‘Girl’s Guide To Quad Workouts | 8 Best Quad Exercises’ – Monica May

Let’s talk about quads!!!

Quads are my all-time favorite muscle group and the key point when it comes to building strong, sexy legs, and getting fit overall.

Quads are super important for so many reasons and they definitely deserve getting some extra attention, especially if you’re a girl into fitness.

This large muscle group located on the front of your thighs is responsible for helping extend your knees and bend your hips, and are key for general everyday movement, like walking, running, cycling and keeping balance.

Because of their huge role in everyday activities, quads are easy to target but hard to challenge.

And with less testosterone, getting those glutes worked out might be a mission impossible, especially if you’re not training right.

But not us!
Today, we’re going to learn the fastest way to get the sexy legs of our dreams!

I’ll give you the recipe to sculpting those quads and getting stronger and sexier legs overall.

I packed the ultimate girl’s guide to quad workouts, with the 8 best quad exercises you can actually do in the comfort of your own home.

Let’s get started right away!

Girl's Guide To Quad Workouts - 8 Best Quad Exercises 1

Girl’s Guide To Quad Workouts
The 7 Quad Rules

#1 Always Warm Up

It will take just a few minutes to warm up, usually 2-3 minutes right before your workout, yet it’s so beneficial.

By warming up properly the blood will be pumping to the leg area, lowering the chance of muscle pull out or joint injury.

Aside from preventing injuries, warming up will help you activate your quads, plus will get you focus, getting you in the mood for a workout.

Just a few simple movements such as air squats, jumping jacks, and high knees, will do the trick.

#2 Quality Over Quantity

This is the golden rule in fitness. 

It doesn’t matter how many reps you do – what matters the most is your form and range of motion.

It’s better to do just 10 reps of squats with perfect form, rather than doing 30 reps while half-assing the movement.

#3  Diversity Is The Key

Your body will adapt to any movement as time goes by.

Especially when it comes to your quads and legs overall.
They carry us around all day, and they are used to the basic movement such as standing up and sitting down, going up and down the stairs, etc.

To make sure to challenge them, you’ll have to make sure to change up the movements from training to training.

In my Workout Program BURN BABY BURN, you’ll find over 100+ different exercises that will keep your body challenged and in the fat-burning zone, so make sure to check it out.

#4 Use Heavy Weights

Weights are absolutely a must when trying to make a serious body change, along with some serious muscle.

They will help your quads grow faster and stronger.

So, if you are a homeworker such as I am, make sure to invest in some basic equipment – at least one heavy kettlebell and a pair of dumbbells.

#5 But Bodyweight Exercises Are Important As Well

Don’t underestimate the power of the good old-fashioned bodyweight moves too.

They will get you into the fat-burning zone too, without tapping into those lean muscles, which will help you give that sculpt look to your quads and legs overall.

I have some amazing bodyweight moves for glutes, and we’ll get into them shortly.

#4 Be Consistent

To really get the results you want, you’ll have to be consistent and work out at least 4 times a week.

Of course, not all of your training sessions would be leg day, however, to get your body into that body changing zone, you’ll have to be pretty consistent and dedicated.

Check out my Workout Program and start today!

#5 Give it Time

Rome wasn’t built overnight. 

It sometimes takes months, even years to make a change.

Give it some time, hard work and dedication, and your work will pay off.

You’ll get better and stronger each day.

#6 Stretch Your Quads At The End Of Each Training

Stretching is as important as warming up.

It helps your muscles cool down, lengthen and become more flexible.

A few quad stretches will do the trick, so make sure to spare 1 more minute at the end of the workout, for the sake of healthier legs.

#7 Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition

Nutrition is the most important thing when it comes to building muscles, so make sure to feed those muscles with the nutrients it needs.

If you’d like to read more about how to eat to get fit, head on here.

If you’d like to learn more about why nutrition is so important, head on to my article Diet Vs. Workout – What’s more important?

8 Best Quad Exercises
*Heavy Weight Movements*

Using heavy weights when building your quads is crucial for so many reasons.

That’s why I always make sure to spice your routine up with a kettlebell or a dumbbell.

These are my favorite heavyweight moves!

#1 Goblet Squats

8 Best Quad Exercises - goblet squad

Goblet squats are basically regular squats with a kettlebell in the front rack.

What you need to do is pick up a heavier kettlebell, stand up with your feet to about shoulder wight apart and go down into a squat position.

Keep your chest and head up, your back straight, and push your knees out, between the second and the third toe.

At the bottom position, pause and use your elbows to push your knees out.

Return to the starting position, and squeeze your quads to finish your movement, before going down for another rep.

#2 Alternating Lunges

8 Best Quad Exercises - Alternating Lunges

I usually do my lunges with two dumbbells in a front rack position.

However, you can do them with a kettlebell, or with your hands facing the floor, holding the dumbells down.

From the starting position, start going into a lunge, making sure you keep your chest and head up and your back straight.

