Being into fitness for over 8 years now has taught me so much about so many things.

One of those things I really wish I knew earlier is that fitness and health as a way of life can be pretty expensive… especially if you are wasting your money on “magic solutions”.

The truth is, there are so many products out there that promise stunning weight loss results but in real life, they just don’t work.

And we all want to lose weight fast which is the main reason why so many girls are always on the look for ways to speed up the weight loss process and find a shortcut.

The truth is: there are no shortcuts to getting healthy and fit and anyone that claims they’ve found one are just trying to trick you into buying their product.

That’s why I decided to do a short guide on how to lose money vs. how to lose weight.

And these few weight loss gimmicks I’ll talk about aren’t really good for anything except making your wallet weigh a few ounces less.

Girls, I’ve wasted my money so many times throughout this journey and I really hope you won’t have to.

Stay with me, we’re starting off right away!



How To Lose Money

Just try googling “weight loss” – you’ll stumble upon thousands of products that claim they have the secret solution to your dream body.

And the challenge to sort fact from fiction is a never-ending battle.

Since we all want to go from flab to fab as fast as possible without breaking a sweat or giving up the food we love, we’re willing to do just about anything to make it happen.

Uncomfortable corsets for a thin waist, detox teas, zero calorie chocolates… GIMME!

And the fact is that we cannot melt our pounds away  just by adding one single product to our diet or lifestyle.

Let’s go through the most popular ones.

Waist Trainers

Waist trainers are said to help you lose inches from your waist. Producers also claim that waist trainers metabolize fat, release toxins, compress the core, and reduce food intake.

Well, of course you won’t feel like eating when you’d have trouble breathing and your stomach is being pushed into your spine.

I’ve tried wearing a waist trainer a few years back and the only thing it really did for me was made me feel super uncomfortable and made it hard to breathe.

And yes, you look “hourglassed” while you’re wearing it since it’s made to compress your waist to its maximum. However, once you take it off, your body returns to its natural position.

So, a big no for wasting your money on waist trainers!

Fitness (Detox) Teas

Ever heard of Fit Tea? Or does Skinny Tea rings a bell?

I bet you’ve stumbled upon one of the most popular “fitness” or “detox” teas and even considered getting them.

Especially when you see hundreds of hot and fit girls, with ripped abs, nicely shaped booty and a thin waist sipping on their “teatox”.

Well, the people standing behind the marketing are genius: Get a hot girl with couple hundred thousand followers on IG, have them hold the tea and claim that they use it to look like that.


So, I had to try this magic tea and do a little research to find out that there’s no public research regarding the statement that it will help you lose weight, burn fat and a bunch of other things.

However, these kinds of teas usually contain laxative herb which makes you visit the bathroom more often and in some cases give you diarrhea and stomach cramps.

Apparently, by consuming these kinds of teas you will lose some weight due to the frequent bathroom visits, plus you will “flush” the excess salt out by releasing the retained water.
Not to mention feeling fuller in general, since obviously you are drinking more liquid and it fills up your stomach.

And there’s no doubt about these things, except you can get all of that by drinking any other tea or water regularly.

You don’t need to throw away your money on fit and skinny detox teas that cost a monthly supply of food.

Instead, get yourself a new water bottle to help you make water a habit, or buy your favorite organic tea and start sipping up on daily basis. It’s going to do the same thing (more or less) while costing a fraction.

Fat Burning Pills

OMG do they still exist?!

Yes, they do, and people are still wasting their money on them.

A pill cannot give you the solution to a balanced and healthy life and good looking self.

Those pills can only make your appetite drop, which (if you ask me and many nutrition and health experts) is not a healthy thing.

A good appetite is an indicator of good health, and what you satisfy your appetite with is what matters the most.

Eat clean and healthy food and don’t even think about wasting your money on diet pills that will only help you lose money and hope.

Meal Replacements

I know, I know… every one of us knows a girl who knows a girl who has been consuming meal replacements and lost so many pounds.

Where have I heard the same thing? (Fit teas and fat burning pills perhaps…)

Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe meal replacements made a revolution and took food to the next level.

And yes, they are a great thing for astronauts for example, or people with limited access to food, or people who have troubles retaining weight, even ones that are recovering from certain illness or surgery.

However, if you are in perfect health condition, and can chew your food normally, I really don’t get it why would you need something like this.

Meal replacements will provide you with a high amount of calories too, especially sugars, along with proteins, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals.


Except you don’t necessarily need only calories to get full, but volume too. Also, your body won’t work as efficient since it won’t need to break down a shake as it breaks down solid food.


What would I recommend instead? If you want to include a shake in your diet, get yourself a protein powder.

They taste amazing, work as a great supplement to help you load up on proteins besides your meals and they’ll make your diet plan more colorful and fun.

Organic Food


I’m not saying organic food is not healthier than conventional food.

Let me explain. Organic food is supposedly healthier, more natural and more ethical than conventional food, mainly because their natural cultivation is supposed to make them more nutritious and healthier.

And yes, studies show that organic foods are higher in antioxidants and vitamins, while other studies haven’t found a significant difference.

There might or might not be a significant difference between organic and conventional food, but one is certain: eating fruits and vegetables, in general, is good for you.

Eating veggies and raw foods are more important for your health than how they were produced.

So, if you can afford organic food, go for it! However, I hate when people are struggling to eat healthy because they believe healthy food is expensive.

Focus on eating seasonal foods, that are raw and healthy, because in the end what you eat is far more important than how it’s produced. 

So… How To Lose Weight?

If you feel like you’ve plateaued and you don’t see any results no matter what you do or eat, here’s what you can do…

1. Start eating healthy

Healthy food is the key to losing weight, getting healthy and getting in shape.

Cleaning up your diet is the #1 thing you should do to improve your health and 80% of your results will come from proper nutrition.

If only eating healthy was that easy to figure out, but nowadays it is so hard to determine what’s really healthy.

Well, with my new understanding of nutrition, I have finally been able to lose all those pounds I struggled with for years. 

I also finally figured out that you don’t really have to eat less to lose weight, you just have to eat right.

So, if you want to clean up your diet, get yourself a healthy food meal plan and maintain a healthy weight for life, you should check out my Burn Baby Burn Meal Plan.

My 4 week meal plan is loaded with fun and diverse fat-burning meals that will help you get fit for life.

It’s perfect for any fierce babe that wants to jump-start weight loss and transform her body through nutrition.

Check it out!

2. Make Workout A Habit

Just start moving on a daily basis.

Anything that counts as a workout will work for you. However, I feel like the biggest impact on shaping my body came from HIIT and weight training.

The combination of the high-intensity intervals and heavy weights works stunningly.
I’m just about to release my own workout program, so make sure to subscribe to get it in your inbox first.


3. Make Healthy Habits Daily

Start planning. Make water a habit. Start doing a yoga routine.

Anything to improve your health and get you to a healthier lifestyle will work.

Check out my Fitness Planner and Fitness Calendar to start planning and track your healthy habits today.

4. Don’t Waste Money On Fast Solutions

AND we’re back here :)

Once again, please don’t waste your money on fat burning magic solutions and “shortcuts”.

Instead, you could invest in fitness equipment and start working out at home, get a book to learn about nutrition (check out The Hungry Fit Girl), get yourself motivated with some workout clothes, and treat yourself daily.

Make it a lifestyle, because that’s the only way you’ll make permanent changes for good.