a workout plan yet, make sure to check out my Burn Baby Burn Workout Plan and start getting fit today.

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