‘How To Lose Weight Fast And Easy – The 4 Things That Helped Me Get Fit’ – Monica May


Losing weight can be a long rocky road, and for most of the women out there it doesn’t have a happy ending.

So, if you are tired of starting your weight loss journey over and over again, I have the best solution for you.

These 4 things are everything I did to get fit and healthy.

They are my ultimate weight loss kit I follow to this day to keep fit and healthy.

And now, you can do it too, since I’m giving you all the juicy details!

The 4 things that helped me lose weight once and for all and got me fit for life are:

  • Healthy Meal Plan
  • Workout Program
  • Planning
  • Understanding Nutrition

There are no shortcuts when it comes to fitness and weight loss, but there are definitely ways that are better than others.

So, here’s how to lose weight fast and easy.

How To Lose Weight Fast And Easy – The 4 Things That Helped Me Get Fit

#1: Healthy Meal Plan

The most important thing when it comes to losing weight and getting fit is – eating healthy.
And that’s a fact!

If someone would ask me what is the one best thing they can do to lose weight, without any doubt I’d say – JUST START EATING HEALTHY!

And there’s no doubt that proper nutrition is the key to not only weight loss, but living a healthier more balanced life, building a stronger body and toning some serious muscles.

However, I feel like there are loads of diets out there, that promise great results when in real life they don’t work.
Starting from Keto to Atkins, “1000 calories per day” diet, protein diet…

I’ve tried most of them, and they just didn’t work, at least not for me.

I think this is basically because we certainly don’t want a strict diet to set a bunch of boundaries, that will leave us thinking about food 24/7.

What we truly need to get a long term weight loss is a healthy and clean meal plan, where we can eat as much as we crave as long as we make sure the food we eat is clean and healthy.

And that’s how the Fit Girl’s Meal Plan came out.

Fit Girl’s is the meal plan I’ve been following for over 3 years now, and it has literally changed my life for good.

It’s basically eating healthy made fun and easy.

With fun and diverse food options that are swappable and completely adjustable to your own taste, this meal plan doesn’t even feel like dieting.

And the best thing about it is IT WORKS!

This 4-week meal plan helped me get fit and healthy, lose those stubborn inches around my waist and lose the weight that was bothering me, long term.

Since it really worked for me and few of my friends that tried it out, I decided to pack it out for any fierce babe out there that wants to jumpstart weight loss and get healthy and fit through nutrition.

With 28 days of healthy yet delicious meals, and a simple formula to easily swap foods you don’t like, this plan will help each and every one of you get fit and healthy for life!

Head on to check it out right now!

Pssst… there is a meal plan packed with my new all-in-one workout program too!
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#2: Workout Program

Healthy food will help you get rid of that weight and get healthy overall, but working out will get you to those curves and toned muscles + will help you burn more fat and maximize your overall results

However, working out should be anything but boring.

Meaning, working out shouldn’t be about boring long cardio sessions, with low-intensity, that take hours of your day.

To make working out a routine, you need to make workout exciting, explosive and fast.

So, what you need is a diverse workout program, that gets your heart rate up in a matter of seconds, makes you sweat like crazy, and one that doesn’t take much time.

And for me, that’s definitely the RADIATE Workout Program.

RADIATE is an all-in-one body changing program, that will take your body and your workouts to the next level.

It’s the perfect way to get to your dream body if you want big results in the shortest amount of time.

The training sessions are short and last approximately ~30 minutes a day, yet they are so effective and body challenging.

This workout program helped me make working out a habit and feel like a fun challenging fat-burning ritual I can squeeze in between lunch and dinner.

Check it out right now.

#3: Planning

When I think about how to lose weight fast and easy, the next essential that pops right away is PLANNING.


Yes. Planning is that one thing that helped me keep track of my goals, and achieve them one by one.

And I always say it, if you want to accomplish a fitness or a weight loss related goal JUST START PLANNING.

Planners and all kinds of printable fitness journals are so popular these days and there is a damn good reason why – they help people all around the world accomplish their goals.

I know what you might say to yourself right now: “Come on! How can a piece of paper help me get fit?”

Easy! Making lifestyle changes doesn’t come naturally to us.
It usually takes more than a goodwill to make it happen.

And there’s something really special about a pencil and a piece of paper, that makes you stick to it.

Don’t get me wrong – I am not an “old-fashioned gal” and I use lots of “can’t live without” apps too.
But there’s a certain magic, something fun and therapeutic about hitting that paper.

And even if you decide to do it on your smartphone or pc, doesn’t matter – just do it.

Here’s why:

  • It helps you stay organized
  • It helps you stay motivated
  • It reminds you of your goals
  • It breaks down every goal into milestones
  • It helps you visualize your setbacks
  • It helps you track your results

I started using the Fit Babe Fitness Planner and am still using it to this day.

It helps me organize my way of staying healthy and gain the most out of my efforts.

It’s loaded with so many things that help you stay organized while maximizing your results, starting from:

  • Monthly vision board
  • Actions and goals set up
  • Calendars, to-do lists, and notes
  • Weekly goals and to-dos
  • Weekly workout planner
  • Shopping lists and notes
  • Daily planning sheet – planning my meals, workouts, goals, plans, goals, hydration and sleep
  • Result tracker – weekly and monthly review + weight tracking and measurement board.

Head on to check it out right now!

#4: Understanding Nutrition

Understanding nutrition is so important when it comes to losing weight and getting healthy overall.

Having that knowledge up your sleeve is the key, yet so many of us don’t bother with it.

But, how are you supposed to play football if you don’t know how to do it?
How are you supposed to drive a car, if you don’t know the rules of the traffic?

It’s the same thing when it comes to eating healthy:
How else are you supposed to know how to eat healthy, if you don’t know the basics and the rules of nutrition.

You can’t eat healthy if you don’t know:

  • How to eat healthy
  • What foods are bad for you and why
  • What foods are good for you and why
  • What are the rules of nutrition and health
  • How to cook healthy
  • How to read food labels and look for hidden ingredients
  • How to meal prep

In other words, understanding how nutrition works and why is it important for your health is everything.

With so much misleading info and so many so-called ‘nutrition and health’ blogs out there learning real nutrition and determining right from wrong is almost impossible.

So, while I was trying to figure out facts from fiction, I packed a nutrition guide of everything I learned on my fitness journey.

I wrote The Hungry Fit Girl.

This eBook is an easy read, with around 80 pages, yet it has everything you’ll ever need in the quest of becoming healthy and fit.

It’s definitely not the magic wand to your dream body instead, it’s a story of how I managed to lose weight, packed with every single detail you should know to get fit and overcome the challenges of eating healthy.

You’ll discover the simple path that I have outlined for ANYONE who struggles with their weight, relationship with food, and getting healthy or fit overall.

In other words, you’ll get every single thing you need to know about what’s healthy and what’s not, how to combine the foods you eat, what to avoid, when to eat, how to cook right without messing with the nutrients, and how to fall in love with healthy food.

Head on to learn more about my nutrition guide here.

Now Head On To Work!

I hope I helped you solve your dilemma of how to lose weight fast and easy. 

Now, enough scrolling through a bunch of guides and plans without ever starting.


Trust me, if I did it, anyone can!

If you were waiting for a sign – this is it!

Head on to your weight loss journey ASAP!

Till next time,

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