Well, today’s topic is something that I’ve never really even thought of. There are so many questions I’ve tried to answer, and give you the bigger picture and the right answer, but this one never came to my mind. And shame on me, because one girl contacted me, asking me if it is safe for her to lift weights during pregnancy. And I was so ashamed of myself, because I didn’t know anything about fitness and pregnancy!

Silly me! However, I got really inspired to do a little research about lifting weights and pregnancy, is it safe, is it good or is it bad? This girl actually wanted to start one of my workout programs, and she’s 5 months with a baby.

In order to really give the question she deserves, and in the same time to answer this question to all of you carrying out there, I decided to do this project that I called “Lifting For Two”. Now let’s get started and see if it’s really safe to lift during pregnancy?


Should I Stop Lifting During Pregnancy?

There’s no reason why you should stop lifting weights if you are pregnant. Weights, such as any other physical activity cannot harm your body or your the baby you’re carrying. You should obviously talk with your doctor first, but there’s actually no reason why you wouldn’t continue the weight lifting training as usual.

Actually many specialists strongly believe that women should be active during pregnancy. If you are a fit person there is nothing wrong with you going on and continuing to do it during your pregnancy.
Actually, there’s a woman I found while researching, that says that she was lifting till the laboring day, even the very last day of her pregnancy, few hours before she gave birth to her beautiful baby.

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If you are an active person, you should continue doing what you do, and not being afraid that you are gonna harm your baby. Whatever your physical activity was before getting pregnant is generally safe during your pregnancy, except activities that have a risk of falling or sudden jeering movements, of course.


Are There Weight Limits?

There is no exact limit to how much weight a woman can lift while she’s pregnant. But there’s one thing that should be on your mind, when you lift heavy weights, blood flow is temporarily diverted from your internal organs to your muscles, and that can be not so good for your baby. But we’re talking about really challenging weights here, 150 – 200 lbs.

So, you may need to use lighter weights than you did before you were pregnant. They should be heavy, but not as heavy as you would lift if you weren’t pregnant. As long as you’re careful, regular training is a safe way to tone up, strengthen your muscles and improve your posture.

Lift Weights During Pregnancy

Should I Start Lifting During Pregnancy?

If weight training is already part of your exercise routine, there’s no need for you to stop when you’re pregnant. However, if you’ve never lifted weights before, pregnancy isn’t the best time to start.
Green light for every physical activity, just the pregnancy is not the best timing for you to start going to Cross Fit for example, or to start some really challenging strength training workout program, if you are not in shape for over a year or more.

In other words, that is the wrong time to start getting in shape, or to start with a serious weight loss program. In cases like this, you should wait until your pregnancy is over. But again if weight training is already a part of your exercise routine, it is for the best to continue doing it while you are pregnant even in the third trimester.


Weight Lifting Tips While Pregnant

When we made sure that it’s okay for you to continue lifting weights during pregnancy, I just thought it would be nice to give you some tips on weight lifting while pregnant. Let’s get started!

Focus On The Form

The form is the most important thing while lifting weights, not only when you’re pregnant, but in the every day regular workout routines. The right form leads to good workout, and shining results, while not focusing on the form can lead to injuries. This is why many moms to be, are having personal trainers while pregnant. So focus on the form, not on the weight, because don’t forget, you’re lifting for two now! :)


Breathe Right

Breathing is really important in the workout process, especially when pregnant. Breathing right will make the whole training easier and it will help if you are feeling the pregnancy sickness now and then. So think about the breathing too!

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Protect Yourself

I got lower back pain while I workout, and I’m not pregnant. I cannot imagine all of you pregnant ladies out there, that are working out with that terrible back pain. So to make that easier on your whole body, wear weight lifting belt. The weight lifting belts gives a support to your whole body. Starting from the back, the body reacts to the belt that supplies the spinal support, and it prevents injuries too.

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Don’t Forget To Stretch

You don’t get to skip stretching! Stretching your muscles after your workout is as important as when you are not pregnant. It increases your flexibility while giving you a longer and leaner appearance. Stretching has many benefits when it comes to pregnancy too. It can relieve many of the common aches and pains associated with pregnancy, like low back pain, and it also helps muscle soreness and relieves stiffness and pain too.

Listen To Your Body

You have to pay attention to what’s going on physically. If you’re feeling muscle strain or excessive fatigue, you should modify the moves you’re doing or reduce the frequency of your workouts. That can happen only if you listen to your body. And remember, pregnancy isn’t the right time to push yourself to your limits.


I hope I helped you answering your questions about lifting weights during pregnancy. If you like this, don’t forget to share it with your friends!