Every girl dreams to have Brazilian butt.

Popped butt, just like a nice shaped bubble.

Well of course we all want that kind of body shape, but we’re not all born Brazilians, right?

But here’s the best thing – WE CAN BUILD A BRAZILIAN BUTTS IN THE GYM!

With hard work, dedication and a good exercising plan we can all do it too!

And the best thing is that I have the best butt lift workout for you!

Starting from the first things you got to know about getting bubble butts, I’m gonna guide you through a whole Brazilian butt lift workout routine.


Well, when it comes to butt lift workout, you have to know some very important things:

  • First of all, every butt workout has to be preformed with a lot of weights.

Otherwise, it won’t work. You should select a weight so that you can perform between 8 and 12 presses.

  • Second, there is no such thing as 15 min butt workout!

For 15 min, you can’t even warm up.

The thing is, if you want something to be body and life changing, you have to make sure it’s challenging.

  • You can get sexy and toned butt, just by doing the leg workout routine.

While you are doing leg exercises, your butt is getting toned and popped too.

So, you can see the sexy leg workout routine here, but I will give you the best exercises for legs and butt in this post too.

  • Every chest exercise should be preformed with 3-4 sets and 8-13 reps.

Now, let’s get started with the Brazilian butt lift workout.

#1 Squats

Your butt and your legs, go together like salt and pepper.

Because of that, squats are the perfect exercise for your butt.

Just remember to do squats with weights on, because otherwise you will not get the wanted results.

I prefer doing squads with a barrel, because they are more effective, but of course you can do them with dumbbells or even with some home gym equipment, such as resistance bands or ankle weights.

Just remember to do squats with the weights on, because otherwise you won’t get the results you’ve wanted.

Here’s how to do them right:

How To Squat Right – Ultimate Guide For Nailing The Squat >>>


Brazilian Butt Lift Workout#2 Lunges

As we mentioned, there are two types of lunges.

  • One with your legs separated, also known as open lunges, and
  • lunges with your legs crossed.

The open lunges are more for your quadriceps leg muscles, but the crossed are perfect for your butt.

What you should do is put your leg behind the other, and bend.

You can expand a lunge using a barrel, or with dumbbells.

Here’s The Ultimate Guide On Nailing The Lunges – Types & How To Do It Right

Head on to the link and learn how to do them right!

#3 Deadlift

The next exercise in this butt lift workout routine is the dead lift.

As with the lunges, there are two types of deadlifts too:

  • deadlifts with straight legs – known as Romanian deadlifts,
  • deadlifts with bend knees.

For your sexy butt, you would want to do the deadlift exercise with bend knees.

This is because it engages the butt muscles more, and it tones the side muscles of our butts.

As for the first type of deadlift – the Romanian deadlift, is more for the hamstrings leg muscles.

Here’s the guide for doing deadlifts:

Deadlift: A Must Do Exercise – Benefits & How To Do It Right


#4 Leg Curlsbrazilian butt lift workout

Together with the deadlift there is one hero exercise when it comes to the but.

And that exercise is the leg curls.

There’s a machine in the gym for this exercise, and it’s called the leg curls machine.

You actually lay down on your tummy, and push your legs up as you squeeze your butt at the same time.

You can try improvising this exercise with your own body weight as on this picture, but it is much better if you perform it with weights on.

bubble butts#5 Hip Raise

The previous exercises are enough, but here are some exercises that you can do if it’s not leg day, and you feel like working your ass off! :)

This is a great exercise for your butt.

You can do it even in the comfort of your home, just remember to always do it with some weights.

Just put some weights on your tummy and lift it up!

This exercises will tone your butt as hell.



I hope I helped you get the bubble butts of your dreams!
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