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I feel like getting a bigger butt is the most common reason why women start getting into fitness in the first place.

Popped, sexy butt – who wouldn’t want that, right?!

However, with so many guides, workout regimes, and exercises all over the internet, it’s pretty hard to decide with what to go for.

Especially since among the quality content, there is so much misleading info too.

That’s why today, I’m going to guide you through my personal journey of how to get a bigger butt through fitness.

Let’s get started right away!

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How To Get a Bigger Butt

First things first, let’s set some ground rules – you have to know some really IMPORTANT things, to begin with.

We Are All Different

We are all different, and different things work for all of us.

Today I’m just outlining what really worked for me in shaping and building my glutes.

Be Patient

Second, making body changes takes some time.

Rome wasn’t built in one day.

Be patient and persistent and you’ll get there in no time.

Don’t Focus On Spot Training

Spot training isn’t possible.

You can’t work on just one part of your body and expect to get amazing results.

Your body is complex, and it needs to be worked out as a whole piece.

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Use Weights

Don’t be afraid to use weights.

They can only help you speed up the process and get better results.

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Activate Your Glutes

Most of the exercises for butt are also exercises for your legs.

That’s why you’ll need to work on activating your glutes first, in order to make sure your legs don’t take over the movement.

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Clean Your Diet

Diet matters the most.

You can’t achieve any fitness goal if you don’t eat right.

You have to give your body the fuel it needs in order for it to give back the results you want.

Check out my diet plan for more.

Practice Self Love

And last, but not least, love yourself no matter what!

Even if you do everything right, you might not get the results you want, and that’s totally fine.

We are all unique and beautiful in our own ways.


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Exercises To Get Bigger Butt

Wide Leg Sumo Squat

Well, of course, squats!

Besides being an amazing exercise for building stronger legs, squads will target your glutes too.

And the best squat variation that will work your booty is the sumo squat.

Here’s how to do it.

Bent Knees Deadlift

The next butt exercise is the deadlift.

There are so many types of deadlift and so many variations of this single exercise.

However, the bent knees deadlift if one of the most effective ones when it comes to targeting the glutes.

This exercise will work on the side muscles of your booty.

Glute Bridges

Another amazing booty exercise is the glute bridge.

I usually do it with a weight on, or with a band around my calves, to make sure I activate my glutes even more.

I also find the single leg variation to work amazing on targeting those glutes even more.

Here’s how to do it.

And lastly, the butterfly variation, which targets different parts of your glutes muscles.

You have to try it out.

Plank Leg Raises

Another amazing exercise that will help you build a stronger booty is the plank leg raise.

It not only helps you get those booty gains but at the same time, it helps with engaging your whole body since you’re holding a plank position throughout the entire movement.

Here’s how to do it right:

Make sure to really squeeze those glutes when your leg is extended up.

Alternating Lunges

And last, but not least, lunges.

I feel like alternating backward lunges works best for me.

Just make sure to always use so heavyweights to make sure the whole movement is more challenging.

Also, stay at a 90-degree angle, and transfer your weight to your heels.

Now Start Working!

I hope I helped you learn how to get a bigger butt.

Include at least a few of these exercises on your next training session to get better results.

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Till next time!


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