In the base of your lunge, you have to make sure to have two 90 degrees angles, with the one knee in front of you and the other 2 inches from the floor.

As soon as you reach this position, go back to the top and do it again with the other leg.

#3 Squat Pulses

Girl's Guide To Quad Workouts | 8 Best Quad Exercises - Squat Pulses

Or, as like to call them – DESPASITO SQUATS :)

You’ll be surprised how amazing this movement works. Just a few reps and you’ll be in a different place.

Pick up a heavier kettlebell in the front rack position, and start going down into a squat position, with your feet to about shoulder wight apart.

Keep your chest and head up, your back straight, and push your knees out, between the second and the third toe.

As you go down into the base of your squat, do it super slow, at least 3 seconds up and 3 seconds down.

However, when you go up into the start position, don’t go all the way up.

We’re going halfway up to finish the rep, meaning, we are never fully relaxing between the reps, which makes it a real quad burner.

#4 Squat To Reverse Lunge

8 Best Quad Exercises - Squat Lunges

This is a movement that works amazingly on the quads.

Basically what we’re doing is starting off in a squat position, holding a kettlebell in the front rack.

From here, we’re going into a reverse lunge, and back to the squat position before going in a reverse lunge with the other leg too.

*Bodyweight Exercises*

I always include bodyweight movements in my quad workouts routine.

They are so effective and challenging.

I can say that they are actually the best quad exercises you can do to both sculpt your quads and burn the excess fat around them at the same time.

I do a bunch of them in my training sessions, however, you’re about to see mu top 4 when it comes to quads.

#1 Gorilla Squats

Girl's Guide To Quad Workouts | 8 Best Quad Exercises - Gorilla Squats

You know how to do a jumping lunge, and you know how to do a jumping squat, but can you do them both as one rep?

You have to try it out.

Begin in a standing position with your chest up and your feet hip-width apart.

Jump into a lunge position, bringing one foot forward and one foot back, bending both knees to 90 degrees.

Extend through both legs, jumping as high as possible. As you jump up, switch positions of your legs, moving your front foot to the back, and your rear leg to the front.

Once again, extend through both legs, jumping as high as possible, but this time you’re going to land with your feet should-width apart in a squat position. This is one repetition.

So, jumping lunge, jumping lunge and a squat – that’s one rep.

#2 Traveling Jump Squats

8 Best Quad Exercises - Traveling Squats

I call these “Thighs Killer”, and the name really speaks for themselves.

This is one of those exercises that after finishing you’d like to lay down in a fetal position and cry.

It’s a real leg burner but a seriously changing one for sure.

Just a couple of reps and your legs will start burning like fire.

Start in a high squat position, your feet are hip-width apart, back straight, chest up.

Continue by performing a jumping squat, but landing a bit wider with every move.

With every jump, you’re going out, out, in, in. Two mini jumps out, then two mini jumps in.

Keep your body as lower as you can in that low squat position, never relaxing.

#3 Running Lunges

Girl's Guide To Quad Workouts - Running Lunge

This is one of my favorite exercises when it comes to the lower body, especially to work those quads while breaking a sweat.

It looks so easy and simple, but it’s actually pretty deceiving.

It also targets the booty while making sure to make you sweaty as hell.

Just wait until you try it out – you’ll break a sweat in a matter of reps.

Stand with your feet hip-width apart and step your right foot back, coming into a low reverse lunge.

Shift all of your weight to your left foot, engage your glutes, straighten the back, tighten your core.

Bring your right foot forward and simultaneously jump off your left foot, bringing the right knee to your chest.

Land softly on your left foot, and immediately step back into a low lunge to repeat.

#4 Bear Crawl Fire Feet

8 Best Quad Exercises - Bear Crawl Fire Feet

And last, but not least, one of my favorites and probably the very best quad exercises for sure.

Bear crawl fire feet.

Have you ever heard of Bear Crawl before?

It’s also called Tabletop Position and it’s an amazing bodyweight pose similar to plank.

Bear Crawl is actually an awesome full-body exercise you will find a lot in my Burn Baby Burn Workout Plan in many variations because the benefits are STUNNING!

It works on multiple muscles, including quads your legs.

Now this variation is FIRE FEET and trust me, it’s the biggest quad burner of them all.

Start in a tabletop position with your wrists under your shoulders and your knees on top of your hips a few inches off the floor. This table-top position is called Bear Crawl.

From here, start running your feet up and down. Now forward and back.

Just tiny little steps at your own pace. 

As you move, make sure to keep your form – knees just a few inches off the floor and back straight.

This is a real burner one for the quads.

It may look easy for starters, but just wait until you get to rep 10.

One thing to think about is keeping your knees one inch off the ground and your shoulders on top of your wrists all the time, to make sure you keep a good form.

Now Head On To Try The Best Quad Exercises!

Head on to try my quad workouts, and let me know if you find these exercises challenging and body-changing as I do.

Don’t forget to let me know which are your favorite ones in the comment section below.

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