First of all, I have to say that it’s great that you workout, and it’s great that you go to the gym in the first place. But when it comes to this question, I have to say that there are many pros and cons, and people often get confused. Full body workout refers to workout that doesn’t require working on split muscle groups, but it requires workout on the body as a whole piece.

Now, I have to say, even if I am a split training girl, I will be really rational in this one, because I want to make sure you make the right choice. Now let’s get started already!

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What’s Full Body Workout?

There are tons of workout programs that refer to a full body workout. Full body workout is actually a workout where you work on your body as a whole piece, and you don’t split the muscle groups. You just work on your whole body, engaging all of your muscles at once.

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Maximize Calorie Burn – The first great thing about full body workout is that you actually maximize the calorie burn, and that makes you lose weight faster. When someone has 40lb to lose, it’s probably better to keep them on their feet with their entire body moving, so in cases of massive weight loss, full body workouts can work very well.

Make a Well Balanced Body – By doing whole body workout, you will be able to build a well balanced body. Hitting all muscle groups in one workout is actually a more natural way of working out. Thinking of your body as one whole muscle is considered better for many psychologists.

Saves Time – Probably the biggest positive about training your entire body at once is that your gym frequency decreases to around four times every seven days. That can save you time, if you have a really busy schedule, because these kind of trainings last shorter too.

Skipping a Workout Is Not That Bad – When you workout your whole body at once, you have already worked out all of the muscle groups with just one workout, so it is not a big deal if you skip a workout. You shouldn’t do that very often, but again, it’s not that bad.

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They Don’t Make Muscles – It is hard to make muscles with these kind of programs, especially if you are a girl. The thing is, you clean your body from fat with all that cardiovascular activity, but you don’t challenge your muscle that much, as you would challenge them with the split muscles workout.

They’re Hard To Handle – Yes, workout should be really hard, and really challenging, because multiple times per week can be tough to sustain, especially as you become more advanced and start lifting heavier weights. And if you try and give your very best, you may find yourself not being able to finish the workout.

Can Easily Lead To Over Training – By doing whole body workout, you can easily over train, if you aren’t extra careful. And we all know that over-training can lead to not being able to workout for some period, and in worse cases can lead to injuries.

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Why You Should Do Full Body Workout?

The full body workout is perfect for beginners. Actually the first two weeks, every beginner should do this, because the first two weeks should be warm up weeks.
Also, if you want to lose a major weight, you should start with this, because there is a lot of cardio, and to lose like 40 pounds, you’re gonna need a lot cardio!

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What’s Split Training?

Split training is working on one body part, or one muscle group at a time. You can combine the muscle groups, but they should not contain only one bigger muscle group. The only rule is that the bigger muscle group is trained first, for example, if you have chest and biceps, you should do chests first and then biceps, or if you have back and triceps, your back should come first, and then the triceps.


Great For Defining And Shaping Muscles – By doing one muscle group at a time, you can focus on that muscle group, and by doing that you give great definition and shape to your muscles. You’ll lift more, and by doing that your muscles will feel the change fast and will start getting toned.

Easier To Workout – Don’t get me wrong, the workouts are challenging, but they feel easier because of the one muscle group at a time. Your muscle for the day burns, but not the whole body. So they feel easier.

The Focus Is On The Form – You focus on the form more and more, when you workout with one muscle group at a time. That’s because it’s easier to focus on the form when it comes to fewer muscles. That will help you get more results too.

You Can Make Changes Easier – Switching between the exercises is easier when it comes to one muscle group, or even two, than it is when it comes to full body.

It Allows Better Muscle Recover – Your muscles recover better, because they have the time to recover. It’s good to have at least 48 hours rest for the muscle group till your next workout, so you have that better if doing split training

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Less Calorie Burn – When doing split training, you burn less calories, compared with the ones you burn when working out your whole body. However, you should do a 20-30 minutes session of cardio afterwards.

You Cannot Skip A Workout – You should be more committed when it comes to split training. Skipping a workout is not a good option because that muscle group is worked once a week, and skipping a workout means you are skipping a whole muscle group.

It Takes More Of Your Time – You should workout at least 5 times a week. I do a split with every muscle group separated, only the biceps and triceps go together, and chests with abs. Arranged like this, they fit in 5 days, and the 6th day is my cardio day. So, it takes more of my time, compared with the full body workout.

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Why You Should Do Split Training?

If you want to tone your body faster, and better, this program is the one for you. Also, if you don’t have a lot to lose, you should probably do this one, because your body can start getting a curved shape, that I bet you’re gonna fall in love with.
If you like lifting heavy and get stronger and stronger, this is the perfect program for you too. Remember, strong is the new skinny! :)

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