Do you feel like you are too busy to start working on yourself?

Can’t seem to find the time to work out, or eat healthy?

No worries babe, I got you!

We’ve all been there: always running late, rushing through the day, never seem to finish anything you start.

It’s nearly impossible to find the time with a tight schedule, so we’ll have to learn how to make the time. And we’re doing it right now, in just 5 simple steps!

Let’s get started right away.

#1 Planning, planning, planning! 

Well, how else are we supposed to find the time to eat healthy and workout, without a plan?

Planners and all kinds of printable fitness journals are so popular these days and there is a good reason why – they help people all around the world accomplish their goals.

I know what you might say to yourself right now: “Come on! How can a piece of paper help me get fit?”

Well, girl, making lifestyle changes doesn’t come naturally and it takes more than goodwill to make it happen.

Imagine a scenario of a typical morning on the rush, and a typical busy day to come:

You’re running late again. Don’t have time to eat breakfast, plus the cereal box is empty, and the milk’s gone sour. Healthy lunch? There’s leftover peanut butter in the jar, and few slices of bread… I read somewhere peanut butter is healthy – will do. Exercise after work? You’ve got to be kidding me! I’m too tired, I’ll do it tomorrow.

And that’s how your resolutions to exercise more, eat healthier and lose weight fall apart. It’s so easy for them to get lost in the daily shuffle.

The truth is, if you keep leaving exercise and healthy food to chance, they probably won’t happen, ever.

And that’s where planning comes in the game.

Imagine if you’ve planned your meals ahead and had everything packed in the fridge for the day. You’d squeeze in a 20 minutes exercise before work so you don’t have to skip it later on. A healthy lunch is already packed and ready to go.

In a perfect world, we could accomplish all of our fitness goals by the time our busy day starts. And with a little bit of planning, you could make it happen.

In fact, that’s how I lost weight and got my dream body after struggling to get it for years.

I started using the “Fit Babe Fitness Planner” to plan and track my days, weeks and months.

And you absolutely don’t have to use my planner if you don’t want to, just get a piece of paper and start laying down your daily goals and to-dos.

Do it while you’re enjoying your first coffee in the morning.

You’ll be much more organized, always finding the time to work out and eat healthy.

#2 Focus On Nutrition

If someone asks me what is the single best thing they can do to get healthy, feel better and lose weight, I’ll say – Start eating healthy!

Proper nutrition is the key to not only weight loss but a happier more balanced life, stronger body, and better health.

And you shouldn’t just go on any diet you run onto – forget about strict diets and restrictions.

You just need a healthy and clean eating nutrition plan, where you can eat as much as you want as long as you make sure to keep it healthy.

And since nowadays we don’t know what’s healthy and what’s not anymore (because of the plenty of misleading info out there), I made it all easy with my nutrition plan, Burn Baby Burn.

Burn Baby Burn is a 4-week diet plan that I packed for any fierce babe out there that wants to jumpstart weight loss and get healthy and fit through nutrition.

Inside you’ll find 28 days of healthy meals, fast recipes on the go, fix ups, healthy snacks and much more.

And since I’ve packed a meal plan up for you, it won’t take much of your time to figure out what to eat.

I’ve also packed a nutrition guide for you, called “The Hungry Fit Girl” which is an eBook to become your own nutrition expert. 
It guides you to recognize foods that are ruining your weight loss efforts, helps you set up some healthy habits and healthy cooking habits and most important of all – helps you set your mind on healthy food.

Both of them are instant download PDFs which means – YOU CAN START TODAY!

#3 Start Meal Prepping

Meal prep is the next thing that helps me a lot when it comes to eating healthy on a busy schedule.

It plays a crucial role in every weight loss journey, and here’s why:

Imagine opening the fridge and having ready to eat meals each time. Whenever you are in a hurry, it’s always easier to eat something that you can have on the go.
And meal prepping allows you exactly that.

Most of the people are giving up their weight loss efforts because they’re too busy to cook, and I get that.

We are all busy trying to make a living, socializing, keeping our home clean, some of us even raising children along the way, and making time for our health is often at the bottom of our priority list.

However, we still have to eat 3 meals a day, so why not make sure they are healthy and clean, right?

And with a few basic meal prepping skills, you can make sure to be prepared every single day.

In one of my latest articles, I explained how I prep my veggies to make sure I eat healthy.

Having ready to eat meals will help you a ton in getting healthier and making sure you eat healthy even if you’re in your busiest days, so make sure to start prepping right now.

#4 Train Smarter

Spending hours in the gym is so last year.

After long years of a gym workout, doing mostly weightlifting split training that lasts for hours and boring cardio on a machine that feels like an eternity, I realized that I’ve been wasting precious time on something that’s not even effective.

Oh, the countless times I’ve left the gym after an hour and a half of workout, without even breaking a serious sweat and without feeling like I’ve reached my maximum…

Not to mention cardio, which when done on a cardio machine, takes at least 15 minutes just to enter the fat-burning zone and start sweating.

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

And of course, if you have a busy schedule, you are more likely to pass a workout that’s gonna take hours of your day.

Well girls, working out doen’t have to be time consuming at all.

In fact, even if you have all the time in the world, you don’t want to spend hours in the gym or on the treadmill in order to get fit.

You just have to do HIIT.

HIIT is designed to bring you the maximum benefits in the shortest amount of time.
It’s so effective and yet it is only 20-30 minutes a day. 

My training sessions are now 30 minutes a day, warm-up and cool-down included, followed by amazing results I noticed even in the first few weeks.

Only 30 minutes a day, to get fit. That’s 2% of your day. You’ll make time for it, even if it means doing it first thing in the morning, or last thing before getting to bed.

Yes exercising with intervals is hard, yes it pushes you far away from your comfort zone and yes you think you’re going to die, but it’s only 30 minutes of your day.

Plus, you can do it from home!

If you don’t know where to start, no worries, I got you!

In order to help you get to your dream body as fast as possible, I made a HIIT based workout plan you can do at home.

It’s the exact same workout plan that I do on a daily basis for over a year now, and has helped me get the best results ever!

Head on to check it out, you busy babe :)

#5 Change Your Priorities

I know that coffee with your besties is really important, but so is your goal to get fit.

So you’ll have to work on prioritizing it more.

In fact, when I started making my plans around my meals and workouts, and not the other way around, life got much easier.

I always managed to finish my planning, workout, and meal prep first, and then do the rest, or just make your plans having your goals in mind.

Now All You Busy Babes, OFF TO WORK!

Try to include at least a few of these 5 steps, and you’ll start seeing amazing results in no time.

Don’t forget to share this with your friends, because one way to make it a habit, is having your closest friends supporting you.

Make that the time for fitness and health, and you’ll be happier and healthier.

Till next time, babes!