Do you want to get a sexy and toned back?!

Well who doesn’t, right?!

The back is actually my favorite muscle group.

Imagine an open back dress and toned and sexy back muscles popped out.

I think there’s nothing sexier than that.

But to get that back, you need to have the right workout program with good back workouts.

Also, you’re gonna need a pair of dumbbells and a bar.

In the gym, there are many machines for back workout, but you should know how to use them

So, step by step I’m gonna guide you through my full back workout routine, I called it BACK MACHINA!

I toned my back perfectly with these amazing back workouts.

They are really effective and body sculpting.

These workouts will pop out the muscles on your back, making it a piece of art.

You can try it and see for yourself!

Get ready for the best back workout routine you can have!

Pull Downs

Now let’s start from the beginning.

Back is one pretty big muscle group.

So because of that you should start with the first part, and that is the upper back that is the muscle called Rottator Cuff.

And the best exercise for these upper back muscles, are the pull downs.

The pull down is and exercise that can be preformed on the pull down gym machine.

In my Free Weights Full Back Workout I showed you that you can actually do it with resistance bands in the comfort of your home.back machina

But to be honest, the pull down is best if preformed on the right machine.

There are many ways to actually perform this exercise.

There are different styles to do that, but my favorite is the wide grip pull down!

I actually prefer to always start with this particular exercise:

#1 Wide-Grip Pulldown 

The first exercise you want to perform is actually the wide grip pulldown.

The wide-grip pulldown behind the neck is one of the best exercises you can do for your back muscles.

It will give you sexy and glowing look on your upper back.

So, this is the first STARTING exercise that you want to do, in your full sexy BACK MACHINA workout.

You should do the wide grip every single training, and always as a first – starting exercise!


Full Back Workout Routine

#2 Front Lat Pulldown

The second exercise is the front lat pull down exercise.

This is also another variation of a pull down that you can perform on this amazing machine.

This one is for your back muscle that is called  latissimus dorsi, or as we all call them, the lats.

I love the lats!

They are located on the sides of your middle back, going down to the lower back.

They actually look like wings, if they are of course well trained.

I always tend to say “Red Bull doesn’t give you wings, lat pulldowns do!” 

Well what can I say when this exercise just rocks!

You can also do them with your hands a little bit closer.

It will give you perfect results.

Bent Over Barbell Rowgood back workout

To change it a little bit, you should do the bent over barbell row exercise instead of the front lat pull down.

The thing is that these two exercises heat up the same back muscles, so to make a change you should change these two.

So actually this should be your second exercise.

It works for the upper lats, and of all the weight exercises, this is the one that works best.

It is preformed with a barbell, and you should load it with weights so that it works better.

Some do it with weights, but I think that the bar is the right way to go.

Also, you can do it with your fists facing the floor, or facing you.

Ether way it works great!

You should do this exercise as your second one, right after the pulldown exercise, which always comes first!

#3 The Seated Cable Row

The next exercise is the seated cable row.

This is also a machine exercise, that works perfectly for your back muscles.

The great thing about this exercise is that you can do it with resistance bands too.

I’ve done it in the comfort of my home, and it’s really one hell of a workout!

It is an exercise that works your lower back, and the lower part of the lats.

You should learn the movement right in order to preform it in the best way.

Just be careful, because sometimes it engages your arms too, so you have to make sure it hits your back muscles right.

One Arm Dumbbell Rowback workouts

The change exercise for the seated cable row is the one arm dumbbell row.

You should do it instead of the cable row exercise every second training.

It is a great exercise for the middle back, and it’s also good because it doesn’t put pressure on the lower back.

You just need to find a bench and take two dumbbells, or one.

You should place your left leg on the bench, and place the left hand on the other top of the bench to make a support.

Then take the dumbbell in your right hand, and lift it next to your body.

Many people do this exercise wrong, so you really need to focus to do it right.

This is also one of the best back exercises.

That’s why I added it in my BACK MACHINA workout routine.


pull ups#4 Pull ups

And the last exercise is the pull up.

Actually, this is an exercise that is very hard to do alone.

You would probably need someone to hold your legs for you and to help you a little bit.

But with proper training and with dedication, you can do it too!

You can do it behind your neck, or in front.

Ether way this exercise works perfectly!

You actually use your own body weight to perform it, and it’s really hard.

I’ve made a tutorial on how to nail the pull up, and here it is:

You Can’t Do Pull Ups? Here’s How To Get There >>>

The Pull up, is an exercise that I recommend every time you have a back training.

It works really nice for your back muscles, and makes them stronger than ever.

This exercise tones your back faster, pops it out and makes it stronger.

Pull ups are one very effective exercise, and it would be a pity to ignore it, when the benefits are countless.

back workout routine


For every muscle group workout, you should have 2 types of training:

  • machine workout training, when you use machines at the gym for doing the exercises,  and the second is
  • free weights workout training, when we use dumbbells and bars to perform the exercises.

The most important thing, when it comes to the full back workout, is that you have to change your exercises every training.

That’s why I gave you two second exercises, so that they could be different each time.

For every exercise, you should do 4 sets with around 12-15 reps.

Between the sets, there shouldn’t be more than one minute break.

And if it’s too easy for you, don’t forget to put some weights.


The back is one big and strong muscle group, so make sure you give those muscles what they need!

Here’s again how everything should look like:

Training #1

1. Wide grip pull down

2. Front lat pull down

3. Seated cable row

4. Pull up

Training #2

1. Wide grip pull down

2. Bent over barbell row

3. One arm dumbbell row

4. Pull Up