Laziness is one of the most common fitness excuses of all time. Many people are just too lazy to get their asses off the couch and start getting fit, and they just can’t deal with it. They lack motivation to start this amazing journey, and as we all know the first step is always the hardest.

Well yes, laziness is fitness’s worst enemy. You can get over everything, but laziness can destroy your motivation in a second. But if you happen to be one of these girls, that are to lazy to start getting fit, you are in the right place. These 7 lazy girls fitness hacks will keep you motivated and will get you fit.

These ones are for all of you lazy girls out there, that are actually too lazy to get fit. Just please please please, DON’T BE TO LAZY TO READ THIS! Stay focused girl! :) Let’s get started.

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1. Define How Important Is This For You

Yes, say it out loud! Why are you doing this?! Because you wanna look good, because you want to live healthier, because you want to feel good about yourself, because you don’t want to feel guilty when eating your meal, because life is too short to wait for the next Monday, so start NOW!

Make sure you make it clear with yourself why are you doing this, and how important is this for you. Also make sure to write it down as a note, that will remind you of your goal every time you feel too lazy to work out.

2. Make It A Part Of Your Social Life

Making fitness a part of your social life, will definitely make you feel like you are not even working out. Have a friend or two working out with you, and you will feel the perks of a workout buddy right away. I had workout buddies, Lina and Tima, and believe me, I didn’t even notice when it became a part of my life.

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3. Try To Make It A Habit

You have to make it a habit. Otherwise, it’s all worthless. You have to make sure that it is the most important thing in the world to you. There are many easy ways and tips on how to make it a habit, just like you don’t skip the morning teeth brushing.

  • Always exercise at the same time
  • Use an alarm as a reminder
  • Do not rest for more than two days
  • Look for a partner who already has a habit and get a workout buddy
  • Exercise even if you are tired

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4. Reward Yourself

Rewarding yourself is one of the things that are necessary when it comes to laziness. I know they say you shouldn’t reward yourself with food, but hey, why not when it works. So reward yourself with your favorite healthy meal that you really love.

Also, make sure you reward yourself with some cute outfit. Buy yourself a tank, or a new sport bra. This always works, because when you look like somebody who works out, you will feel and act like somebody who works out.

Workout clothing puts you in the zone for sure. If you go to the gym or work out at home in your regular clothes, you are much less likely to take your training seriously. You can check out my posts that show you how you can make motivation quotes T-shirts yourself – DIY Fitness Motivational Quotes T-Shirt Ideas. Also, you can check out these awesome Inspiring Tops That Will Raise Your Motivation Level. They raise mine for sure!

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5. Invest In Fitness Equipment

There are days in our life when we just cannot make it to the gym. We don’t have time to go to the gym, or maybe it’s too cold outside to make that first step. Because of that, it would be a great idea to make an exercising area at home. It can be just a little corner in your room, where you have some resistance bands, or some free weights.

You may be too tired to go to the gym, but you cannot make an excuse to yourself if you can make it at home.
Here is a little project I made recently about Everything You Need To Know To Make A Low Budget Home Gym Space. You can consider investing in this, because this is another laziness buster!

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6. Work Out While Watching TV

Oh this one works for me just perfect. You can do a session of cardio while watching your favorite TV series. Just make sure you focus on your workout, as long as you work out right, you don’t have to worry about watching TV. Get your favorite show on, and start your workout.

7. Sleep A Lot

The rest is really important, so make sure you have a good night sleep for at least 8 hours. If you don’t sleep good, how can you expect to have the motivation to work out, when you feel sleepy all day. Rest when the time for resting is on, and don’t waste your time taking naps when the time for working out has come.

Also, if you feel like sleeping, just make sure to boost up your energy with a cup of coffee or green tea. You’re gonna get the energy and you’ll boost up the laziness fast!

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