Squats are one marvelous exercise. You should do it at least once a week, and of course, on your leg day. After I’ve shown you the Full Leg Workout Routine and how to get sexy legs, and we’ve seen why the squats are so important, now it’s time for the right way to do them. No matter what type of squat you do, the basic set up will be the same, so I will give you the guide on how to squat right and nail it! Let’s get started.

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Nail The Perfect Weight

-You should always start with just the bar – even if you’re planning on squatting 500 lbs. Always warm up with a few reps with just the bar.
After you warm up, chose your perfect weighting. Remember, if you can do more than 12 squats and don’t feel like you are dying, it’s too light for you. Don’t be afraid, you can not bulk up, even if you want to, you are not a male – you are a female and you don’t have that hormones. Half-ass workouts will do nothing – your leg muscles are accustomed to working all day, so only heavy weights will bring you results.


Set up

– The bar should be set on the trapezius muscle.

– Keep your hands narrow, it makes it easier to keep your upper back tight.

– Flex the muscles in your upper back while lifting your chest up. This will lock in a strong and safe spinal position during the lift.

– Set your feet directly under the bar with a shoulder width stance. Externally rotate your feet between 5-20 degrees. Your knees must track inline with your toes.

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Dropping Down

– Start getting down. As you get down keep your chest up, back straight and your neck up. Your butt goes deep down, so don’t do half ass squats, your hips should reach a position that is a little bit lower than your knees.

– When you start getting up, you should push from your heels. This point is really important, so keep your weight on your heels and drive yourself up from there. To make it easier, point your head and neck up while you push.

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The Repeat Phrase

– You can go to full extension and pause for a second before beginning your next repetition witch allows you to reset your position and breath.
You can also rise up until your knees are 95% locked out and immediately drop into the next repetition. This is actually a bit harder, but more effective.

– You have to do a few sets otherwise the squats won’t work. Do 3 to 4 sets with about 10-15 reps, with 30- 60 seconds break between the sets.

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