For 2023 I have one goal and one goal only:


What does “glowing up” mean, you might ask?


A Glow Up is a mental, physical, and emotional transformation for the better.

Urban Dictionary

Glow-up routines got so popular these past few years, and there is a great reason why – they help you reset, take your power back, and fall in love with yourself over and over again.

However, what you might not know is that to glow up, you actually don’t need a $200 12-step skincare routine, or a new wardrobe haul.
All you need is just your beautiful self, and a few habits to spice things up.

And today I will show you exactly how to glow up in 8 simple steps.
Let’s get started right away!


How To Glow Up In 2023


1. Set a balanced and healthy diet (that you enjoy)

The #1 thing that will have an effect on your health, skin, and overall well-being is the food you are eating.
So, to glow up, it’s essential to make healthier food choices on a daily basis.

However, eating healthy is not only about eating oatmeal for breakfast and adding avocado and chia to everything.
You have to find the right balance of foods that are healthy for you, and that you will enjoy eating at the same time.

Create a healthy diet that works for you, and one that you can stick to long term.
Check out my meal plan for more.


2. Set a morning routine (and stick to it)

How you start your day will often determine how your whole day is gonna go.
If you start your day right, you are more likely that you will keep it up that way for the rest of it.

And having a morning routine is so important for setting a structure for your day.
It gives you a sense of accomplishment right upon waking up, and gets you in the mood of “I got this”.

Even if it’s just a few habits you’ll do repeatedly over and over again each morning.
You can check out my morning routine for more inspo on how to set your morning routine.


3. Drink more water (and make it a habit)

Drinking plenty of water can do wonders for your physical appearance and your overall health.
Not only does it help you stay hydrated, but it also helps to flush out anything bad from your system.

The benefits of hydrating well on a daily basis will help you keep a healthier digestive system, healthy urinary tract, will make your skin look healthier, and have more energy overall.
In order to make it a habit, get yourself a water bottle you’ll carry around all day long, or download a hydration app and set it to push notifications.


4. Start using cold water

And when we’re talking about water, we cannot go on without mentioning the power of cold water.
From washing your face with ice-cold water, to showering with colder water, you’d be amazed of the benefits cold water will have on your skin and your health.

First of all, cold water will improve your circulation. While warm water causes your blood vessels to dilate and relax, a cold shower wakes them up and gets them going.
Also, when we take a hot shower, our pores open, but cold showers can temporarily tighten them and help you retain the natural oils in your skin and hair. This will help in keeping your skin and hair healthier, especially if you are prone to dry skin or have dry, brittle hair.


5. Commit to a workout routine (and love doing it)

Exercise can do so much more than just help you lose weight or stay in shape.
In fact, regular exercise can literally make you glow up both physically and mentally, since while working out your body releases endorphins, which are the happy hormones.

However, working out is hard, it takes up a lot of time, and can sometimes be boring. It’s hard to make it a habit you enjoy doing daily when it mostly feels like a chore.
So, instead of spending hours at the gym, being stuck on a boring cardio machine, try out something new and exciting this year.

High-intensity interval training was such a blessing for me, and the best thing is that you can do it in the comfort of your own home in only 20-30 minutes a day.
Here’s the workout program that helped me fall in love with working out and helps me glow up daily – RADIATE Program.


6. Have 8 hours of sleep (or at least 7)

Always make time for sleep. I know I’m being captain obvious here, but my days can get so busy sometimes that I don’t want to fall asleep because I feel like I’m missing out on precious time if I blackout too soon.
But not having that goodnight sleep can affect so many things in our everyday life, from feeling good to 
However, having a good 8-hour sleep is so important in terms of feeling better, looking better, and taking care of yourself in general.
They call it beauty sleep for a reason :)


7. Reduce your screen time (as much as you can)

And when we are talking about sleeping, we have to mention one pretty important aspect of it all – the screens.

The blue light from screens can disrupt your circadian rhythm and make it harder to sleep. If you scroll social media, work on your laptop late at night, or even watch TV before bed, your body struggles to produce melatonin to help you fall and stay asleep.
As a result, you will end up feeling tired, and not good overall.

So, what I want you to do in 2023 in order to glow up, is reduce your screen time in the morning, especially right upon waking up, and in the evening for at least 1 hour before you go to bed.


8. Practice self-love (don’t compare yourself to others)

And last but not least is the queen of them all – self-love.

Practicing self-love is so important for your physical and mental glow-up and well-being overall, yet it’s so hard to do it nowadays.
The first step I suggest you do is start journaling. Start by writing down each day one thing you love about yourself, and one thing you don’t love as much. Then, write down what you can do to improve it.
Just 5 minutes, each day, for you and for you only.

Another thing you can do is start following body-positive influencers on social media.|
For example, following @gabbymale on IG has made me learn so much about self-care and self-love.

In a world where we are constantly surrounded by unrealistic “beauty standards” I choose to surround myself with people who really normalize the already “normal things” we all have and go through.
And honestly, it helps a lot.
Find your way to learn to love yourself for who you are, and you’ll learn how to glow up inside and out.


This is your year to shine ✨

Include at least a few of these tips in your everyday life, and you will feel so much better and glow up so much brighter.

And please know that you are already amazing, so why not embrace that feeling and make the best out of 2023!

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